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Confusing Narratives All Around

Click on the above image to play the excerpt of “False narrative connecting Giuliani, Ukrainian American associates and Trump,” from The Duran (with Alex Christoforou and Alexander Mercouris in discussion).

False narratives. That could mean a number of different things. That could mean that facts asserted are not facts. That could mean that facts asserted are facts but the intentions of the reporter or reporters are bad. And then there’s variations on that theme. And that’s just an aside here.

I usually watch Duran videos on Bitchute. The commenting feature is much nicer in some ways than YouTube’s. Not to mention I don’t want to give Google any more support than I’m forced to. For me, If I can avoid Google I will, because it’s not a matter of life and death for me. I’m not faithless like so many are, including those who claim to be Christian while they disprespect God in small and/or great ways.

There’s no transcript for this show, so I can’t easily give you an excerpt and it’s not really necessary. Just from my online (Bitchute, where Disqus seems to be ghosting me, not always, but a lot) comment, below, you’ll get the gist of the conversation that Alex Christoforou is having with his editor-in-chief, Alexander Mercrouris. I can’t use the commenting feature (Disqus) in order to ask those two for help because they don’t have the time for all the commenters on all of their platforms and because it’s rare that Disqus allows my comments on The Duran (evidently). Even if they weren’t busy putting together their shows, that would be very time consuming. And my fellow commenters at the Duran on Bitchute are few (to my eyes) and just not… on the ball (sometimes with one or two exceptions). So, I’m left with this; Either I succeed in figuring things out on my own (not an ideal learning method) or else I’m never going to be 100% clued in about much that is being reported on by The Duran. (And this is where being a reader saves me. I buy and read books and those are never fiction. I read in order to learn.)

And this is not a problem that I have with The Duran only. Website operators (alt/progressive) are much better at talking at us than with us, for one thing. (That’s partly arrogance, I have no doubt, and partly because of the difficulty that they have in devoting any time to us when they are busy producing content for their websites.) And too few consumers of their products, aka readers like myself who visit various sites where commenting is allowed, are educated (self or otherwise) to be of help to me with my learning curve. Too few read, for one thing. Too few bother to educate themselves and they are cliquish. They stick to one or two website organizations and take the position that by watching their shows and reading their articles they then know all that there is to know about a subject. There’s nothing I can do about any of that.

One of my online (Bitchute) responses to the above linked-to Duran show follows:

I have read the ‘transcript’. (The Duran isn’t troubled by the fact that we don’t really know what exactly was said by those two. I am. If so much wasn’t being hung on that peg, it wouldn’t matter so much, and, as Alexander has pointed out, that phone call was private and should have been treated that way, which I agree with. Still…) It revealed two players without principles. Trump is bonkers. He’s investigating Russiagate while rubbing his hands together in glee (as he listens to Zelensky suck up to him by slamming Russia) over the prospect of working with Zelensky to harrass Russia more! As Ann Garrison said, “The most interesting thing about the transcript of Trump’s phone call with Zelensky is that he reassured Trump that Ukraine is a better partner against Russia than the leading European powers, that it will buy more of Raytheon and Lockheed Martin’s Javelin Anti-Tank Missiles soon, and that it’s buying American oil… Ukraine buys American oil despite being next door to Russia and its 80,000 million barrels of oil reserves, the eighth greatest in the world? This is more evidence that the US acts as a global protection racket…”

Something else is bothered me about all of this. Besides The Duran’s quirky insistence on confusing us with it’s wrong definition of ‘neoliberal’ – How do they define neoconservative?, I now wonder – they seemed to have changed the way they use the phrases “Russiagate” and “Ukrainegate” over the course of airing their shows. They are now saying that Russiagate is intended to coverup Ukrainegate.

