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The Avalanche – Snapshot 39 – June 24, ’19

It looks like I only started getting censored about the time that the Hong Kong (US-inspired) protests began. It’s relative. Both sides of the above stats diagram represent censorship. The censorship that began around the time that the Hong Kong protests began kicked into very high gear. I’m now lucky if I get a ‘busy’ day and see 6 visitors. Most days, now, it’s two or three visitors. Interestingly, I’ve been discussing my experience of censorship with another blogger and he noticed that he had a regular viewer from India and theorized that that viewer was one of the deep State’s many manual censors. On a day when he should have been getting lots of hits, for him, he’d see only his Indian viewer (or one of them-?). The blog would all but die and then slowly recover. Was that a censor who was going through the motions, slowing down blogs but not killing them, and getting paid to do it? Of course the behavior that me and my friend are seeing on our blogs could be exactly what is intended. There’s no question that time delays will hurt views.

And there’s no question that WordPress, despite its claim to not censor, doesn’t care about censorship. They can’t have their cake and eat it too. They partnered with evil Google some time ago and I recently read an article in which it was mentioned that WordPress was preparing to use Google plug-ins of some sort. WordPress is big. I always knew that it would either go along with the fascist Corporatocracy and its global pacification program or else be attacked by that same gangster Corporatocracy. For WordPress, going along with the evil seems to have been easy. When I came across a happy announcement by WordPress that it was partnering with Google and complained, my complaint was disappeared and the reason given was that it was a rant. It was hardly a rant. It was a meager expression of disapproval. Have you seen them squawk about the awful censorship happening? My manual censors (again, speculation) were Hong Kong based. It looks like the Hong Kong gatekeepers suddenly had their hands full with all of the crap happening there and a US group took over. Hong Kong views suddenly stopped, 99%, and on my unusually dead days, I’d see views from the US and sometimes no one else. Who knows?

From FAIR:
Reuters depiction (6/7/19) of Venezuelan refugees. (photo: Pilar Olivares/Reuters)

“Study Linking US Sanctions to Venezuelan Deaths Buried by Reuters for Over a Month” by Joe Emersberger (FAIR)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

I emailed Stephanie Nebehay of Reuters on May 22 about her article, “Venezuela Turns to Russia, Cuba, China in Health Crisis” (5/22/19). Her article depicted the impact of US sanctions as an allegation that Venezuelan government officials are alone in making. The article stated:

The opposition blames [medical shortages] on economic incompetence and corruption by the leftist movement in power for two decades, but [President Nicolás] Maduro says US economic sanctions are the cause.

I asked why the piece made no mention of a study (CEPR, 4/25/19) released a month earlier by economists Mark Weisbrot and Jeffrey Sachs, which directly linked US sanctions to 40,000 deaths in Venezuela since August of 2017.

Her reply to me on May 23 was quite telling:

I was not aware of that study, but am now and will bear in mind.

It would indeed have been impossible for a Reuters reporter to be aware of the study if they depended only on Reuters articles to keep informed. The news agency hadn’t mentioned the study since it was released, never mind written an article about it…

Apologists for Trump always rush to say that Venezuela’s depression began years before Trump’s sanctions—as if that made it acceptable to deliberately worsen a humanitarian crisis. To tweak an analogy Caitlin Johnstone used, think of a defense attorney saying, “Your Honor, I will show that the victim was already in intensive care when my client began to assault him.”

Google’s New York office © Reuters / Brendan McDermid

“Google staff keep ‘blacklist’ of conservative and ‘fringe’ sites – report” by ? (RT News)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

Google reportedly runs two “blacklists,” one allowing staff to remove “fringe” websites from search results and another for filtering out opinion articles, according to conservative news outlet the Daily Caller.

The lists allow Google employees –who CEO Sundar Pichai told Congress in December never “manually intervene on any particular search result”– to suppress certain addresses in a user’s search results.

The Daily Caller claims to have seen screenshots of the lists in question. Google did not address whether its staff deliberately weed out certain political content, but did say they are working to filter out “inappropriate” search results…

A recent study found that Google’s search algorithms display a “left-leaning ideological skew,” while video footage of an internal company meeting recorded after the 2016 election showed executives calling Donald Trump’s victory “deeply offensive” and talking about using AI to fight populism in future.

YouTube, a subsidiary of Google, implemented a blanket ban on “hateful” and “supremacist” videos last week. The ban, which came about after Vox journalist Carlos Maza led a campaign against conservative shock-jock Steven Crowder, swept away or demonetized thousands of videos critical of the social justice movement and several video reports on extremist movements by legitimate journalists.

Do note that the ‘left-leaning ideological skew’ which the unknown RT journo refers to is not a reference to leftwing anything. Clicking on the link in the above article that talks about the study to which the RT journo is referring brings up another RT article which includes this line: “CNN, perhaps the outlet most-reviled by conservatives, was Google’s overall favorite source.” That’s RT’s idea of leftwing?!! The RT article is poorly written. Maybe that isn’t RT’s idea of leftwing. Maybe it is. RT, while more useful to people than anything establishment in the West, is still establishment in my view. Regardless, The basic idea of the about report is that Google is doing censorship, which we already know. But we are getting a glimpse here of some details in that regard.

“The Guardian’s direct collusion with media censorship by secret services exposed” by Thomas Scripps (WSWS)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

Minutes of Ministry of Defence (MoD) meetings have confirmed the role of Britain’s Guardian newspaper as a mouthpiece for the intelligence agencies.

Last week, independent journalist Matt Kennard revealed that the paper’s deputy editor, Paul Johnson, was personally thanked by the Defence and Security Media Advisory Notice (or D-Notice) committee for integrating the Guardian into the operations of the security services.

Minutes of a meeting in 2018 read: “The Chairman thanked Paul Johnson for his service to the Committee. Paul had joined the Committee in the wake of the Snowden affair and had been instrumental in re-establishing links with the Guardian.”

Johnson joined the committee in 2014 and evidently excelled in his performance. A separate set of minutes from the first meeting attended by Johnson records the Guardian’s close collaboration with military officials.

Under a section detailing “advice” given by the intelligence agencies to the media, the document reads “most of the occurrences and requests for advice were related to further publications by The Guardian of extracts from the Snowden documents. The Secretary reported that the engagement of DPBAC [Defence Press and Broadcasting Advisory Committee] Secretariat with The Guardian had continued to strengthen during the last six months, with regular dialogues between the Secretary and Deputy Secretaries and Guardian journalists.”

The secretary and deputy secretaries were Air Vice-Marshal Andrew Vallance CB OBE, Air Commodore David Adams and Brigadier Geoffrey Dodds OBE. The chairman was Peter Watkins CBE, the MoD’s director general of Strategy, Security and Policy Operations.

Under the direction of these military intelligence handlers, the Guardian played a role in bringing other newspapers internationally to heel…

The Guardian has been viewed historically as the voice of British liberal dissent, critical of the worst excesses of British capitalism at home and abroad. But it has always acted as a political policeman—filtering the news “responsibly” and channelling the resulting anger into impotent moral appeals to the state and other authorities. Its dealings with Assange and Snowden transformed political allegiance into direct subservience. Its liberal, critical pretensions unravelled in a matter of a few months…

One of Assange’s persecutors-in-chief, Luke Harding, enjoys the most intimate relations with the security services. His notorious November 2018 fabrication, claiming Assange held meetings with US President Donald Trump’s former campaign manager Paul Manafort, was published in the Guardian just two weeks after Johnson was thanked for “re-establishing links” with the MoD. The story was widely cited and formed a keystone of the efforts, spearheaded by the Democrats in the US, to present WikiLeaks and “Russian interference” as the causes of Trump’s 2016 election victory.

Harding played a central role in silencing questions over the UK government’s bogus account of the Skripal affair in mid-2018. These events were the subject of at least one D-notice, issued while Paul Johnson was on the responsible committee.

“Facebook blocks ad for PES meeting in Paris to defend Assange” by Alex Lantier (WSWS)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

On Thursday morning, members of the Parti de l’égalité socialiste (PES) received an email from Facebook, stating that it was suspending a paid advertisement for the June 23 PES meeting in Paris calling for freedom for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and whistleblower Chelsea Manning.

PES members campaigning for the meeting have met a warm response among workers, youth and “yellow vest” protesters in Paris. By Thursday, over 700 people had clicked “interested” on the meeting event page, a common form of expressing political solidarity with or support for an event. This points to the broad popular support in France for the courageous journalist and principled whistleblower, who have played central roles in exposing imperialist war crimes in Afghanistan, Iraq and beyond, amid growing working class opposition to President Emmanuel Macron.

Last week, Facebook had approved the purchase by PES members of advertising for the meeting’s Facebook page, which made the meeting’s page appear on the Facebook feeds of users who have expressed relevant interests. Yesterday, Facebook reversed course, blocking further purchases of ads for the meeting…

Facebook now censors and manipulates posts of its billions of users around the world. Under orders from Zuckerberg to Facebook to push its users to have “personal moments” not political discussion, including by demoting “viral videos” because they are not “good for people’s well-being and for society,” a vast censorship campaign is underway. Facebook Artificial Intelligence algorithms and its army of thousands of “content reviewers” now scour social media for content to remove and report to police and intelligence agencies.

