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The Avalanche – Snapshot 2 – Oct 22, ’17

Jonathan Cook

Source: Google’s New Search Engine Bias is No Accident | Dissident Voice

An excerpt from the above linked-to article by Jonathan Cook follows:

Alternet has gone public with concerns about the way Google and Facebook have limited traffic to its website and, more generally, undermined access to progressive and independent media…

Nonetheless, there is something deeply misguided, even dangerous, about its description of what is happening. Here is how its executive editor, Don Hazen, describes Alternet’s problems:

Little did we know that Google had decided, perhaps with bad advice or wrong-headed thinking, that media like AlterNet—dedicated to fighting white supremacy, misogyny, racism, Donald Trump, and fake news—would be clobbered by Google in its clumsy attempt to address hate speech and fake news. …

So the reality we face is that two companies, Google and Facebook—which are not media companies, do not have editors or fact-checkers, and do no investigative reporting—are deciding what people should read, based on a failure to understand how media and journalism function.

“Bad advice”, “wrong-headed”, “clumsy”, “failure to understand”. Alternet itself is the one that has misunderstood what is going on. There is nothing accidental or clumsy about what Google and Facebook are doing. In fact, what has happened was entirely predictable as soon as western political and media elites started raising their voices against “fake news”.

Jonathan’s report on Alternet’s experience is educational. One, It’s another example of killing communication. Two, It’s an example of the killing of communication by a voice that isn’t truly progressive. Alternet is partially George Soros-funded. On it’s website where it talks about funders, it notes that some of them wish to be anonymous. I’m sure. “Discover The Networks,” a rightwing but useful resource lists the following funders for Alternet. I can’t say whether the list is accurate or up to date, but it reveals something about Alternet. Ford Foundation? Open Society Institute? Bank of America? Rockefeller Foundation? Really? Here’s DTN’s list:

AlterNet is financed through individual donations, advertising revenue, and grants from charitable foundations. Among its larger funders are the Arca Foundation, the Bank of America Charitable Foundation, the Bauman Family Foundation, the Carnegie Corporation of New York, the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, the David and Lucile Packard Foundation, the Ford Foundation, the Four Freedoms Fund, the Funding Exchange, the Glaser Progress Foundation, the McKay Foundation, the Nathan Cummings Foundation, the Open Society Institute, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, the Schumann Center for Media and Democracy, the Threshold Foundation, the Town Creek Foundation, the Wallace Global Fund, and Working Assets.

“Veterans to Amy Goodman of Democracy Now” – by Daniel Borgström

The following is an excerpt from the above linked-to blog post by Daniel:

==== ==== =
Dear Amy Goodman of Democracy Now,

We are a group of military veterans who are hoping NOT to be blown off the face of this planet in a nuclear exchange precipitated by events in Syria…

As former military persons, we see no military advantage or rationale for the Assad regime to have used poison gas in those situations. On the other hand, there are people who would be glad to use the incident to pull the U.S. into the war. This should be clear to even the most casual observer, and yet it is being ignored by the mainstream media.

Why is there no need for evidence?…

Unfortunately, with only rare exceptions, DEMOCRACY NOW has NOT been raising such questions either in regards to Syria. On your Friday, April 7th show, you featured numerous guests discussing Syria, some openly accusing Assad, but nobody asking about evidence…

Hoping to stay alive,

Daniel Borgström, USMC (ret.)
for Veterans for Peace,
East Bay Chapter #162

April 14, 2017

*** *** ***
*** *** ***

Over 2 months have passed and we received no response.
= ==== ====

I emailed Daniel to say thanks for his letter to Amy Goodman. He then thanked me for that. A short while later, I read an interview of Daniel by “Black Agenda Report” editor Anne Garrison in which Daniel says things about John Kennedy that reveal he is infected with Camelot propaganda. I then emailed him to point out that problem, providing him with some links and info. He graciously accepted those and promised to look into the information. I have no idea whether he did or whether he’s still a JFK worshipper. See my previous blog post titled “The Power Of White.”