If Ukrainegate means the phony impeachment effort (real enough but based on reading more into the phone call than is there, which I still agree was done), then how could Russiagate be intended as the cover for Ukrainegate when that phone call was made long after all that went into Russiagate? What is meant by Ukrainegate?, because now The Duran seems to be saying that it is all of the criminality in Ukraine that the Democrats and their intelligence community allies want to hide by sidetracking William Barr and John Durham. Settle on your definitions guys! Am I missing something? Really, Someone correct me if I’m wrong. I am trying to learn and if I’m missing something here then I want to know it. It’s still the case that I’ve learned a great deal from The Duran and am happy to tell others that it’s a great source of info, even if I do have some criticisms.

Another commenter wrote: “This whole affair is very sordid and it would seem that decent people are getting hurt. If there is an upside, it is the degree to which the curtain has been pulled back on an extremely corrupt ruling class. We can see just how rotten the Dims/Deep State/SDNY prosecutors are. Irredeemable,” to which I responded “Deep State is an interesting thing. I wish folks had settled on ‘permanent State’ or simply the enduring part of the State, because it’s all State. What folks have settled on does help people to see a little more clearly that governance actually resides less in the more fluid part of the State, a good thing. Governments (the conventional meaning) long ago became merely glorified police forces for the 1%. As Peter Phillips and others point out, governments’ policy decisions are greatly affected by what a handful of superpowerful investors decide. As Martin Gilens and Benjamin Page demonstrate throught their research, the public has virtually zero impact on government policies.”

On the YouTube version of this show, I left the following comment (and it’s anybody’s guess whether it will appear to others):

=== === =
The Duran doesn’t have any concerns about the transcript not being verbatim. I do. The Duran says, now, that Russiagate is meant to cover up Ukrainegate, but Russiagate was done and over when Trump made his phone call on the 25th of October (I believe it was). And what is Ukrainegate? Is it the impeachment operation, whereby Trump’s adversaries (the Democrats and their intel community allies), are trying to find something in Trump’s phone call to Zelensky that they can present as grounds? Or does Ukrainegate refer to the criminality of Obama et al in Ukraine, because those are two different things. And, finally, I’m rather bothered that Alexander Mercrouris is not bothered by the contents of that phone call in which Zelensky wants to suck up to Trump by harrassing Russians and buying American, instead of Russian, oil, and weapons. It’s called a protection racket. If the phone call was not improper, that is not to say that the content (to the extent that what is revealed is an accurate protrayal) reflected thinking and behavior that was decent. Those are not decent people.
= === ===

Here’s another excerpt of a recent Duran show (linked to at the bottom of the post) in which Alexander refers to Russiagate as the cover-up for Ukrainegate:

Click on the above image to view the excerpt.

Mercouris implied, in that excerpt, that when Trump hit on his idea to drain the swamp (which I recall him telling an audience member who suggested it that that was a good idea), he meant all of the criminality in Ukraine, which Democratic Party members were largely behind. Has Trump ever said that, explicitly, about his decision to make ‘drain the swamp’ his rallying cry? No. He probably didn’t have anything in particular in mind when he first decided to use that audience member’s phrase “drain the swamp.”

related: “Trump’s Opponents Have Him Beat . . . When It Comes to Incompetence” by David Swanson (Let’s Try Democracy)

related: “Impeachment Watch” by Ann Garrison (Black Agenda Report)

“UKRAINE COVER-UP: From Obama coup to Democrat impeachment hoax” by Alex Christoforou and Alexander Mercouris (The Duran)

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Professional Scam Artists – part 72

Gilbert Achcar on Democracy Now!

“Elite UK military unit secretly trained by leftist regime-change advocate Gilbert Achcar and other academics” by Ben Norton (The Gryazone)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

===== === =
Declassified British government documents obtained by The Grayzone show that prominent regime-change activists who work in academia and market themselves as leftists have been quietly teaching training sessions for the United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defense.

Among these UK military collaborators is the scholar Gilbert Achcar, a frequent contributor to Jacobin Magazine and Democracy Now who teaches international relations at the University of London’s School of Oriental and African Studies.

Achcar has publicly identified himself as a Marxist while vehemently advocating for the overthrow of independent post-colonial governments in Libya and Syria.