Apart from the US government itself, the French government is among the most closely tied to Facebook censorship. Last November, as “yellow vest” protests against social inequality began in France, Macron hailed France’s World War II-era fascist dictator Philippe Pétain as a great soldier and launched an unprecedented collaboration on social media censorship with Facebook. Countless “yellow vest” social media posts have been deleted since, as police detained over 7,000 protesters in the largest wave of mass arrests in metropolitan France since the Nazi Occupation.

“Unpublished Letter to the Washington Post Editor” by Ralph Nader (Ralph Nader)

Ralph’s letter:

== =
March 14, 2019

Dear Editor:

Regarding the op-ed by the Dalai Lama and Arthur C. Brooks: “All of Us Can Break the Cycle of Hatred,” March 11, 2019.

Did the Dalai Lama, with his message of love and peace, realize that Arthur C. Brooks, President of the American Enterprise Institute, runs the most concentrated center of lawless war advocates and opponents of government mandated life-saving health and safety standards in the United States? The list of these monetized, cold-blooded minds is a rogues gallery of people who, like John Bolton, Paul Wolfowitz and John Yoo, held high positions in a war crimes government, including having key roles in the Iraq catastrophe. Brooks has the gall to quote Jesus “Love your enemies” and the contagion of “warm-heartedness.”

This column gives a new dimension to brazen hypocrisy.


Ralph Nader
= ==

“US exceptionalism: Exploiting certain Syrians, ignoring others” by Eva Bartlett (In Gaza and beyond)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

Syria and Russia have been evacuating civilians from yet another region starved by its Western-backed terrorists. But Western corporate media ignore this and instead continue spinning nightmarish war propaganda on Syria.

Predictably, copy-paste Syrian reports emanate from Western governments and corporate media feign concern for civilians in Idlib while negating to mention that the Idlib governorate is an al-Qaeda hotbed…

When eastern areas of Aleppo were liberated in December 2016, even Reuters had to report that civilians blamed so-called ‘rebels’ for hoarding food they desperately needed.

When Madaya, heavily propagandized about in early 2016, was restored to safety in 2017, I travelled there and spoke to residents who again solely blamed terrorists for their starvation. Same in eastern Ghouta, where residents spoke of starvation and executions, by terrorists.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov noted that if Americans at al-Tanf could get supplies from Iraq and Jordan, they could have also brought in humanitarian aid for Rukban civilians, were they actually so concerned.

Unsurprisingly, in Syria’s and Russia’s eyes, the US is holding civilians in Rukban hostage. This became more apparent when America refused to shut down the camp, quite clearly preferring to have a raison d’être for continuing their illegal occupation of southeastern Syria…

Even the Middle East director for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), Amin Awad, said that civilians in Rukban were being held against their will, as “human shields”“deprived of basic services,” according to Sputnik News…

Many others who I spoke to said they had wanted to leave before but believed the fearmongering from terrorists who told them they would be “slaughtered by the regime,” a claim floated in corporate media when Aleppo was being liberated.

The Russian Reconciliation Centre reports that some Rukban residents had to pay as much as US$1000 to “militants controlled by the US side” in order to leave…

Canada’s Globe and Mail went as far as to cite the utterly non-credible, Qatar-based, Syrian Network for Human Rights in a recent article claiming that thousands of Syrians who have returned home have been arrested.

As journalist Max Blumenthal humorously pointed out in his investigation into this Qatar-influenced body,

“citing the Syrian Network for Human Rights as an independent and credible source is the journalistic equivalent of sourcing statistics on head trauma to a research front created by the National Football League, or turning to tobacco industry lobbyists for information on the connection between smoking and lung cancer.”


“Top scientist slams OPCW leadership for repressing dissenting report on Syria gas attack” by Aaron Maté (The Grayzone)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

Facing a growing controversy, the head of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) has offered his most extensive comments to date on a leaked internal assessment that challenged allegations that the Syrian government carried out a chemical weapons attack in the city of Douma in April 2018.

But the remarks from OPCW chief Fernando Arias have done little to address concerns that his UN-backed watchdog suppressed the document and published a flawed report that ignored countervailing data.

In an exclusive interview with The Grayzone, the award-winning rocket scientist and MIT professor emeritus Theodore Postol accused Arias of badly mischaracterizing the document in order to paper over his organization’s errors.

According to Postol, the OPCW appeared so determined to attribute blame to the Syrian government that it overlooked clear evidence the incident was staged.

In the end, Postol said, the OPCW produced “a product of compromised reporting of the inspection and analysis process by upper level OPCW management.”

“A Loud Whoompfing Sound”

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What Will Mint Press News Do When I ‘Actually’ Criticize Them?

Source: Inside Canada’s Outsized and Under-Scrutinized Bid to Overthrow Maduro

My online response to the above linked-to article follows:

“Canada’s foreign policy, under the auspices of Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland, is bucking the country’s long standing tradition of generally staying out of the affairs of governments to its south in Latin America.”

Oh gosh what an incorrect statement from a stellar journo!!

Alex: May I recommend some books for you to read in order to get up to speed on ‘nice’ Canada?:

“Thieves of Bay Street – How Banks, Brokerages And The Wealthy Steal Billions From Canadians” by Bruce Livesay

From page 5 of “Thieves”:

=== =
For one thing, the federal government had bailed out Canada’s banks. In October 2008, Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Conservative government created a program to move tens of billions of dollars in assets off the banks’ balance sheets in order to free them up to continue lending. For another thing, overwhelming evidence revealed that Canada was actually a premier have for investment fraud, a country where white-collar criminals faced little fear of being caught or seriously punished for their crimes. Over the quarter century leading up to 2012, fewer than twenty Canadian white-collar criminals had actually gone to jail. Yet the damage caused by these crooks and others like them was reflected in nearly $15 billion worth of losses due to securities fraud that plaintiffs were pursuing in lawsuits during 2010 alone.
= ===

“Imperialist Canada” by Todd Gordon

From pages 12 & 13 of “Imperialist”:


As I detail in the fourth chapter, it is not benevolence or neutrality that Third World activists are resisting, and in some cases losing their lives over. It is the predatory nature of Canadian capital they are fighting: the mining and oil and gas companies stealing and destroying their land, the sweatshop manufaturers who do to all lengths to keep unions out and maintain poverty-level wages, and the banks that finance these investments and cater to the whims of local elites…

…The $18 billion increase in military spending between 2005-2010 alone, and the projected increase of $50 over the next two decades, is not for peacekeeping. It is for a combat -capable military that will be taken seriously by both friend and foe. Peacekeeping is in fact another piece of Canadian history that desperately needs to be deconstructed. Not only is the actual practice of peacekeeping far more problematic than its proponents across the political spectrum acknowledge, as I argue in the fifth chapter, but peacekeeping claims simply do not resonate with indigenous peoples in Canada facing military and paramilitary assaults on their land reclamations, Haitians opposed to the Canada-supported 2004 coup d’état against Jean-Bertrand Aristide, or Afghans who have been living under violent occupation since 2001. On this score, the right’s analysis of Canada’s military role in the world is more accurate than much of the left’s, when the former – often in response to the claims made by the likes of the New Democratic Party that Canada is at heart a peacekeeper – asserts that Canada is not a peacekeeping nation but one that engages in war. The right’s justification of Canada’s military missions may be wrong and very misleading, but their basic understanding of the military’s history and its role in foreign policy is not.

“Too Close For Comfort – Canada’s Future within Fortress North America” by Maude Barlow

“Canada In Haiti” by Yves Engler and Anthony Fenton

“The Truth May Hurt – Lester Pearson’s Peacekeeping” by Yves Engler

“Indigenous Nationhood – Empowering Grassroots Citizens” by Pamela Palmater

“Straight Through The Heart – How The Liberals Abandoned The Just Society And What Canadians Can Do About It” by Maude Barlow and Bruce Campbell

“Harperism – How Stephen Harper And His Think Tank Colleagues Have Tranformed Canada” by Donald Gutstein

From pages 11 & 12 of “Harperism”:

If you focus only on Harper, you can learn a lot about his ruthless control over his party and caucus, his disciplined messaging, his obsessive focus on the economy, his ability to move issues froward in the light of vigorous opposition. But you won’t have the complete picture… Harper is one side of an ideological coin; missing from the discussion is the other side of the coin – the network of conservative think tanks such as the Fraser Institute working over many decades to change the climate of ideas that make sense to many of us. By climate of ideas, I mean our commonly accepted notions about how government and the private sector should operate, and our understandings of ourselves as self-centered individualists or as compassionate members of society…

The ideology the think tanks promote is properly called neo-liberalism because, in contrast to libertarians who want a small, powerless state that leaves people alone, neo-liberals require a strong state that uses its power to create and enforce markets, and prop them up when they fail, as happened after the 2007-08 financial meltdown. Their utopian dream is a state governed by market transactions and not democratic practices. It’s based on the principle that economic freedom must come before political freedom. Political freedom may not even be necessary. It’s fair to say they believe in government, but not in democracy.

“Silent Coup – Confronting The Big Business Takeover Of Canada” by Tony Clarke

“A Propaganda System – How Canada’s government, corporations, media and academia sell war and exploitation” by Yves Engler

“Left, Right – Marching To The Beat Of Imperial Canada” by Yves Engler

“Slick Water – Fracking And One Insider’s Stand Against The World’s Most Powerful Industry” by Andrew Nikiforuk

“Tar Sands Showdown – Canada And The New Politics Of Oil In An Age Of Climate Change” by Tony Clarke

“Canada In Africa – 300 Years Of Aid And Exploitation” by Yves Engler

Alexander Rubinstein

Betrayal – Like dog crap, it’s everywhere, especially on the Left!

