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James Madison Rocks All Of Canada

“The heart of Canada’s democracy,” a phrase which the authors, reporting on the shootings on Parliament Hill in Ottawa in October 2014 began their report, is a phrase that should cause a jolt of despair and anguish among readers of it. No Prime Minister has been so undemocratic, ever. But perhaps the authors console themselves (for calling a shattered democracy a democracy and, well, lying) by rationalizing that ‘democracy’ is the official, universal label for any country that self-identifies as a democracy. And, besides, they are open to discussing the problems with Canadian democracy and will even hear from those who say that we don’t have it… sometime. But now here and now. Indeed, It’s hard to muse about democracy during an activated auto lovefest for all things military and police, which events like this trigger. Continue reading

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Canadians May Not Want To Be Americans, Let Alone Chinese, A Problem For Uncle Sam If He Needs Us To See Things Differently

China is a nasty country. Too many of it’s citizens have been turned into violent idiots. It’s ruling class is corrupt and has been forever. And whether it is guilty of this particular crime – hacking into a Canadian agency – doesn’t change any of that. It’s a godless, violent (primarily toward ethnic minorities within it’s borders and toward it’s own citizens) state. The godless, violent corporatocracy of which it is a part is temporary and therefore so is it. In the meantime, China may find that it has been used by the US to bolster it’s (future) argument that it’s national security concerns require it to intervene into Canada’s political and security affairs. Continue reading

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The ONDP Is The ‘Solution’ That Prevents A Solution

The Ontario New Democratic Party’s concept of ‘the people’ doesn’t include the people. As long as Andrea Horwath has the right ideas, the corporatocracy will embrace her and possibly proclaim her a winner, demonstrating to the wider public how it should view the party. To the extent that the people are paying attention, however, they should measure Horwath’s performance by how her policies would help them deal with austerity and by how they mesh with the thinking of progressives (of the ‘support Gaza’ type). Continue reading

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Crimson Nightmare – prologue

I will not assert that the US is going to invade and take over Canada (overtly). That’s only because that’s not something I know for a fact. What I, and any who care to notice, do know for a fact is that were the US to decide to do that, then the following factors would be relevant to that action: 1. US national security policy places oil at it’s center 2. the US army’s appetite for oil is far beyond the ability to satisfy it 3. the pushback of the people to the destruction that projects like the tar sands is causing can be ignored only to the detriment of US national security policy as it stands. Continue reading

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Little People With Little Problems Need Not Bother Us

Democratic features are like healthy tissue in a human body. Cancer cells will get around to them eventually, just as the corporatocracy will get around to those democratic features in due time. Supposing there isn’t a God who will end this darkness; In about a million years, even the democratic impulses residing in individuals here and there will be snuffed out. Continue reading

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