Achcar defended foreign intervention in Libya in 2011, insisting “no one can reasonably oppose” the so-called no-fly zone, which was used to violently overthrow the government. And in 2018 he signed an open letter calling for foreign intervention in Syria, citing the “responsibility to protect” doctrine in order to “forcibly stop” the war.

At the same time, Achcar has repeatedly attacked the anti-imperialist left, without ever publicly disclosing his work with the British military.
= === =====

From Mondoweiss:
== =
Cory Booker and Gilad Shalit (c) at Yale in 2012. Screenshot from video posted by Shabtai. Man on right is not identified.
= ==
The man on the right is Benny Shabtai

“Cory Booker likened Gilad Shalit to Nelson Mandela” by Philip Weiss (Mondoweiss)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

Shabtai, a Jewish leadership group at Yale that Booker co-founded when he was a law student in New Haven, last month released a video of Booker at Shabtai in 2012, greeting Gilad Shalit, the former Israeli soldier/prisoner.

Shalit was captured by Hamas in 2005 and held for five years till he was released in a prisoner exchange. A year later, the 26-year-old came to the New Haven gathering with former members of his military unit.

Booker, who is on the right side of the Democratic field in his full-throated support for Israel, likened Shalit to Nelson Mandela, who was imprisoned for 27 years in South Africa…

Later in that speech Booker linked Israel’s cause to “the cause of freedom,” led by Martin Luther King Jr. and again lauded the Israeli soldiers.

Most soldiers have always been murderers. In the case of armed-to-the-teeth (by the lawless, fascist US) Israeli soldiers there’s not much soldier in the soldier, but there’s lots of the murderer.

California Senator Kamala Harris speaks at the AIPAC policy conference in Washington, D.C., March 28, 2017. (Photo: AIPAC)

“Pro-Israel org praises Kamala Harris for being to the right of Obama on Iran Deal” by Michael Arria (Mondoweiss)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

During a campaign stop in Ames, Iowa last week, California Senator and presidential hopeful Kamala Harris was asked a number of questions by a crowd assembled at a local coffee shop.

One of those questions came from Kat Wellman, a woman affiliated with the organization Democratic Majority for Israel (DMFI). Wellman asked if Harris would reenter or renegotiate the Iran Deal if elected president. While Harris condemned the Trump administration for violating the deal, she also made it clear that she would take a more aggressive stance than the Obama administration originally did…

In an interview with the Ames Tribune, Wellmann praised Harris’ response. “I was very impressed with her. I thought she gave an excellent speech, she gave a very detailed, responsive answer to my question,” she told the paper, “I’m pro-Israel, so I was I was very concerned and all about making sure we limit nuclear missiles in any country that could possibly destroy us all. I thought her answer was very good.”

Democratic Majority for Israel was formed this past January by veteran Democrats and party donors. It aims to stomp out growing pro-Palestine sentiment within party and serve as a counterweight to anti-occupation Jewish organizations like IfNotNow…

Harris has distinguished herself as one of the most pro-Israel Democrats running for the presidential nomination. She’s resisted calls to condition aid to the country, refused to embrace United Nations votes condemning settlement expansion, and has openly embraced her affiliations with AIPAC.

“Illegitimate Yemeni FM thanks Saudi Arabia for genocide against his country” by Paul Antonopoulis (Fort Russ News)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

NEW YORK – Yemen’s new foreign minister belonging to the illegitimate government but internationally recognized criticized the Houthi rebels, Iran and the United Arab Emirates during his speech at the UN General Assembly, while thanking Saudi Arabia.

Mohammed Abdullah al-Hadrami called Iran “the main sponsor of terrorism worldwide” and called for an end to the “Iranian-Houthi coup d’état in Yemen”. He thanked Saudi Arabia for helping its internationally recognized government resist “Houthi militias dreaming of a theocracy.”

Irony considering Saudi Arabia is the biggest theocracy in the world that has blocked Yemeni ports, causing the world’s largest humanitarian disaster.