All at once, Mint Press disappears a perfectly acceptable comment that I attached to the top of post linked-to article and presents articles from faker Tom Secker and faker Nafeez Ahmed. Is this the beginning of Mint Press’s descent? It’s such regular occurrence on the Left these days.

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Professional Scam Artists – part 61

Howard Heavner

“According to NYT, ‘Relentless Flooding’ in Midwest Just Happens” by Joshua Cho (FAIR)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

The New York Times’ 2,400+ word report (6/3/19) by Julie Bosman, Julie Turkewitz and Timothy Williams on the historic flooding in the Midwest—amidst the wettest 12 months ever since recording began 124 years ago—is an illustrative example of how not to do disaster coverage.

Recalling the Great Flood of 1993 and focusing on the four inundated towns of Davenport, Iowa; Valmeyer and Prairie du Rocher, Illinois; and Clarksville, Missouri, along the Mississippi River, the Times provided yet another example of a major news outlet covering the catastrophic effects of the ongoing climate crisis without ever mentioning that crisis—among other human contributions to the disaster that go unacknowledged—leading readers to think that there are no solutions to mitigate or prevent these disasters (FAIR.org, 1/18/13)…

The Times’ previous reporting (1/6/16) on Valmeyer’s response to flooding noted that “nearly everyone” who moved to what’s called New Valmeyer agreed that “they had no choice.” So why would people “choose” to stay behind in a mostly uninhabitable and hazardous location?

The current report hints at an answer from the only other source cited to explain this, [Howard] Heavner’s own father Robert, but doesn’t expand on its significance, instead framing his being too poor to move as a personal choice or failing. It quotes him as saying that staying in the bottom area was “the most economical way to do what I did,” with his son the mayor claiming that he couldn’t force poor people to leave because they “chose their own path.”

Even when cities like Davenport pursued praiseworthy alternatives to levees, like buying out land on the floodplain to embrace the river—which was successful from 1993 until 2019—the Times failed to link the floods overwhelming the city with a changing climate. This is the most glaring omission in the lengthy report’s failure to ever mention the worsening climate crisis, along with its neglecting to cite any climate scientist.

It’s like the way health care systems operate. Doctors know all about what causes illness and how to deal with it – but not really and that has to do with power and politics. Mainstream doctors aren’t going to be found suggesting that the cure for cancer, which everyone is running (insanely) for, is to not cause it in the first place. How can we ‘not’ have such diseases in the kind of world we have? Look at our de-natured food system. Industrial food, which destroys soils, can’t possibly be good for us. The chemical cartel gave us bee-killing neonics! Without bees, there’s no food! Not to mention the fact that we are being experimented on by capitalist scientists pushing GMOs on us. (And the repercussions include a vaccine industry that has taken what is probably a good scientific innovation and squeezed into a profit-making mould, making it unsafe. Thimerosal, used to deliver vaccines, includes mercury and there’s NO safe level of mercury for humans to ingest.) Neoliberal capitalism means industries freed from rules. Hello pollution. Does your doctor (whether or not he is a nice person and otherwise caring) talk about any of that? I didn’t think so.

From FAIR:
A photograph of a Venezuelan hospital—edited to remove the underexposure and sickly green tint added by the New York Times. (photo: Meridith Kohut/New York Times.

“Pathological Deceit: The NYT Inverts Reality on Venezuela’s Cuban Doctors” by Lucas Koerner and Ricardo Vaz (The Greanville Post)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

After debunking Washington’s lies about the burning of “humanitarian aid” trucks on the Venezuelan/Colombian border (more than two weeks after being scooped by independent journalists), the New York Times quickly reverted to form in an article by Nicholas Casey headlined “‘It is Unspeakable’: How Maduro Used Cuban Doctors to Coerce Voters” (3/17/19).

As the title not-so-subtly suggests, Casey claimed to present bombshell revelations regarding the Nicolás Maduro government’s alleged weaponization of Cuban medical personnel as a means of holding on to power. On closer inspection, however, the article is riddled with factual inaccuracies, omissions and misrepresentations.

Dubious claims of politicized healthcare

Relying on the testimony of three Cuban doctors who have defected from the Venezuelan/Cuban health mission and taken up residence in other countries, as well as 16 anonymous sources within Venezuela, Casey provides the reader with shocking vignettes of how Cuban medical personnel have supposedly been used to manipulate Venezuelan politics.

One central allegation is that the Barrio Adentro healthcare mission staff, most of them Cuban doctors, are denying patients care on the basis of political affiliations. One Cuban doctor currently residing in Chile told the Times that one patient was refused treatment “because she was from the opposition.” The only other evidence to substantiate this grave accusation is the account of an opposition mayor who claims he was “denied medication.”

As has been widely documented (Guardian, 10/13/15), defector testimonies are often unreliable, given the political stakes involved. Similar reservations apply to a politician aligned with an opposition spearheading a foreign-backed coup in Venezuela.

Likewise worthy of skepticism is Human Rights Watch Americas director Jose Miguel Vivanco, whose quote, “it is unspeakable,” gives the piece its headline, though a reader might assume these were the words of an actual doctor. Human Rights Watch, whose revolving door with the US national security state is now notorious, can always be counted on to attack the Venezuelan government, though its charges have been debunked on several occasions…

One unnamed source accused the Chavista government of “blackmail[ing]” voters that the opposition would eliminate the Barrio Adentro medical mission if Capriles won. [Nicholas] Casey did not inform readers that the Venezuelan opposition has long vowed to suspend bilateral cooperation agreements with Havana should it come to power.

Nor did Casey mention the opposition’s repeated acts of violence against Cuban health professionals and clinics. Following Capriles’ US-sanctioned refusal to recognize the indisputable 2013 election results, and his call for his supporters to “discharge that anger” in the streets, seven people were killed in the ensuing street violence that saw 18 Cuban-staffed neighborhood health clinics set ablaze. The violent anti-government protests of 2014 likewise featured no less than 162 attacks against Cuban doctors, who were prominently lynched in effigy. In omitting these rather important details, Casey succeeded in inverting reality: He presented Cuban medical staff as witting or unwitting gendarmes of a brutal regime, rather than frequent victims of opposition violence…

In an article explicitly dedicated to uncovering alleged foreign interference in Venezuelan state and society, it is ironic that Casey entirely omitted the most egregious form of external intervention: US sanctions.

From RT News:
People attend the “Venezuela Aid Live” concert in Cucuta, Colombia, February 22, 2019. © REUTERS/Luisa Gonzalez

“US-backed Venezuela opposition caught embezzling ‘humanitarian aid’ cash” by ? (RT News)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

Millions of dollars raised for “freedom and democracy” in Venezuela ended up spent in Colombia by the aides of US-backed opposition leader Juan Guaido, and were exposed by Colombian spies in yet another blow to his cause.

Guaido declared himself “interim president” of Venezuela in January and was recognized by the US and many of its Latin American allies, but has repeatedly failed to seize power from President Nicolas Maduro in Caracas.

Now he seems farther from that goal than ever, as several of his aides have been named by Colombian intelligence in a leak revealing the embezzlement of US funds intended for paying Venezuelan army defectors. The funds were raised by a Live Aid-style concert, organized by billionaire philanthropist Richard Branson in February, and intended to coincide with Guaido’s followers forcing open the border with Colombia to US “humanitarian aid.”

In addition to the embezzled funds, Guaido’s staff botched the distribution of aid sent by the US, with an estimated 60 percent rotting in the warehouses and having to be thrown away. The full extent of the scandal is yet to be revealed, as the PanAm Post has more unpublished documents in its possession.

“Assange judge refuses to step down, despite evidence of intelligence and defence links” by Tom Coburg (The Canary)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

Accusations of a conflict of interest have emerged regarding the judge presiding over the pre-extradition hearings of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. Indeed, there appears to be overwhelming evidence of family links to the defence industry, to a vocal critic of whistleblower Edward Snowden, and to a former head of MI6 who oversaw the ‘sexed-up’ dossier that led to the Iraq War…

The Chief Magistrate, Lady Emma Arbuthnot, is presiding over the initial extradition proceedings of Assange…

Digging deeper

Arbuthnot is married to Lord James Norwich Arbuthnot, a Conservative peer, known as Baron Arbuthnot of Edrom. Lord Arbuthnot was a Tory MP for 28 years and was chair of the Defence Select Committee between 2005 and 2014. He was elevated to the peerage in October 2015. He’s also a member of the advisory board of the Royal United Services Institute for Defence and Security Studies (RUSI). And he is chair of the advisory board of the UK division of multinational defence manufacturer Thales.

Lord Arbuthnot is also listed as a senior consultant to SC Security. Company records, however, show that Arbuthnot was a former director of SC Security, along with Lord Carlile and Sir John Scarlett, who remain as active directors.

Lord Carlile

Lord Carlile reportedly received £400,000 from SC Security, whose “only known client” appears to be sovereign wealth fund the Qatar Investment Authority (QIA).

According to the Guardian, in October 2013 Carlile argued that the publication of Edward Snowden’s revelations about mass surveillance “amounted to a criminal act”. Carlile oversaw UK anti-terrorism laws and subsequently took on the role of “independent reviewer of national security” in Northern Ireland.