Flooding from Tropical Storm Harvey can be seen in this aerial photo over Port Arthur, Texas, Thursday, Aug. 31, 2017. (AP Photo/Gerald Herbert)

“Texas Town’s Residents to Get Harvey Aid Only if They Won’t Boycott Israel” by Emily Wells

The following is an excerpt from the above linked-to article by Emily Wells:

The city of Dickinson, Texas, which was hit exceptionally hard by Hurricane Harvey, is requiring applicants for Harvey rebuilding funds to vow they won’t boycott Israel in a move the American Civil Liberties Union has called “an egregious violation of the First Amendment.”…

“The First Amendment protects Americans’ right to boycott, and the government cannot condition hurricane relief or any other public benefit on a commitment to refrain from protected political expression,” said ACLU of Texas Legal Director Andre Segura. “Dickinson’s requirement is an egregious violation of the First Amendment, reminiscent of McCarthy-era loyalty oaths requiring Americans to disavow membership in the Communist party and other forms of ‘subversive’ activity.”

That is frightening. And fascist. BDS is a PEACEFUL means to put pressure on Apartheid Israel. It helped in South Africa and rightwingers today have no problem with that. The abandonment of Apartheid in South Africa didn’t make the racists quit racism, but it did show the world that racists don’t always have to get their way. (Not only did the racism continue – while the discrimination diminished – but the country, as Noam Klein explains in “The Shock Doctrine,” didn’t end up free. As one African activist (Rasool Snyman) put it, “They never freed us. They only took the chain from around our neck and put it on our ankles.”

I don’t know what the English sign in Tel Aviv is about. But the image is taken from the attached article.

“Thousands Of Israelis Take To The Streets Calling For Palestinian Genocide” by Whitney Webb

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

The Tel Aviv rally—organized to support an Israeli soldier who murdered a wounded Palestinian by shooting him in the head as the victim lay on his back—was marked by chants and banners calling for mass murder.

Massive rallies and Facebook campaigns calling for Palestinian genocide are ignored by Western mainstream media and Facebook despite concerns and collaborations aimed at stopping “calls to violence”.

Since last October, the Israeli government has accused Palestinians and their allies of “inciting violence” against Israelis, despite the fact that only 34 Israelis have died in that time frame compared to 230 Palestinians. The uptick in violence has been attributed to an internationally condemned Israeli encroachment of Palestinian lands in the contested West Bank.

Israeli government concern over recent violence has led them to arrest Palestinians for social media content that could potentially lead to crimes. So far, 145 Palestinians have been arrested this year for “pre-crime” via social media “incitement.” This practice eventually led to a collaboration between Facebook and the Israeli government, whose joint effort to curb social media “incitement” has led to the banning of several Facebook accounts of Palestinian journalists and news agencies.

“A Loud Whoompfing Sound”

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They Play And We Pay

Noam Chomsky and Malalai Joya and Julian Assange

Source: The Legacy of Reagan’s Civilian ‘Psyops’ – Consortiumnews

An excerpt from the above linked-to article by Robert Parry follows:

USAID, working with billionaire George Soros’s Open Society, also funded the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP), which engages in “investigative journalism” that usually goes after governments that have fallen into disfavor with the United States and then are singled out for accusations of corruption.

The USAID-funded OCCRP also collaborates with Bellingcat, an online investigative website founded by blogger Eliot Higgins, who is now a senior non-resident fellow of the Atlantic Council, a pro-NATO think tank that receives funding from the U.S. and allied governments.

Higgins has spread misinformation on the Internet, including discredited claims implicating the Syrian government in the sarin attack in 2013 and directing an Australian TV news crew to what looked to be the wrong location for a video of a BUK anti-aircraft battery as it supposedly made its getaway to Russia after the shoot-down of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 in July 2014.

Despite his dubious record of accuracy, Higgins has gained mainstream acclaim, in part, because his “findings” always match up with the propaganda theme that the U.S. government and its Western allies are peddling. Though most genuinely independent bloggers are ignored by the mainstream media, Higgins has found his work touted by both The New York Times and The Washington Post, and Google has included Bellingcat on its First Draft coalition, which will determine which news will be deemed real and which fake.