Al-Hadrami told the UN General Assembly on Saturday that attacks on the south of the country, attributed by the Foreign Minister to the United Arab Emirates, are aimed at “undermining the stability of our homeland” and disrupt Saudi Arabia’s campaign.

An international coalition led by Saudi Arabia has been fighting the Houthis since 2015 on behalf of the illegitimate Yemeni government. The Saudi war against Yemen has killed tens of thousands of people and unleashed the world’s worst humanitarian crisis in the most impoverished country in the Arab world.

I guess it’s the result of having writers whose first, or only, language is Russian, but sentences like “Yemen’s new foreign minister belonging to the illegitimate government but internationally recognized criticized the Houthi rebels…,” are just awkward enough to be rendered hard to understand. Instead of “but,” that sentence should have used “which.” It would have benifitted from commas as well. Try this: “Yemen’s new foreign minister, belonging to the illegitimate government which is internationally recognized, criticized the Houthi rebels…”

Joshua Wong w Nancy Pelosi and Juan Guaidó w Mike Pence

“Guaido & Wong – The New Generation of Pro-West “Saints”” by Andre Vltchek (Off Guardian)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

A long time ago I visited a place in Calcutta, India, where Mother Teresa used to operate. According to the Catholic Church and Western propaganda apparatus, she was helping the poor.

When I asked those who knew her personally, they described her as a spiteful, vindictive person, with a short temper. Off the record, of course, as to criticizing her openly would be met with great outrage all over the world.

One of the greatest critics of Mother Teresa was an English-American author, Christopher Eric Hitchens, who wrote about her, frankly and openly:

“This returns us to the medieval corruption of the church, which sold indulgences to the rich while preaching hellfire and continence to the poor. [Mother Teresa] was not a friend of the poor. She was a friend of poverty. She said that suffering was a gift from God. She spent her life opposing the only known cure for poverty, which is the empowerment of women and the emancipation of them from a livestock version of compulsory reproduction.”

An anti-Communist and staunch Serb-hater, Mother Teresa allegedly asked Bill Clinton to bomb Belgrade, although this information miraculously disappeared from records…

Virtually all the major “saints” manufactured by the Western regime, were Cold-War warriors. All were closely tied to Western imperialism and neo-colonialism. All would be easy to expose and to discredit, but ‘miraculously’ again; almost no one has ever dared to do so, because it would mean a direct clash with the chief propagandists in the West, as well as with their local lackeys…

Now, new icons are entering the stage.

They are not as successfully crafted as their predecessors. The “saints” from the bygone days were masterpieces of the propagandists. They were ideologically almost ‘bullet-proofed’.

The new ones are often cheap see-through replicas.

Two of the latest products are Joshua Wong of Hong Kong, and Juan Guaido of Venezuela.

Indeed. I knew about Mother Theresa, although I had forgotten where the information was. It didn’t take me long to find it, but, as I wanted to include something about the awful Mother Theresa in my blog post titled “The Ruination Of Malala Yousafzai,” I did a search (not a Google!) and discovered a book by Michael Parenti titled “God And His Demons,” which, apparently, features a good honest look at the awful Mother Theresa, so I ordered it just in order to have that information. Immediately after ordering the book (which I have but haven’t yet read), I found an article by Parenti online that looks at Mother Theresa. It’s a good thing I like books and read a lot. I am saddened, however, to discover that Parenti – along with most of the world, Left, Right and everyone in between – has been taken in by Camelot propaganda.

Anti-government protesters clash with police near the National Assembly in Quito, Ecuador [Credit: AP Photo/Dolores Ochoa]

“Ecuador’s president retreats from capital in face of growing mass protests” by Andrea Lobo (WSWS)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

On Tuesday, indigenous demonstrators marched through the streets of Quito and occupied the national congress as well as other government buildings.

Late on Tuesday, Moreno decreed a partial curfew near “strategic zones” like government buildings, which will be overseen by the armed forces. Heavily armed troops have been deployed to the streets of Quito, deploying razor-wire barricades to block protesters.