He is also a vocal defender of MI5…

UN Rapporteur on Torture Nils Melzer told US journalist Chris Hedges that Lady Arbuthnot “has a strong conflict of interest” and that “her husband had been exposed by WikiLeaks”. Hedges adds that Assange’s lawyers have asked the judge “to recuse herself”, but that “she has refused”…

The judge presiding over the pre-extradition hearings against Assange has family links, past and present, to people and organisations that are diametrically opposed to the publishing work of WikiLeaks. Such work included exposing war crimes committed during the Iraq War, and providing assistance to Edward Snowden when trying to escape US authorities.

“This celebrated Western-funded nonprofit collaborated with al-Qaeda to wage lawfare on Syria” by Max Blumenthal and Ben Norton (The Grayzone)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

In this installment, we will probe a group that has not only helped shaped Western media reporting on Syria, but which is at the forefront of an emerging strategy to bleed the Syrian government even as the war comes to a close. It is called the Commission for International Justice and Accountability, or CIJA.

CIJA is often presented as an “independent” legal group committed to dispensing justice for war crimes. Its work has been the subject of glowing profiles in The New York Times, NBC News, The Guardian, and The New Yorker.

A shocking report in May on “Syria’s secret torture prisons,” by the New York Times’ former Beirut bureau chief Anne Barnard, was based heavily on documents and research provided by CIJA. Barnard described the organization simply as a “nonprofit,” with no further information.

In reality, CIJA is bankrolled by the very same Western governments that have fueled the proxy war against Syria, and was founded to supplement the regime-change operation that those states initiated in 2011.

CIJA’s investigators in Syria collaborated with and even paid foreign-backed Salafi-jihadist militias – including members of the al-Qaeda affiliate Jabhat al-Nusra – to steal files from Syrian government buildings in areas that had been taken over by armed militants. These stolen documents are what lawyers hope to use in prosecutions of Syrian officials.

Indeed, top corporate media outlets like The New York Times have published major reports based on leaked Syrian government documents without disclosing the fact that these files were first stolen by Syrian al-Qaeda militants, and then handed over to a Western government-funded group committed to regime change…

Despite billions of dollars poured into a cataclysmic proxy war, this monumental effort failed: Syria has largely been stabilized, and refugees are slowly trickling back in. In frustration, a motley crew of veteran regime-change warriors and lawyers are resorting to a new and largely untested strategy.

Their efforts amount to legal warfare, or lawfare, and the Commission for International Justice and Accountability is a key player in the new campaign.

related: “Behind the Syrian Network for Human Rights: How an opposition front group became Western media’s go-to monitor” by Max Blumenthal (The Grayzone)

“US Media Hostility Toward Iran Increases Possibility of War” by Stephen Lendman (Stephen Lendman)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

Establishment media are willing US imperial accomplices, marching in lockstep with its wars of aggression against nonbelligerent countries and other hostile actions.

Serving as press agents for wealth, power, and privilege, they long ago abandoned what journalism the way it should be is all about — providing propaganda services, suppressing hard truths on major issues, especially geopolitical ones.

Trump regime extremists are recklessly heading for possible war on Iran based on Big Lies and deception. Truth-telling about the country would destroy their pretext. The same goes for all US wars of aggression waged in the post-WW II era.

Headlines are attention-grabbers. In its latest edition, the NYT headlined: “With a New Threat (sic), Iran Tests the Resolve of the US and Its Allies (sic),” saying:

On Monday, Iran said “it expects within 10 days to (exceed) the limits on how much nuclear fuel it can stockpile” under JCPOA nuclear deal provisions, “open(ing) a new and perilous phase of its confrontation with the West (sic).”

Fact: The Times got it backwards, falsely blamed Iran for US/NATO/Israeli/Saudi confrontational actions.

Pushed by Israel and his regime hardliners, Trump illegally withdrew from the JCPOA. Brussels failed to fulfill its commitments under the deal, betraying Iran.

The Times turned reality on its head, pushing the Big Lie about the Islamic Republic “a year (or more) away from being able to build a (nuclear) weapon” it never sought before and doesn’t now, adding:

“Now Mr. Trump faces two immediate challenges when it comes to Iran (sic): making the Persian Gulf safe for oil shipments (sic) and keeping Iran from edging toward the bomb-making capability that incited the crisis of a decade ago (sic). Neither will be easy.”

Some people use ‘sic’ to mean anything they disagree with. Without looking into its proper use, I will just point out that I myself do not use the device that way. I use ‘sic’ to signal that a garbled piece of text, or spelling or grammar error exists. Using ‘sic’ to signify something that ‘you’ think about your quote, can be addressed by you separately from the quote, which, to the greatest extent possible, shouldn’t be messed with. I might use square brackets to include something, usually part of a person’s name, within a quote, but that’s about it. For example, Someone might write an article about John Smith, and I might choose to quote a small part of that article, but the part I’m quoting only refers to Smith, not an unusual thing to do and everyone does it. Since the reader of my blog post is only getting my quote, initially, the reference to Smith isn’t very illuminating. Therefore, I will also add in the first part of Smith’s name, which is [John]. That’s minimal deviation from the quote and, I think, acceptable.

“With the new NAFTA, “there is no Alternative”” by Sujata Dey (The Council of Canadians)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

===== = =
Today, the Mexican senate ratified the new NAFTA, after examining it yesterday. It seems that two days is all it takes to debate and analyze the 38 chapters

Canada is also trying to rush through parliamentary committee hearings on the new NAFTA. The government jumpstarted the process of hearing witnesses before second reading was even completed, and limited it to 12 witnesses. I was among them, and I stood out from my fellow witnesses representing industry groups…

Mexico is showing intense capitulation to President Trump’s threats. Even with looming tariff threats, Mexico steadfastly proceeded with its ratification process. President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who campaigned against neoliberal economics and for the restoration of farm life, is now swallowing a trade agreement that will undermine his agricultural programs, including price supports for farmers, and that will impose economic deregulation.

While AMLO, as he is commonly known, regards Central American migrants as brothers, saying the solution to the migration problem is not repression but economic development in those countries, he has now been forced to accept that Mexico is a safe third country. This means that refugees crossing Mexico to the U.S. will be forced to apply in Mexico and not the United States. A similar arrangement prevails between the U.S. and Canada. Mexican NGOs have indicated that this will result in a humanitarian crisis.

In the 1990s, Margaret Thatcher coined the phrase There is no Alternative, or TINA, saying that corporate globalization, economic deregulation and unbridled free markets were inevitable. In this NAFTA negotiation, the appeasement of Emperor Trump seems to be a matter of national security. And there is nothing we can do but succumb.
= = =====

Hazeltine Creek after the Mount Polley disaster. © Bonnie Glambeck

“Mount Polley Mine is Still Pumping Waste Into Quesnel Lake” by ? (Watershed Sentinel)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

August 4 will mark the day, five years ago, when the tailings pond of the Mount Polley mine breached, dumping the equivalent of 10,000 Olympic-sized swimming pools-worth of copper and gold mining wastewater into nearby Quesnel Lake.

The remote, glacially fed lake – the deepest in BC and claimed to be the ninth deepest in the world – sits nearly centred and slightly east of a line drawn between Prince George and Kamloops. The lake is an important nursery for Pacific salmon and home to trophy-size rainbow trout, lake trout and Dolly Varden.

“Approximately four million salmon annually move through the Fraser River watershed, and 30% of those come from Quesnel Lake,” said Judith Pringle of the group Concerned Citizens of Quesnel Lake, in a webinar presentation in May.

Imperial Metals, the owner of Mount Polley mine, has faced no fines, no penalties, and no charges in connection with the disaster. On the contrary, Imperial Metals was granted a permit to forego a tailings dam altogether…

Twin two-foot diameter pipes now discharge mine wastewater at a rate of up to 52 million litres per day.

“Other mines can remove copper and various other metals,” said Pringle. “It’s not a difficult process, it is not expensive, but the Ministry of Environment continues to treat Polley as a special case.”

Frustrated with the discharge permit, Concerned Citizens of Quesnel Lake recently launched an appeal of the MOE decision, and through the appeal process learned of a pattern of leniency by the MOE toward the Mount Polley mine…

The mine and MOE are on such good terms, Pringle has seen MOE and Mount Polley mine staff drawing samples to monitor drinking water together from the same boat…

Concerned Citizens of Quesnel Lake are part of the BC Mining Reform Network, a group of 30 environmental, Indigenous, and community groups calling for sweeping reforms of BC’s mining governance.

In a report released May 15 by the Network, the Mount Polley disaster and other “systemic failures” of BC’s mining regime, causing “devastating” impacts on wildlife and Indigenous cultures, are showcased as impetus for the reforms.

“Antiquated colonial thinking” still guides mining laws in BC, the report said, with mining companies and prospectors allowed to stake mining claims in environmentally sensitive areas, on private land without landowner permission, and in First Nations’ traditional territories without their free, prior, and informed consent.

Todd Gordon is the author of “Imperialist Canada,” a very good and important book. In it, he talks about capitalist expansion, pointing out that it goes outward (from the standpoint of corporations’ home territories) and inward. In all cases, it’s vulnerable communities that are impacted negatively by the rampaging capitalists. That’s predominantly First Nations abroad and at home. With capitalism failing and the pressure of greedy capitalists to find markets wherever they can, a pressure meant to be relieved by neoliberalism (the liberation of capital – from all restraints and rules), vulnerable communities everywhere are getting harsher and harsher treatment from Coroporatocracy’s war-making States. And (genuine) human rights activists trying to deal with that face an almost impossible task and probably await being labelled terrorists for their efforts. That’s how it is in this upside down, Godless world.