In other words, the U.S. government has a robust strategy for deploying direct and indirect agents of influence who are now influencing how the titans of the Internet will structure their algorithms to play up favored information and disappear disfavored information.

Julian Assange, Douglas Valentine, Robert Parry

A few of my online responses (in no particular order) to the above linked-to article follow. Note that some are a response to Parry’s article and some are responses to other commenters:

October 21, 2017 at 8:22 am
Your comment is awaiting moderation.

“During the first Cold War, the CIA and the U.S. Information Agency refined the art of “information warfare,” including pioneering some of its current features like having ostensibly “independent” entities and cut-outs present U.S. propaganda to a cynical public that would reject much of what it hears from government but may trust “citizen journalists” and “bloggers.””

Let’s not forget a few other things the marvelous Jerusalem (city on a hill, which is how some officials describe their godless nation) does in order to make people think the way they want them to think. I read Douglas Valentine’s “The Phoenix Program” and when I finished it I started straight away on John Dinges’s “The Condor Years.” I’m glad I read Valentine’s book before I read Dinges’s book. I right away noticed off things about this Democracy Now visitor’s account. I hope like crazy that there are other accounts of Operation Condor out there.

(The few things that the U.S. does in it’s ongoing psyops, is document forgery and alteration of official documents. It’s CIA members also sometimes become journos and CEOs themselves. How do you fight that darkness?)

Besides claiming that 9/11 was perpetrated against the U.S. by enemies, a lie (Saudi Arabia is a stauch U.S. ally), Dinges, who never mentions Phoenix (which Valentine notes was not confined to Vietnam) relies heavily on documents of all sorts, including declassified stuff. But nowhere (so far in my reading of his book) does he point out some of those facts, which would make him useful ‘if’ he was in fact writing a book about something bad that we know about anyway, in such a way that he could do damage control. And I find it morally repugnant that he almost excuses Augusto Pinochet et al with the argument (undermined, in places, by his own statements) that they were genuinely frightened by a frightening widespread, underground, international Leftwing force that would undo his, and his allies’, regimes.

What you do if you’re a democrat, firstly, is you don’t abuse your people for profit and in an unpatriotic manner show solidarity with foreign investors (predators) rather than your own people, causing your own people to suffer and causing some of them, inevitably, to push back. The solution for Pinochet and his six monster South American fellow leaders was to be loyal to their countries and people and care about them, not unleash terror upon them. Dinges, though, likes the other angle and pursues it with a vengeance.


October 21, 2017 at 7:57 am

“…most genuinely independent bloggers are ignored by the mainstream media…” It’s not only major (corporate owned) media that ignores independent bloggers and writers. Alternative sources (not bad but not perfect) like The Real News Network and (probably) Consortium News, continue to rely on deep state-connected sources, like Seymour Hersh and Lawrence Wilkerson and Graham Fuller (a straight up CIA asset), and Russia destroyer Jeffrey Sachs while ignoring research (often producing findings before celeb status journos like Max Blumenthal shove out ‘scoops’) of journos like Maram Susli, Eva Bartlett, Caitlin Johnstone, Vanessa Beeley, Sarah Abed, Mark Taliano and others. I didn’t list the many fully compromised ‘alternative’ sites. I listed two that I think are still on our – the people’s – side.


“In other words, the U.S. government could engage in psyops virtually anytime because there are always “periods of acute tension involving a threat to the lives of American citizens.”” In other words, this is an ongoing ‘make work’ project for rightwingers who like the fact that neoliberalism means no social safety net for normal (and I emphasize ‘normal’) people. These monsters are too free. We all like freedom and deserve it, until we don’t. That point, where our freedom is no longer deserved, is reached when we abuse it by abusing others, for profit or for any reason.

