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Speaking Of Judgment

“Toews railed against same-sex marriage, honking on about the “sanctity” of traditional boy-girl wedlock, then seduced his babysitter, whose age the mainstream media have seemed strangely reluctant to search out.” Vic Toews is cruel, hypocritical and possesses the personality of a rapist. Continue reading

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Mouthy And Violent

If the neo-nazi and fascist opposition in the street in Kiev think that they are all going to get cushy jobs and security in the new, devastated Ukraine, they are dreaming, as Shamus Cooke makes clear in his article titled “Obama’s Far Right Foreign Policy.” Are they that stupid?! Continue reading

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Butchered Professionalism Patois

There’s no doubt that when you walk the path of darkness, you get dimmer with time. But nothing says that you can’t have fun going dumb as a post. Right? Rob is Rob and in this dark world, he’s a hero to many. Just because. Now that more people – yahoos and normal – are getting a look at that clown, the clown is finding that the spotlight is fun. The media talks about his slips. Certainly there have been slips. But I also think that Rob has been hamming it for the cameras and YouTube ever since his ‘plenty to eat at home’ comment was made. It’s hard to know, though, when we are listening to a politician, like Paul Calandra, when it’s a slip, or tiredness or hamming it up or some combination of those behaviors. Continue reading

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The Law & Order Crowd

What’s the law & order crowd up to these days? Nothing good. Lots of bad, including continuing to abuse those with the wrong political views. Gottfrid’s crime is not that he is a pirate, a laughable proposition when one considers that the corporatocracy is okay with tax havens, used by all manner of criminal and criminal organization and holding somewhere between 21 and 32 TRILLION dollars that belong in national treasuries… Continue reading

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Law And Odor

A perfect snapshot of mafia capitalism at work. These snapshots are not hard to come by. Rahm Emanuel, Chicago’s mayor and formerly Obama’s chief of staff when they made the courageous decision to honor contracts that paid out bonuses to the criminal AIG, now feels that there’s no choice but to take the opposite approach to contractual obligations since poor people are in danger of benefitting. The default position of fascists holding political office is to economically weaken the people, thereby politically weakening them, as Chomsky reminds us in his talk with Malalai Joya. The people shall have NO SAY in matters affecting them. Continue reading

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