Lisa Wilson of the Lummi Nation speaks at a press conference held before First Nations and the U.S. Coast Salish Tribes addressing the Canadian National Energy Board in Victoria, British Columbia.

“U.S. Tribes Decry Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion Approval” by ? (EARTHJUSTICE)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

Seattle, WA —

Today, the Canadian government formally approved the construction of the Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion. This is the latest move since February, when a Canadian federal agency recommended approval of the Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion, a move strongly condemned by Coast Salish Tribes and conservation groups on both sides of the U.S.-Canada border.

The proposed tar sands pipeline expansion would triple oil tanker traffic through the Salish Sea, with the most serious documented consequences of imperiling endangered orcas, increasing navigation hazards for fishermen, and increasing the risk of a major oil spill.

“The orca and salmon know no border, and the risks to indigenous peoples in both Canada and the US also cross borders,” stated Suquamish Tribe Chairman Leonard Forsman. “The Trudeau government failed to do the right thing.”

Make no mistake about it; Trudeau’s ‘failure’ is absolutely the norm in politics in most places and it is the approach expected of him by those (seemingly, Canadian voters, but actually powerful special interests) put him in his position of authority. The guy is a tool. And a fascist.

From Times Colonist:
An aerial photo of the old-growth forests where B.C. Timber Sales has seven pending cutblocks totalling 109 hectares. Juan de Fuca Provincial Park is along the coast and the town of Port Renfrew in the background.
Photograph By TJ Watt

“Port Renfrew chamber decries logging plan” by Lindsay Kines (Times Colonist)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

Port Renfrew Chamber of Commerce has joined a growing outcry against B.C. government plans to log old-growth forests near Juan de Fuca Provincial Park.

President Dan Hager said Friday that clearcutting the ancient trees will hurt tourism and damage a regional economy already hard hit by chinook fishing restrictions.

“Right now, we tell everybody that Port Renfrew is Canada’s tall tree capital,” he said in an interview. “It’s on our website. It works.

“I’m in the accommodation business in Renfrew. People ask about it. I’m the one that responds to all the inquiries that come in off the chamber email and people are asking about the trees.”

Hager said that will be put in jeopardy if B.C. Timber Sales proceeds with plans to sell off 109 hectares of the region’s old-growth forest in seven cutblocks — including two that come within 50 metres of Juan de Fuca Provincial Park.

“If I was an editor of a newspaper, I would say: ‘Canada’s tall tree capital is now Canada’s clearcut capital,’ ” Hager said…

“Mostly, that cedar is going to be sent to China,” he [Al Jones] said. “There’s not going to be the jobs that they say that there is.”

I guess chambers of commerce are not going to disappear while we have a global capitalist system, but they are usually part of the problem, not part of the solution. In this one tiny instance, a chamber of commerce is acting like a part of the solution. But if I could snap my fingers and make every single chamber of commerce on the planet disappear, I’d do it. Of course, if I had that power, I wouldn’t need to do it, because I’d snap my fingers and disappear capitalism and chambers of commerce would disappear along with the exploitative and oppressive system known as capitalism.

“Bayer Pending Charm Campaign Too Little Too Late” by ? (Friends Of The Earth)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

I just received a copy of an internal Bayer memo to its employees dated today. It explains that tomorrow, June 14th Bayer is launching a major ad campaign to tell the world they’ve listened and learned. They say they’re “setting off on a journey to elevate their efforts in transparency, sustainability and how we engage with our stakeholders”.

Well, when you get caught ghost writing science, manipulating public servants and blacklisting reporters and activists, yes, Bayer, you need to change.

When your flagship product, Roundup, with active ingredient glyphosate is considered carcinogenic but you never tell people to take care in its use, well, yes Bayer folks, you need to change…

But what did I read? Bayer talks to its employees around the world about piloting a program for the upcoming EU glyphosate re-registration process in which they will invite scientists, journalist and NGOs to participate.

The arrogance of this message is astounding.

Junior agricultural scientists researching plants and diseases in greenhouse with parsley

“What is My Certifier Hiding?” by ? (The Cornucopia Institute)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

Neal Laferriere, owner of Blackberry Botanicals, walks his organic farm in rural West Virginia. When Laferriere walks, he thinks…

When Laferriere received a letter from his certifier, Pennsylvania Certified Organic (PCO), saying they weren’t going to respond to a survey sent by Cornucopia asking about the types of operations they certify, he started walking…

Congress charged the USDA with establishing standards and making sure they were universally applied. But, unfortunately, the NOP has been allowing certifiers to interpret the law on their own, which has resulted in varying applications of the organic regulations.

“Why didn’t my certifier just respond to the survey? What don’t they want me to know?” asked Laferriere.

He has since learned several certifiers sent a similar letter to their clients as a coordinated effort to “circle the wagons,” ignoring and/or attempting to discredit the project.

“Subversion tactics aren’t going to work,” says Laferriere. “Farmers want answers. Certifiers are the gatekeepers to organic production. We want to know who and what they’re letting through the door.”

Why would organic farmers who are committed to growing fruits and vegetables in the soil, as the law intends, pay a certifier that also certifies massive hydroponic operations with whom they are unfairly competing?

Why would organic farmers who are committed to providing their hens and livestock ample outdoor access and grazing time hire a certifier that also certifies industrial-scale operations that look more conventional than organic?

“They shouldn’t,” says Laferriere. “It’s self-defeating, but you’ve got to know the facts to make an educated choice. If a certifier won’t tell you the facts, somebody better ask why.”

Because some certifiers are intent on securing profits generated from the industrial-scale clients, they will endorse the production practices that keep their clients in business.

Michael Laney

“Disgraced Vice President of Walt Disney Convicted of Child Rape, Gets 6 Years” by Matt Agorist (The Free Thought Project)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

Portland, OR — A former top level Walt Disney executive was sentenced to prison this month for nearly seven years for child rape. Michael Laney, 73, who was the Vice President of Walt Disney was found guilty of four counts of first-degree sexual abuse and sentenced to 81 months in prison.

After the sentencing, Laney’s attorneys pleaded with the judge to suspend the sentence, claiming that Laney’s wife would suffer if her husband goes to jail.

According to Oregon Live, Laney’s wife’s doctor, Blain Crandell, submitted a letter on Laney’s behalf, saying his wife “could be expected to suffer serious consequences to her health and well-being” without an in-home caregiver, a role her husband had been filling.

Thankfully, the judge and district attorney did not see it that way. In response to this request, Multnomah County Deputy District Attorney Charles Mickley called the claims “peculiarly offensive and insulting.”

“Defendant wholly ignores the compelling evidence of his guilt presented at trial, including the evidence of his longstanding sexual interest in children,” Mickley wrote.

“Fake Food, Fake Meat: Big Food’s Desperate Attempt to Further the Industrialisation of Food” by Vandana Shiva (Independent Science News)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

Industrial food systems have reduced food to a commodity, to “stuff” that can then be constituted in the lab. In the process both the planet’s health and our health has been nearly destroyed…

The mad rush for Fake Food and Fake Meat, ignorant of the diversity of our foods and food cultures, and the role of biodiversity in maintaining the our health, is a recipe for accelerating the destruction of the planet and our health…

In a recent article “How our commitment to consumers and our planet led us to use GM soy” Pat Brown, CEO & Founder of Impossible Foods states that:

“We sought the safest and most environmentally responsible option that would allow us to scale our production and provide the Impossible Burger to consumers at a reasonable cost”.

Given the fact that 90% of the monarch butterflies have disappeared due to Roundup Ready Crops, and we are living through what scientists have called an “insectageddon”, using GMO soya is hardly an “environmentally responsible option”.

In writing this, Pat Brown reveals his total ignorance that weeds have evolved resistance to Roundup and have become “superweeds” now requiring more and more lethal herbicides. Bill Gates and DARPA are even calling for the use of gene drives to exterminate amaranth, a sacred and nutritious food in India, because the Palmer Amaranth has become a superweed in the Roundup Ready soya fields of the USA…

The “Impossible Burger “ based on GMO, Roundup sprayed soya is not a “safe” option, as Zen Honeycutt and Moms across America just announced:

“that the Impossible Burger tested positive for glyphosate. The levels of glyphosate detected in the Impossible Burger by Health Research Institute Laboratories were 11 X higher than the Beyond Meat Burger. The total result (glyphosate and it’s break down AMPA) was 11.3 ppb. Moms Across America also tested the Beyond Meat Burger and the results were 1 ppb.

“We are shocked to find that the Impossible Burger can have up to 11X higher levels of glyphosate residues than the Beyond Meat Burger according to these samples tested. This new product is being marketed as a solution for “healthy” eating, when in fact 11 ppb of glyphosate herbicide consumption can be highly dangerous. Only 0.1 ppb of glyphosate has been shown to destroy gut bacteria, which is where the stronghold of the immune system lies. I am gravely concerned that consumers are being misled to believe the Impossible Burger is healthy.”

Recent court cases have showcased the links of Roundup to cancer. With the build up of liabilities related to cancer cases, the investments in Roundup Ready GMO soya is blindness to the market.

Or the hope that fooling consumers can rescue Bayer/Monsanto…

Fake food is thus building on a century and a half of food imperialism and food colonisation of our diverse food knowledges and food cultures.

