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It takes a bit of effort, but don’t just take someone’s word that he is your ally. Determine his intentions, which requires that you consider more than simply his assertion that he’s your ally. Look at his past words and deeds. It’s the ‘good faith’ principle of which Chomsky speaks in “Rogue States.” Continue reading

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Can These Fascists Talk Around A Problem Or What?!!

Senate Bill 648 (which legislators characterize as an employment application fraud act, lol), like the Monsanto Protection Act (not actual name), is bald, bold fascism presided over by a very sick president, namely Barack Obama. When neoliberals say they don’t like regulation, they are not kidding. There’s no length they won’t go to in order to completely escape rules, including burying the people in them. Continue reading

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Change That Exploiters Can Believe In

Barack ‘change you can believe in’ Obama has ramped up imperialism and all of the crimes – theft, physical destruction of everything, murder and terrorism – that imperialism or aggression by one country toward another not in self-defense, but for gain for a minority, encompasses. Continue reading

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The Canada Many Know Is Just A Sentiment

Today’s Obama isn’t a new and improved Obama. Those who would suggest that he is are either evil or in need of a good head shaking. Continue reading

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Is The Stifling Of The Flow Of Information In Syria Wrong?

The corporate-owned media is silent (but not ignorant) about more than it is forthcoming about. The reported Syrian shut down of the internet is not more newsworthy than the US/Israeli attack on media in Iraq and Gaza (resulting in deaths) and the increasing control of the internet, and people that the US-led corporatocracy is engaged in. Obama’s attack on whistleblowers and the corporatocracy’s incessant, well-funded pro free trade, pro war propaganda campaigns mean that the people need information, and to be able to communicate freely, more than ever. The people (not all whom are innocent) are losing in the great Darwinian game of ‘riches for the strongest’. Continue reading

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