It’s hard to imagine what the world would look like without the monstrous money system that unwise U.S. leaders, over time, have created and feed and worship. It’s like the Devil decided to help Jehovah out here. God needs to know who will enter the new world (not heaven) and who wants no part of it. As Jesus Christ said, “You can’t slave for God and Riches.” He therefore allows us great freedom to act and believe as we wish, but not without consequences, obviously. Without a monstrous global, capitalist system that goes a long way toward allowing those who choose to self-modify themselves into being believers in inequality, How would the issue/lesson of universal sovereignty be taught?

Idle hands (toward being part of the solution or toward just being good neighbors) are the Devil’s workshop. And that workshop has branches throughout this godless world and they are all busy, busy, busy. They are very busy making work, literally, for themselves and money has a big role to play in that grand outting.

The Issue Of Universal Sovereignty:

I have some issues with the apostle Paul (he seems okay with imperialism and slavery?), but he seems to have it right here:

“But the lawless one’s presence is by the operation of Satan with every powerful work and lying signs and wonders and every unrighteous deception for those who are perishing, as a retribution because they did not accept the love of the truth in order that they might be saved. That is why God lets a deluding influence mislead them so that they may come to believe the lie, in order that they all may be judged because they did not believe the truth but took pleasure in unrighteousness.” – 2 Thessalonians 2:9-12


“The fact that the psyops and propaganda wars don’t work on a huge section of the population must be a great source of concern to those ordering and implementing them.” It isn’t. Every individual on the government’s payroll is getting a paycheque. Additionally, If you don’t care, generally, then you don’t care about much that is specific, like how good your democracy promotion products actually are.


“Those who would like to petition the NYT to make Robert Parry their senior editor may do so here” If that came to pass, I’d never read nor trust Robert Parry again.

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Off Guardian disappeared me. Is it petulance or worse?

Source: The Rising of Britain’s ‘New Politics’ | OffGuardian

An excerpt from the above linked-to article by John Pilger follows:

==== =
Delegates to the recent Labour Party conference in the English seaside town of Brighton seemed not to notice a video playing in the main entrance. The world’s third biggest arms manufacturer, BAe Systems, supplier to Saudi Arabia, was promoting its guns, bombs, missiles, naval ships and fighter aircraft.

It seemed a perfidious symbol of a party in which millions of Britons now invest their political hopes. Once the preserve of Tony Blair, it is now led by Jeremy Corbyn, whose career has been very different and is rare in British establishment politics.

Addressing the conference, the campaigner Naomi Klein described the rise of Corbyn as “part of a global phenomenon. We saw it in Bernie Sanders’ historic campaign in the US primaries, powered by millennials who know that safe centrist politics offers them no kind of safe future.”

In fact, at the end of the US primary elections last year, Sanders led his followers into the arms of Hillary Clinton, a liberal warmonger from a long tradition in the Democratic Party.
= ====

Ah yes, Naomi Klein, the superstar on the Left. Is that Bernie Sanders’s Left?

Anyway, I appreciated John’s careful examination of another (rising) star on the Left, namely Jeremy Corbyn. There’s a constant trickle of such stars. Remember Obama? That star became a drone assassin par excellence. And on and on it goes.

John’s article, I found, was a good complement to Barbara McKenzie’s blog post about Jeremy Corbyn titled “Jeremy Corbyn and George Soros.” The following is an excerpt from that blog post:

Corbyn as a leading anti-war activist has been vocal in his opposition to active interventions such as the invasion of Iraq and the bombing of Syria. That he was sharing a platform with people demanding a Libya-style no-fly zone, and with a flag associated with some of the most vicious actions of the Syrian war, should have given Corbyn pause.

It could be argued that Corbyn arrived late; maybe he did not notice the FSA flag, or realise its significance; maybe he did not know about Connolly’s demand for a no-fly zone.

However Corbyn already had a murky history when it comes to regime change wars. In 2011, he was instrumental as chairman of Stop the War Coalition in suppressing debate and dissent about STW policies regarding Libya and Syria. In the same role he shares responsibility for the deplatforming of Mother Agnes Mariam, bullied by no-fly zone proponents out of speaking to a STW conference in 2013 about the war in Syria .