Big Food and Big Money is behind the Fake Food Industry. Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos are funding startups

related: “Beyond Meat Is Beyond Unhealthy” by Danielle Andrews (Ancestral Nutrition)

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Professional Scam Artists – part 60

Aung San Suu Kyi and Hungary’s far-right Prime Minister Viktor Orbán

“Burma’s Suu Kyi joins Hungary’s Orbán in promoting anti-Muslim chauvinism” by Peter Symonds (WSWS)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

The meeting last week between Burmese government leader Aung San Suu Kyi and Hungary’s far-right Prime Minister Viktor Orbán is a devastating indictment of the media propagandists for “human rights” imperialism who promoted Suu Kyi as “an icon of democracy.”

It was truly a meeting of minds in Budapest. In an official statement released by the Hungarian government after their talks, the two leaders agreed that immigrants were “one of the greatest challenges for both countries” and expressed their mutual concern over “continuously growing Muslim populations.”

The main thing I’m looking at here is Aung San Suu Kyi’s hobnobbing with fascist Viktor Orbán. However much of Symond’s article is wrong (and I don’t know enough to be sure about what is right and wrong here), there is no doubt about Suu Kyi’s fakery. She is no democrat. These are the comments I attached to the above linked-to article on the WSWS website:

=== =
“She refuses to use the term “Rohingya,” as it would suggest, contrary to the Burmese Constitution, that they are a legitimate ethnic minority.” As far as I know, the Rohingya are ‘not’ an ethnic group. I am very frustrated about the lack of information we are getting from progressives about this. That the little I’ve found is contradictory doesn’t help. My first in depth look was via Gearóid Ó Colmáin’s articles. I thought he might continue to look into this, but he seems to have gone on to other things. I haven’t visited his website in some time, and deleted the bookmark when I saw nothing (and I don’t do Fluffbook) happening there at all, but I’ll check back.


Equating liberalism, or liberal philosophy (if that’s what is meant here) with the liberal media just confuses me. I have no problem with the simple idea, or philosophy, of liberalism, which is: ‘a rising tide lifts all boats’. That you have fascists who label themselves as liberals and a fascist liberal (others’ label, and, I assume, corporate media’s own label for itself, not mine) media, is not in doubt and a different subject in my view.
= ===

related: “China and Russia Urge Diplomatic and Media objectivity in Myanmar” by Gearóid Ó Colmáin (Gearóid Ó Colmáin)

“Democrats, Mexican president collaborate with Trump’s anti-immigrant crackdown” by Eric London (WSWS)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

The Friday agreement between the governments of the US and Mexico to lock down Mexico’s southern border with Guatemala is an illegal attack on the right to asylum and an effort by US imperialism to further militarize the Central American region.

Under the deal, the government of Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador will continue to collaborate with the Trump administration by forcing Central Americans caught crossing into the US to remain in Mexico while they await their US asylum hearings. Mexico will also deploy 6,000 National Guard members on Monday along the southern border with Guatemala, and it will block passage across the entire border as opposed to at points of entry only.

As a result of the deal, untold numbers of impoverished people from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador will be murdered, tortured and persecuted by the government or gangs operating with impunity…

There is practically no opposition to the deal or the Trump administration’s attack on immigrants among the factions of the ruling class in either the US or Mexico.

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (known by the acronym AMLO) held a rally in the northwest Mexican city of Tijuana Saturday alongside governors and leaders of the various business federations.

“I’m not raising a closed fist, rather an open and direct hand to President Donald Trump,” AMLO told the crowd during the rally for “national dignity.” During his nationally televised speech, AMLO repeatedly appealed for national unity and thanked “all the social classes” for supporting the Mexican nation.

In fact, masses of Mexican people, including millions with relatives living in the US under fear of persecution, are deeply opposed to transforming the newly formed Mexican National Guard into the foreign legion of the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement…

While Democratic candidates and columnists denounce Trump for undermining imperialist foreign policy, hardly a word is spoken about the ongoing horrors being perpetrated by the US government in detention facilities and the desert no man’s land of the border region.

A day after reporting on plans for mass child detention, the Washington Post published an editorial board statement calling for renewed attacks on the rights of immigrants.

Swallowing whole the Trump administration’s fascistic claim that refugees fleeing violence are using their children as pawns, the Post wrote:

“A concatenation of court rulings, congressional inaction and administration failures has created a perverse incentive for migrants to cross the border with children. They claim asylum; a swamped court system postpones their case for years; the government does not have the facilities or the legal right to hold them; so they are ‘paroled’ into the United States for an extended period. Most of the asylum claims eventually are denied.”

“How the U.S. Weaponizes “Internet Freedom”” by Julianne Tveten (American Herald Tribune)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

Several weeks ago, Edward Snowden took to Twitter to weigh in on the recent coup attempt in Venezuela. “Big: Venezuela’s opposition leader just launched a coup,” he wrote. “Reports coming in that the government is now blocking access to social media in response. Any interference with the right of the people to communicate freely must be condemned.”

Snowden, of course, was referring to the U.S.-backed attempt to oust the elected Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro and install right-wing opposition party member Juan Guaidó. Yet Snowden’s concerns didn’t revolve around the damages visited upon Venezuela. Instead, as his critics observed, his focus on Internet access revealed a decidedly libertarian set of values: Sure, a potential (albeit failing) coup was in progress, hurling the Venezuelan people into the throes of imperialist upheaval—but wouldn’t someone think of the Internet access?…

By various accounts, the notion of “Internet freedom” entered U.S. policy during the Clinton Administration, in the early stages of the Internet’s commercialization. In 1997, then-President Bill Clinton and Vice President Al Gore argued that “governments must adopt a non-regulatory, market-oriented approach to electronic commerce” and warned against those that “will impose extensive regulations on the Internet and electronic commerce.”…

Hillary Clinton cemented this concept in a 2010 speech, insisting that the United States would confront governments that implemented online “censorship,” including, but not limited to, China, Iran, and North Korea—countries, like Venezuela, that have worked to develop infrastructures and economies independent of the U.S.’s capitalist framework. Clinton also touted the role of the private sector in such an effort. Advocating for an Internet defined by “free expression” and, most important, free markets, she lauded the Global Network Initiative, an “anti-censorship” collaboration among tech firms like Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, and various NGOs.

The Clintons’ Internet-policy postures have persisted into the present day. The U.S. nonprofit and Global Network Initiative member NetBlocks, for example, regularly issues reports warning of limited Internet access throughout the world. Among its most commonly cited countries, by far, is Venezuela. Over the course of the attempted Venezuelan coup, which began in January, NetBlocks has published dozens of reports of restrictions to access of various U.S. web services, including YouTube, Google, and Bing. Instead of offering geopolitical context to explain why a country might be forced to limit access, these reports offer an alternative narrative: A beleaguered country’s temporary (if exaggerated) shutdowns of a few websites, rather than a U.S.-led coup, are the real problem.

The war-making State, when it does censorship, exclaims “National security!!!” But when a State targetted for regime change by the lawless, violent US takes step to block the color revolution’s communications, that’s evil. I’ve watched in alarm as the US regime change program made inroads against sovereign States using corrupt rightwing media of those targetted States, in the process putting the lie to the idea that the State’s leader is a dictator who doesn’t allow freedom of the press. So, Indeed, media can be used to undermine a nation’s sovereignty. Therefore, any State that is target of the US very much needs to take that into consideration. I’ve never advocated that a State completely censor its rightwing media (which will be found to be funded by foreign, especially US, interests). But I do say that if that targetted State doesn’t take some, limited, measures to deal with rightwing propaganda spewed from media within its borders, then it’s asking to be undermined. Any State should have at least the same amount of State media as there is private media.

I was beginning to wonder about Edward Snowden before I read Yasha Levine’s book, “Surveillance Valley,” in which he looks at the weaponization of the privacy movement. He has a few very revealing things to say about Snowden. Edward Snowden pushes the very bogus idea that Silicon Valley is our friend and will save us from Big Brother. (He, along with Wikileaks and the EFF and other so-called progressives, push the privacy browser, designed and funded by the war-making State.) What an idiot! Silicon Valley, together with the rest of the world’s elite, including CEOs and high level investors and corporations collectively, ‘are’ Big Brother! Snowden could do worse than to read John Perkins’s “Confessions Of An Economic Hit Man.” John popularized the very apt term “Corporatocracy.” Corporatocracy is our global government, still developing, but here. That system includes official governments, but those official governments are essentially fronts for corporations, including those selling weapons.

related: “Tor? Exercise Caution!”

Gulf of Oman Tanker Attack

“Pompeo Gulf of Oman Narrative Torpedoed by Vessel’s Japanese Owner” by Alexander Rubinstein (Mint Press News)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

WASHINGTON — Just a day before the Trump administration blamed Iran for an attack on two oil tankers connected to Japan in the Gulf of Oman, without offering a shred of evidence, members of Congress revealed that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo had privately briefed them on possible justifications for a war on Iran.

The two oil tankers were targeted as Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was in Iran, the first time a Japanese leader had gone to the country since its revolution 40 years ago. Abe was to act as a mediator between Washington and Tehran…

Iran’s Foreign Minister Javad Zarif tweeted that “suspicious doesn’t begin to describe what likely transpired this morning.”

