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The More Things Change…

That’s what the rehabilitation of Nazism is all about. It’s not about revising history to make the bad Hitler into a good guy. (But let’s see.) It’s about focussing the mind of those who are willing to believe in you when you earnestly preach nonsense about a clash of civilizations and the need to defend yourself and your way of life from those who hate you because you’re ‘deserving haves’ instead of ‘undeserving have-nots’. Continue reading

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To Rule In Hell

The corporatocracy is out to rehabilitate Nazism, which is a premier ideology of imperialists. When you steal others’ countries, which requires you to terrorize, rape, dehumanize and kill other people, with varying degrees of ease, you want to feel motivated. The Nazis had that down and their symbols were so cool. Continue reading

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If you haven’t informed yourself about the Israeli Nazis’ slaughter of Gazans, then you should start with Democracy Now’s Friday, July 18, 2014 show.

“In other words, God has complete freedom. He has a wide and spacious road, rather than a narrow or restricted road such as that walked on by those who embrace law and order, not cynically, the way governments often do, but out of a genuine, sane desire to live in a peaceful world.” -Arrby Continue reading

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‘Riches For The Strongest’ vs Jehovah

A thoughtless poster named Bob1234 responded to one of my online comments (see screen capture below) with: “”heaven ne’er helps the men who will not act.” Besides being too lazy, or clueless, to indicate the source (Why bother with quotation marks if you’re not going to attach the source?) of the comment, It’s just empty. I’m sure that the rapists felt exactly that way. Don’t act and you will miss out on a little slice of heaven. Continue reading

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There And Here And In Most Places

Is anyone honest going to deny it when I suggest that corporatocracy governments view a level of chaos as desirable? They need to sidetrack, not pay heed to, the people. That’s because they are abusing the people. The people want them to, Oh I don’t know, STOP ABUSING THEM. And it isn’t going to happen. Peace isn’t profitable. Class war is the only thing on the menu. It’s not only the slave labor and stolen resources that capitalists desire. But the chaos and desperation that the people acquire as a result of imperialism and colonialism and capitalist expansion in the neoliberal era itself is a source of profitable investment to private security companies and the military industrial complex. Continue reading

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