Also on Corban’s watch, STW continued its affiliation with the Muslim Association of Britain (MAB), the British representative of the Muslim Brotherhood. The Muslim Brotherhood is considered to be the parent or mother lode of all terrorist organisations in the Middle East. The Brotherhood is sponsored by George Soros, with a recent study showing that Soros donated over $1.4 million to the Brotherhood from 2011 onwards.

Read the entire post by Barbara. It’s not fun. But it’s important.

I visit Off Guardian often enough. I flit around though, visiting many sites, and, to be honest, Off Guardian hasn’t been that fun. What attracted me to OG was that the site was created by people who were tired of having their comments disappeared on The Guardian. I could relate. I had experienced similar treatment, often, on a variety of websites. (And I’ve been banned on enough websites, including the Toronto Star (which killed commenting altogether shortly afterward), the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and Common Dreams.) And it seemed that our politics were similar. We were all normal people who cared.

What isn’t fun about the site is the way you can’t simply comment. To clarify, Some can and some can’t. I comment through my connection. Often, the comment just disappears. In the past, OG staff were good about dealing with email enquiries about it. I know I wasn’t the only one experiencing problems because the odd visitor to the site also complained in comments attached to various OG-published articles, and OG editors would respond, apologetically (mostly), in the online comments. One of the OG editors even talked about re-doing the website eventually. And then, sometime later, when another poster in frustration pointed out that he or she couldn’t post a comment, expressing it a certain way (something like “Your commenting feature doesn’t work”), he or she was responded to with a comment simply stating that the site ‘does’ work. Period. Well, I can understand the frustration that OG’s editors feel about this. If they haven’t had the time and resources to change the site, and continue getting complaints, then that would get to them. Perhaps the editor’s brusk response was along the lines of “The feature works! It is glitchy, but quit complaining! At least it works. We could be like other sites that don’t allow commenting or censor political views that we don’t agree with.” Which doesn’t make black into white. The commenting feature works but not properly. That was the correct response that should have been given to the complainer by the OG editor, whether or not she was frustrated. That happened right after OG had been stabbed in the back by PayPal, speeding up OG’s switch to Patreon. Out of sympathy for that, a situation I blogged about here, I started a small monthly donation to OG via Patreon. But when the OG editor brusquely informed the above complainer that the site did work, period, I was miffed. I was miffed enough to note, in comments attached to an OG-published article (forget which one) that as long as the site works and they aren’t changing things, then I’m yanking my Patreon donations, since they are not needed. Of course, I’m sure they are still needed. But come on!

Whether my most recent comment, which I attempted (October 11, 2017 I believe) to post in response to the John Pilger article (top of post) was disappeared out of petulance, because OG is miffed with my public announcement (which they deserved) about yanking my Patreon monthly donations or because of my political views (which would surprise me, seeing how they seem to be shared by OG, but who knows?), doesn’t matter. Both are equally an instance of bad behavior and either way, they disappeared my comment. I’m convinced that they deliberately disappeared this comment because of an email exchange I had with Catte about it. See for yourself. (A response I got from Black Cat, or Black Catte, which was sent from her iPhone was received by myself 3 times for some reason.):

October 12, 2017

I liked the article by John Pilger about Jeremy Corbyn and when I tried to attach a comment to that article, the site wouldn’t let me. Here’s my post, with two links. Possibly it is being held in moderation. If so, it would be nice to know.

== =
Oct 12, 9:35 pm, 2017

My first serious doubts about Jeremy Corbyn arose when I watched an Al Jazeera series on Israeli influence in the UK and in the Labour Party. (Al Jazeera is evil, but setting that aside…) When I seen the success with which those

scum manipulated Corbyn, I was seriously distressed. (Apparently, Corby later asked for an investigation of that and I don’t know where it went.) Then I read Barbara McKenzie’s blog post about George Soros and Jeremy

Corbyn. It’s not looking good.

I completely agree with John Pilger about Bernie Sanders. As for Jeremy Corbyn, maybe he’s not that bad, but I don’t believe in him.
= ==

If there’s no problem with my comment, perhaps you can toss it in for me. Thanks. I can’t imagine that you actually want to do this all the time.