His U.S. counterpart, Pompeo, held a four-minute briefing on Friday about the incident, refusing to take any questions. It was just the latest pie-in-the-sky narrative from the former CIA director, who recently admitted that during his time at the agency, “We lied, we cheated, we stole.”

Meanwhile, the U.S. government’s contention that the oil tankers were attacked with mines appears to be falling apart just one day later. The owner of one of the tankers said on Friday that “flying objects” were observed just before the fire broke out. The U.S., meanwhile, released video on Friday which they say shows Iranian vessels removing an unexploded mine.

Yet the owner of the vessel maintains that there were no mines — or torpedos — involved, denying that such could have been the case because the damage to the ship was above the waterline. He went so far as to call the whole notion of mines being responsible “false.”

Iranian vessels, it should be noted, rescued the crewmen on Thursday…

Given the post-truth playing field Trump likes to play ball on, compounded with the extreme hawkishness of his lackeys John Bolton and Pompeo, the threat of war with Iran has never been higher, and it appears the administration is bent on circumventing congressional approval.

A protester bleeds from his face as he tries to stop a group of taxi drivers from trying to remove the barricades which are blocking off main roads, near a line of riot police at an occupied area, in the Mong Kok district of Hong Kong, Wednesday, Oct. 22, 2014. Hong Kong student leaders and government officials talked but agreed on little Tuesday as the city’s Beijing-backed leader reaffirmed his unwillingness to compromise on the key demand of activists camped in the streets now for a fourth week. (AP Photo/Kin Cheung)

“American Gov’t, NGOs Fuel and Fund Hong Kong Anti-Extradition Protests” by Alexander Rubinstein (Mint Press News)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

HONG KONG — Protesters in Hong Kong attempted to storm the parliament on Tuesday in opposition to an amendment to the autonomous territory’s extradition law with mainland China. The protest’s messaging and the groups associated with it, however, raise a number of questions about just how organic the movement is.

Some of the groups involved receive significant funding from the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), a CIA soft-power cutout that has played a critical role in innumerable U.S. regime-change operations.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi weighed in on the bill, which is being considered in Hong Kong’s parliament, arguing that, should it pass, Congress would have to “no choice but to reassess whether Hong Kong is ‘sufficiently autonomous’ under the ‘one country, two systems’ framework.”

The Canadian and British foreign ministries have also thrown their weight behind those opposing the bill…

The amendment to the extradition law would “allow Hong Kong to surrender fugitives on a case-by-case basis to jurisdictions that do not have long-term rendition agreements with the city.” Among those jurisdictions are mainland China and Taiwan. Ian Goodrum, an American journalist who works in China for the government-owned China Daily newspaper, told MintPress News:

“It’s unfortunate there’s been all this hullabaloo over what is a fairly routine and reasonable adjustment to the law. As the law reads right now, there’s no legal way to prevent criminals in other parts of China from escaping charges by fleeing to Hong Kong. It would be like Louisiana — which, you’ll remember, has a unique justice system — refusing to send fugitives to Texas or California for crimes committed in those states.

“Honestly, this is something that should have been part of the agreement made in advance of the 1997 handover. Back then bad actors used irrational fear of the mainland to kick the can down the road and we’re seeing the consequences today.”

Like the U.S. government, the NGO-industrial complex appears to be wholly on-board…

Ironically, the issue of autonomy is not just of importance to Hong Kongers, but to the United States government as well. And it’s not all just harshly worded statements: the U.S. government is pumping up some of the organizers with loads of cash via the NED.

related: “Trojan Horse: The National Endowment for Democracy” by William Blum (William Blum)

From Mondoweiss:
U.S. Ambassador to Israel David Friedman being gifted with an altered image of the Haram al-Sharif/Temple Mount with the Al-Aqsa Mosque and Dome of the Rock replaced with a Jewish temple, May 2018. (Photo: Israel Cohen/Kikar HaShabbat)

“J Street — and Bernie Sanders — are loyal to the ‘democratic and Jewish homeland’ contradiction” by Abba Solomon (Mondoweiss)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

Before Israeli statehood, it was necessary to describe the planned Jewish homeland as a liberal democracy in the period of gaining American Jewish support for the Zionist project…

In 1942, Manhattan lawyer and AJC Executive Committee member James N. Rosenberg angrily objected to the formula being developed for AJC cooperation with the Zionist plans to make Palestine a Jewish state. He noticed what supporters of a Jewish homeland in Palestine were willing to avert their eyes from: that the fate and rights of non-Jews were unimportant in Zionist planning, even before the Nakba…

Even Bernie Sanders, in his latest admirable advocacy for Palestinian rights, is “someone who believes absolutely and unequivocally in Israel’s right to exist in peace and security.” Support for Palestinian rights to exist is progress, but his stance seems to include support for the survival of political Jewish primacy in Israel/Palestine that non-Jews must work around…

In this case, Israeli identity is predicated on perpetual Jewish domination, or at best custody, of Palestinian lives.

These are thoughts in a different dimension from the American political stage in which Sanders is performing. It’d be too much to expect Sanders to mention the idea of negating the partition and allowing Palestine to be a democratic multi-ethnic state.

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The Avalanche – Snapshot 38 – June 15, ’19

“Syria and War Propaganda: Robert Stuart vs the BBC” by Susan Dirgham and Rick Sterling (21st Century Wire)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

It’s a David vs Goliath story. A former local newspaper reporter, Robert Stuart, is taking on the British Broadcasting Corporation. Stuart believes that a sensational video story about an alleged atrocity in Syria “was largely, if not entirely, staged.” The BBC would like it all to just go away. But like David, Stuart will not back down or let it go.

It has been proposed that the BBC could settle the issue by releasing the raw footage from the event, but they refuse to do this. Why?

The Controversial Video

The video report in controversy is ‘Saving Syria’s Children‘. Scenes from it were first broadcast as a BBC news report on August 29, 2013 and again as a BBC Panorama special in September. ‘Saving Syria’s Children’ was produced by BBC reporter Ian Pannell with Darren Conway as camera operator and director.

The news report footage was taken in a town north of Aleppo city in a region controlled by the armed opposition. It purports to show the aftermath of a Syrian aerial attack using incendiary weapons, perhaps napalm, killing and burning dozens of youth. The video shows the youth arriving and being treated at a nearby hospital where the BBC film team was coincidentally filming two British medical volunteers from a British medical relief organization.

The video had a strong impact. The incident was on August 26. The video was shown on the BBC three days later as the British Parliament was debating whether to support military action by the US against Syria. As it turned out, British parliament voted against supporting military action. But the video was effective in demonizing the Syrian government. After all, what kind of government attacks school children with napalm-like bombs?

The Context

‘Saving Syria’s Children’ was produced at a critical moment in the Syrian conflict. Just days before, on August 21, there had been an alleged sarin gas attack against an opposition held area on the outskirts of Damascus. Western media was inundated with videos showing dead Syrian children amidst accusations the Syrian government had attacked civilians, killing up to 1400. The Syrian government was assumed to be responsible and the attack said to be a clear violation of President Obama’s “red line” against chemical weapons.

This incident had the effect of increasing pressure for Western states or NATO to attack Syria. It would be for humanitarian reasons, rationalized by the “responsibility to protect”.

The assumption that ‘the regime’ did it has been challenged. Highly regarded American journalists including the late Robert Parry and Seymour Hersh investigated and contradicted the mainstream media. They pointed to the crimes being committed by the armed opposition for political goals. A report by two experts including a UN weapons inspector and Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity also came to the conclusion that the Syrian government was not responsible and the attack was actually by an armed opposition group with the goal of forcing NATO intervention…

Robert Stuart’s formal complaints to the BBC have been rebuffed. His challenges to those involved in the production have been ignored or stifled…

The BBC could go a long way toward resolving this issue by releasing raw footage of the scenes in ‘Saving Syria’s Children’. Why have they refused to do this? In addition, they have actively removed YouTube copies of ‘Saving Syria’s Children’. If they are proud of that production, why are they removing public copies of it?

From Mint Press News:
Trust Project founder Sally Lehrman speaks at the 2018 organization of News Ombudsmen conference. Photo | ONO

“The Trust Project: Big Media and Silicon Valley’s Weaponized Algorithms Silence Dissent” by Whitney Webb (Mint Press News)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

After the failure of Newsguard — the news rating system backed by a cadre of prominent neoconservative personalities — to gain traction among American tech and social media companies, another organization has quietly stepped in to direct the news algorithms of tech giants such as Google, Facebook, and Microsoft.

Though different from Newsguard, this group, known as “The Trust Project,” has a similar goal of restoring “trust” in corporate, mainstream media outlets, relative to independent alternatives, by applying “trust indicators” to social-media news algorithms in a decidedly untransparent way. The funding of “The Trust Project” — coming largely from big tech companies like Google; government-connected tech oligarchs like Pierre Omidyar; and the Knight Foundation, a key Newsguard investor — suggests that an ulterior motive in its tireless promotion of “traditional” mainstream media outlets is to limit the success of dissenting alternatives.

Of particular importance is the fact that the Trust Project’s “trust indicators” are already being used to control what news is promoted and suppressed by top search engines like Google and Bing and massive social-media networks like Facebook. Though the descriptions of these “trust indicators” — eight of which are currently in use — are publicly available, the way they are being used by major tech and social media companies is not…

The Trust Project’s goal is to increase public trust in the very same traditional media outlets that Newsguard favored and to use HTML-embedded codes in favored news articles to promote their content at the expense of independent alternatives. Even if its effort to promote “trust” in establishment media fail, its embedded-code hidden within participating news sites allow those establishment outlets to skirt the same algorithms currently targeting their independent competition, making such issues of “trust” largely irrelevant as it moves to homogenize the online media landscape in favor of mainstream media.