October 13, 2017

It shouldn’t be in moderation as the upper limit is three hyperlinks. And you would receive a notification that your comment was pending. But I’ll check today.

It’s sadly true that comments can simply vanish into the system. Try posting again. If it fails again let us know and admin can post it for you

Sent from my iPhone


October 15, 2017

I sent it to our admin. But yes there is a lot to do and it devolves on just one or two people.

Sent from my iPhone

On 14 Oct 2017, at 10:57 pm, Arrbyy . wrote:

> I don’t see my comment. It’s been a while. Is that because you good people are busy or is there a problem with my comment?
> On Fri, Oct 13, 2017 at 9:21 AM, Arrbyy . wrote:
> Hello and thanks for replying. I tried again and it didn’t go through. I’ll let you post it, if you don’t mind. And I apologize for this.
> Rick
> On Fri, Oct 13, 2017 at 3:12 AM, Black Cat wrote:
> It shouldn’t be in moderation as the upper limit is three hyperlinks. And you would receive a notification that your comment was pending. But I’ll check today.
> It’s sadly true that comments can simply vanish into the system. Try posting again. If it fails again let us know and admin can post it for you
> Sent from my iPhone
> On 12 Oct 2017, at 9:35 pm, Arrbyy . wrote:
>> I liked the article by John Pilger about Jeremy Corbyn and when I tried to attach a comment to that article, the site wouldn’t let me. Here’s my post, with two links. Possibly it is being held in moderation. If so, it would be nice to know.
>> == =
>> My first serious doubts about Jeremy Corbyn arose when I watched an Al Jazeera series on Israeli influence in the UK and in the Labour Party. (Al Jazeera is evil, but setting that aside…) When I seen the success with which those
>> scum manipulated Corbyn, I was seriously distressed. (Apparently, Corby later asked for an investigation of that and I don’t know where it went.) Then I read Barbara McKenzie’s blog post about George Soros and Jeremy
>> Corbyn. It’s not looking good.
>> I completely agree with John Pilger about Bernie Sanders. As for Jeremy Corbyn, maybe he’s not that bad, but I don’t believe in him.
>> = ==
>> If there’s no problem with my comment, perhaps you can toss it in for me. Thanks. I can’t imagine that you actually want to do this all the time.
>> Rick
>> —
>> ** About $38 trillion, and counting, reside in offshore tax havens while ‘leaders’ whine that they can’t afford social spending! **

“Special Places in Hell: For Madeline, Hillary… and Bernie” by Paul Street

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The Avalanche – Snapshot 1 – Oct 7, ’17

Mozilla launches a new initiative to counter the fake news problem – Business Insider

An excerpt from the above linked-to article by Caroline Cakebread follows:

=== =
Mozilla, the company that spurred innovation on the web with its Firefox browser, now hopes to help solve the fake news problem.

The company is launching a new program to tackle the issue. Dubbed the Mozilla Information Trust Initiative (MITI), the project is aimed at bringing together companies and interest groups from around the web to better understand the fake news problem and figure out what, if anything, can be done to fix it.
= ===

Apparently, Fascism is fun. Which is a problem for normal, un-self-modified people who value freedom. Listen Mozilla, Twitter, Facebook, et al: Freedom is awesome. But your freedom threatens others’ freedom. You are too free, therefore. You are not too free because you are free. You are too free because you abuse your freedom. And you are all abusing your freedom when it involves taking it from others for criminal purposes, such as protecting and strengthening the gangster Corporatocracy which you are a part of.

I spent much of my day yesterday troubleshooting and looking for solutions to problems caused by Mozilla. I had only recently read about Mozilla’s awful attack on the people, above, when I found that I could not even keep my Firefox browser open. It began with the odd crash. I was in a coffee shop in downtown Toronto, working on my Dell XPS 13, operating on Windows 10. With each crash, the frequency of crashes picked up until I couldn’t keep the browser open at all. I’d restart Firefox, click on something and then it would crash. Between the moral crashing and the computer crashing, I’d had enough. So I began my search for another browser, which was no fun at all. There’s not much that’s user-friendly out there. One was loaded with ads and crap that you could not remove, even though it had settings that seemed to indicate that you could. Others were impossible to customize to make useable. I suppose others who know those programs could have accomplished the kind of customization that I was attempting, but that wouldn’t do me any good. Before that, I was actually just looking for a browser in order to be able to go online in order to look for a browser to keep! Chrome, which I had, was crap. Edge, which I had, was crap. I used one or the other (don’t remember which), with difficulty, to search. I tried a few browsers that were crap, as I indicated, and instead of settling on one that I didn’t like at all, I continued to search. I finally found a browser called Pale Moon. Based on Firefox but having nothing to do with Mozilla, it had the huge benefit of looking like Firefox in important respects (although, reportedly, it, along with Firefox, has killed the button for flagging inappropriate content on some sites). Even better, I could customize it to look like Firefox more than it already did (although I don’t know how to get the tab view under control. Tabs at the top and bottom of my page are confusing the hell out of me). I eventually installed Roomy bookmarks toolbar on my Dell XPS 13, operating on Windows 10, and Multirows bookmarks toolbar on my old Toshiba Satellite, operating on Windows 7 Professional, tools I greatly relied upon and was used to. Then I lucked out and found a Greasemonkey for Pale Moon and I was able to install scripts by TPengLT that gave me my WordPress classic editor and WP sparkline, without which I would have been very unhappy.

I’ve been saying recently that we haven’t caught Mozilla or WordPress doing anything awful (anti-people), but it’s not possible that those tech behemoths are being ignored by the deep state and left alone in the global pacification program (Jeff Halper) underway. It wasn’t hard to catch Mozilla. They proudly announced their criminality! I’m only waiting now for WordPress to come out or be exposed.

That’s Mozilla attacking communications. And, where they actually employ their scammy screening software, when they do, that will be Mozilla attacking and ‘killing’ communications.

Then there’s the case of Maram Susli, aka Syrian Girl.

“Facebook Blocks SYRIANGIRL’s Account After Criticism of Kurds” by Russia Insider staff.

RI’s website is awful. Maybe on newer computers with the latest operating systems, it’s less sticky. I don’t know. But it’s awful in other ways as well. My advice: Just look at the article you’re there to look at.

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

==== =
SYRIANGIRL, the Australian activist Youtuber and social media powerhouse tweeted on Thursday evening (EST) that her Facebook account has been blocked for her exposure of fraud during the Kurdistan referendum. She had 75,000 followers.
= ====

Here’s Syrian Girl in her own words. This is from her YouTube channel (while it exists):

Then there’s the case of Twitter’s attack on Julian Assange, as discussed by the fabulous (but potty-mouthed) Caitlin Johnstone. Her article is titled “Twitter Is Using Account Verification To Stifle Leaks And Promote War Propaganda.” The following is an excerpt:

=== === =
@Real_Assange is deliberately set up to be indistinguishable from @JulianAssange, which is Assange’s actual Twitter account, complete with the same profile pic, the same page banner, the same bio, and the same absence of a blue checkmark badge indicating that the account has been verified by Twitter staff as the authentic account of a high-profile user. Twitter reports that it authenticates accounts which are “determined to be an account of public interest. Typically this includes accounts maintained by users in music, acting, fashion, government, politics, religion, journalism, media, sports, business, and other key interest areas.”

Whatever your opinion of him and his work, Julian Assange is indisputably a character of high public interest in many of those fields. @JulianAssange has been independently confirmed to belong to Assange by the verified WikiLeaks Twitter account, and Twitter themselves openly acknowledged that they are aware that @JulianAssange is Assange’s account. They know it’s him, they simply refuse to verify him. And to this day they refuse to make any public statement as to why.
= === ===

See my previous blog post titled “A Loud Whoompfing Sound.”