In other words, the fake news purveyors – mainly established giant media invited to the party – are allowed to skip the test! Let that fact sink in. I guess that the censors have had such a hard time doing their subtle censorship, always running the risk that fake news would get caught up in the purging of real news, that they had to come up with some sure-fire way to pull it off. And here it is. They will allow protected, pro Corporatocracy media to evade the dragnet altogether with code in their online articles (that signals the algorithms to approve) that citizens will never see. Most citizens reading their dailies won’t even know, because they just don’t care enough to know. Knowing is caring is knowing. If I can learn about this stuff, and I have zero specialized education and only learn by reading, then anyone can.

“The Trust Project’s director, Sally Lehrman, made it clear that, in her view, the lack of public trust in mainstream media and its declining readership is the result of unwanted “competition by principle-free enterprises [that] further undermines its [journalism’s] very role and purpose as an engine for democracy,” writes Whitney. And why is that competition so bad? It’s not just a money concern by those who prefer gangster capitalism over the textbook version of capitalism that compels those gangsters to take these censorship steps. If people started getting a good look at the way the world is really being run and if they started to get a good look at the criminals who are running the world, that could, theoretically, lead to the undoing of the entire criminal enterprise that is Corporatocracy, presently led by the United States. Right principles: Fascism. Wrong principles: democracy. That’s Sally Lerhman’s view. What is fascism? It’s many evil things, but mainly, it is a system in which regular people have zero say in matters affecting them, even if they think otherwise (because they have elections and voting).

Way to go WordPress. Get your glory while you can.

From Mint Press News:
Armed extremists leaving Al Waer, Homs en route to Idlib in January 2018. The fighter at the forefront of the photograph is wearing a Nusra Front/Al Qaeda armband. Photo | Vanessa Beeley

“Sky News and the Western Press Have Once Again Failed Syria” by Vanessa Beeley (Mint Press News)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

Recent storylines from the Western press on the “Idlib” narrative, particularly the extraordinary spate of “on-the-ground” reports from Sky News reporter Alex Crawford, have failed to paint an accurate picture of the reality faced by Syrian civilians.

Brett McGurk – the U.S. government’s Special Presidential Envoy for the Global Coalition to Counter ISIL — described Idlib as “the largest Al Qaeda safe haven since 9/11,” adding that the presence of Al Qaeda in Idlib was a “huge problem” and had been so “for some time.” Mint Press journalist Whitney Webb covered McGurk’s statements and U.S. policy in Idlib in late 2018.

McGurk’s statement seems to have been forgotten by both corporate media and “human rights” commentators alike since the Syrian Army’s military campaign to liberate areas of Idlib began in earnest a few weeks ago. In fact, there seems to be an ongoing campaign by the Western press to normalize militant groups affiliated with Al Qaeda.

On May 27, 2019 a headline in a Reuters article read “Idlib government chief urges defense against Assad attack” (emphasis added). The “head” of the Idlib “Salvation Government,” Fawaz Hilal, was calling upon Turkey to intervene on their behalf to protect them from SAA military advances.

While Reuters openly admits that the Salvation Government is heavily backed by Hayat Tahrir Al Sham (HTS)/Al Qaeda, there is minimal reference to the daily war crimes committed by armed groups against civilians in Syrian government-secured territory as a valid reason for the uptick in Syrian military operations to liberate areas of Idlib province.

The reader is ultimately left with the impression that the Salvation Government is legitimate Syrian “opposition” rather than an Al Qaeda construct established with the involvement of the notorious Abu Mohammed Al-Jolani…

There is no nuance to the Sky News reports, no analysis of complexity, no diverging opinions or context. Therefore, in my opinion, this is not journalism; it is a deliberate intent to mislead a gullible public fed a media diet of “war on terror” fear and insecurity for years. It is information bias and cynical misdirection of narratives designed to support U.S. military adventurism in Syria and the region.

“Confronting Censorship in Ireland” by David Swanson (David Swanson)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

According to exit polls from late May, an impressive 82% of Irish voters say Ireland should remain a neutral country in all aspects. But Ireland is not remaining a neutral country in all aspects, and there’s no indication of whether Irish voters know that, or specifically what they think of the fact that the United States military, year after year, ships large numbers of troops and weapons (and occasionally presidents) through Shannon Airport on their way to endless disastrous wars…

A lot of us had an idea. There are billboards along the road to Shannon Airport. Why not collect enough money to rent one and put our message on it: “U.S. Troops Out of Shannon Airport!” Surely there would be some people who would prefer that we take that approach rather than breaking through fences onto the grounds of the airport.

I contacted a Sales Manager at Clear Channel in Dublin, but he stalled and delayed and evaded and prevaricated until I finally took a hint. Clear Channel will not accept money to put up a billboard for peace; and something else that’s not neutral in Ireland is the billboards.

So, I got in touch with a Direct Sales Executive at J.C. Decaux, which rents billboards in Limerick and Dublin. I sent him two billboard designs as an experiment. He said he would accept one but refuse the other. The acceptable one said “Peace. Neutrality. Ireland.” The unacceptable one said “U.S. Troops Out of Shannon.”

I’m reminded of the member of a school board in the United States who said he would support celebrating the International Day of Peace as long as nobody got the impression he was against any wars.

“Encounter With Damascus Resident, Who (Like So Many) Speaks of How Western Media Lies About Syria” by Eva Bartlett (In Gaza and beyond)

The above linked-to intro by Eva Bartlett to her video (above) follows:

Walking the lanes of Old Damascus yesterday, I met a local resident and chatted with him a bit. Don’t have time to subtitle, but (from around 1:50) he said the situation was improved, and when I mentioned that a couple of years ago there was the constant mortaring (from terrorists in eastern Ghouta) and now no, he went on to praise President Assad, saying he has a strong heart and loves the Syrian people.

He also, notably, said western media speaks about Syria and President Assad, “that he is not good”. He obviously disagreed with this, and chided European/Western media for its lies, said people who live here (in Syria) know the truth.
He expanded on this in his courtyard and, since I already knew I won’t have time to subtitle, I tried to summarize his words while he spoke.

Another simple video from Syria, nothing flashy, no special effects, no media team behind me. Just me and my mobile phone camera, walking and talking to average Syrians–voices deliberately excluded by western corporate media.

From Canadaland:
Chief Commissioner Marion Buller delivering the final MMIWG report taken from the CBC’s livestream of the inquiry’s closing ceremony

“Canada’s Media Was Always Going To Dismiss Genocide Against Indigenous Women” by Danielle Paradis,Tim Querengesser & Shama Rangwala (Canadaland)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

After years of interviews with thousands of victims of violence as the chief commissioner of the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls, Judge Marion Buller delivered a final report last week that includes hundreds of uses of the word “genocide.” Buller said the commission used this language to “hold up a mirror to Canada.”

In quick order, Canada’s media class smashed Buller’s mirror and ignored all those who have shared in the pain of the missing and murdered women. Some attempted to divorce the issue of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls from the concept of genocide, ignoring charges of forced sterilization as recently as 2017 and the reality that targeting women destroys a culture and a community’s ability to continue into the future. Chantal Hébert in the Toronto Star warned the powerful phraseology could see the report ignored. The Star’s editorial board suggested we need “a new word” for the harms of colonization, because “‘genocide’ isn’t it.” Over at The Globe and Mail, the editorial board said the charge of genocide “doesn’t ring true” and “simply does not bear scrutiny.” In the National Post, Father Raymond J. de Souza, a Roman Catholic priest, assured readers the charge just does not “comport with Canada’s record, or how most Canadians understand our country.”

Hopefully Father Raymond J. de Souza is wrong about how ruined the Canadian public is. As for Raymond J. de Souza, who is ‘okay’ with Canadians being misinformed, Jehovah will deal with him.

Seth Rich

“Why Didn’t Mueller Investigate Seth Rich?” by Daniel Lazare (Consortium News)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

After bungling every last aspect of Russia-gate since the day the pseudo-scandal broke, the corporate press is now seizing on the Mueller report to shut down debate on one of the key questions still outstanding from the 2016 presidential election: the murder of Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich.

No one knows who killed Rich in Washington, D.C., on July 10, 2016. All we know is that he was found at 4:19 a.m. in the Bloomingdale neighborhood “with apparent gunshot wound(s) to the back” according to the police report. Conscious and still breathing, he was rushed to a nearby hospital where he was pronounced dead at 5:57…

…Despite his mother’s report of two shots in the back, all the local medical examiner would say is that the cause of death was a gunshot wound to the torso. According to Rich’s brother, Aaron, Seth “was very aware, very talkative,” when police found him lying on the pavement. Yet cops have refused to say if he described his assailant. A month later, they put out a statement that “there is no indication that Seth Rich’s death is connected to his employment at the DNC,” but refused to elaborate.

The result is a scattering of disconnected facts that can be used to support just about any theory from a random killing to a political assassination. Nonetheless, Robert Mueller is dead certain that the murder had nothing to do with the emails — just as he was dead certain in 2003 that Iraq was bristling with weapons of mass destruction “pos[ing] a clear threat to our national security.

“A Loud Whoomfing Sound”

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