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Blind Guides

Sketch From Superheroes

I was impressed with this presentation. But, alas, I have to give the author a fail. He presents a strong (mostly) case for seeing Star Trek Discovery a certain way. We are supposed to imagine that its an unseen, dark background aspect of Star Trek dealing with intelligence and agents who bend and break the rules in order to keep the universe safe for… something. The CIA’s analogue in Star Trek is Section 31, which pops up from time to time, but not often. Listen to SFS’s presentation to get the full, entertaining story.

I commented. It was lengthy. I had no problem posting it, which I find interesting. I have far more difficulty posting comments on any number of sites, and those are supposedly progressive sites whereas Google is, without a doubt, the enemy. Maybe I’m just too small and unthreatening for the mighty Borg-like Google to swat away. Unless that’s coming.

My online comment follows:

=== === =
SFS thinks the darkness here is wonderful. It’s light! He’s wrong. And he’s free to be wrong.

I have a barista friend who I chat with about movies all the time. The other day he told me about a friend of his who observed that everything that comes out of Hollywood is so dark. He agreed with him. And I agree with them.

You can’t get light from those who have embraced darkness, which includes things like the Pheonix program (not confined to Vietnam), drone tech that is used for assassinations, surveillance tech that is used in the global pacification program (Jeff Halper). You can get innovations from unprincipled people. So what? Who will save them from their own innovations? Who do you think will save unbelievers when nukes finally get used? Their creators?

Hollywood/CIA/Pentagon does its thing. Because I’m human, and not a machine, they kind of got me. CIA torturers know this about people. Something that works every time is cutting victims off from stimulus. And so, While I enjoy my political blogging, and the reading that I have to do in order to make that work, I simply have to set it aside sometimes and be entertained. Star Trek, so far, is one thing I will do for entertainment. It has positives and negatives. I don’t enjoy all the foul, anti-God language you get in most entertainment in order to make it cool, which it will be to a population that has been mentally and spiritually ruined. Does Star Trek reflect the kind of dark elements that our friend SKS suggests? (I thought that the third episode might be touching on the origins of the gel packs that Voyager used in its proplusion system, but I have no idea.) If he get’s it wrong in this particular case – which he manages to do a good job of presenting, I must say – he’s not wrong about some things. He may see them as harmless, but I certainly don’t. Then again, I haven’t self-modified into being a believer in violence, deceit and inquality.

The psychos in the CIA – and I’ve read enough history to know that they are and how do any people not know that they are? – make too much money (in a sick, ungodly system in which money means life) doing the Devil’s work. As the saying goes, Idle hands are the Devil’s workshop. In other words, If you aren’t busy being part of the solution (to violence, deceit and inquality), then you’re going to be found being busy being part of the problem. From the Devil’s standpoint, Our being a part of the problem is a good thing (but not for any of us). He is pro fun and pro happy and pro life – when it comes to his tools, some whom play around in Hollywood/CIA/Pentagon, fashioning ideas and situations that reflect their own dark paths, that in turn enable them to sit back and gaze, lovingly, at themselves as in a mirror. Their entertainment products may not have exactly the effects that they want, although there is no doubt a subtle perverting of our senses over time, but that doesn’t stop them from enjoying themselves, which is guaranteed when you stop to think that they are getting paid for their perversity.

Just the other day, I read an article by Tom Secker and Matthew Alford on Medium. They are authors of yet another book about the CIA et al in Hollywood. (I’ve read Tricia Jenkins eye-opener “The CIA In Hollywood”) By coincidence, I had only re-watched “Little Fockers” a few days earlier. The authors note that the CIA, which apparently had some say in how it was portrayed in the movie, had a scene deleted in which Greg breaks into Jack’s spy cave or whatever and finds a CIA manual about torture on his desk. The movie is lighter for not showing that. But reality needs to be lighter and we need to care and know and make choices that will change that reality, in which torture and terrorism (global pacification of abused people) are regular, daily occurrences.
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“Then the disciples came and said to him: “Do you know that the Pharisees were stumbled at hearing what you said?” In reply he said: “Every plant that my heavenly Father did not plant will be uprooted. Let them be. Blind guides is what they are. If, then, a blind man guides a blind man, both will fall into a pit.”” – Matthew 15:12-14

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