The government has responded to the resistance with increasingly dictatorial measures. It has suspended the right to assembly and strike and deployed the military after declaring a state of exception last Wednesday. Emergency rule was ratified by the Supreme Court, despite reducing it from 60 to 30 days. The repression has resulted in one death, the wounding of dozens of demonstrators attacked with rubber bullets, tear gas and baton charges, along with 570 arrests. Several detainees, including the leader of the taxi drivers’ union, face three-year sentences for “paralyzing public services.”

On Monday, Moreno said he would not “turn back” on his decisions and portrayed the protests as “looting, vandalism and violence” aimed at “destabilizing the government.” He alleged—without providing a shred of evidence—that the mass protests had been instigated and financed by his predecessor Rafael Correa and Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro.

Moreno’s chief of staff, Juan Sebastián Roldán, contradicted his boss, declaring: “What is happening and what may happen is the sole and exclusive responsibility of the indigenous leaders who have lost control of the situation.”

Some consider destabilizing a fascist regime to be a bad thing. Some think it’s a good thing. It’s a free universe. But no one gets a pass on consequences. It may seem that some do, but it’s an illusion. This is fascist Moreno’s world, so he may indeed do just fine, even if he’s hounded from office. As Jesus Christ said long ago, to his disciples: “If you were part of the world, the world would be fond of what is it’s own,” meaning “If you were part of the world, then the world would be fond of you.” He went on to state plainly that because his disciples were not (willingly) part of the world under Satan’s rule (which is temporary), then they would be persecuted by it. Only if Satan was the Creator, which he is not, would the Morenos of this world have any hope of never having to pay for their crimes.

GM workers on the picket line in Warren, Michigan

“UAW keeps GM contract proposal secret from workers at company’s request” by Eric London (WSWS)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

As the strike by nearly 50,000 GM workers slows production across the international auto industry, the UAW is withholding critical information from autoworkers in order to sabotage the strike.

The Detroit Free Press reported yesterday that “General Motors submitted a new contract proposal on Monday morning,” citing anonymous sources. GM asked the UAW to keep the details “confidential,” the Free Press wrote, and the UAW obliged, keeping workers in the dark about the offer.

The revelation proves that the UAW is engaged in a conspiracy with the corporation to betray the strike and impose GM’s deeply unpopular demands. From the beginning the UAW has operated in secret because they are well aware they would face a revolt if workers knew what concessions the UAW had already agreed to.

The news that the UAW was concealing GM’s latest proposal came as industry analysts note the strike’s growing impact. Auto industry analyst Anderson Economic Group (AEG) published a report yesterday noting that the strike “has jumped from impacting the initial 49,000 UAW workers to nearly 150,000 workers throughout the auto industry.”

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The Avalanche – Snapshot 47 – Oct 11, ’19

Soldiers secure concertina wire to the existing border fence near the World Trade International Bridge in Laredo, Texas, April 11, 2019. (Sgt. Andrew S. Valles/Army)

“Democrats exclude Trump’s fascist anti-immigrant policies from impeachment inquiry” by Eric London (WSWS)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

According to a New York Times report posted Tuesday night, President Donald Trump in March called for a fascistic pogrom against immigrants crossing the US-Mexico border. “Privately, the president had often talked about fortifying a border wall with a water-filled trench, stocked with snakes or alligators, prompting aides to seek a cost estimate,” the Times wrote.

“He wanted the wall electrified, with spikes on top that could pierce human flesh… later in a meeting, aides recalled, he suggested that they shoot migrants in the legs to slow them down.”

On Wednesday, the Times reported that the Department of Homeland Security will forcibly collect DNA samples from all detained immigrants for compilation in a national database, including children and asylum applicants.

That such Hitlerian proposals are discussed in the Oval Office by the president and his chief advisers—down to the details of cost—testifies to the depraved character of the entire American political establishment and shows that Trump’s immigration policies are calculated to abuse and terrorize immigrant workers…

Yet the Democratic Party has launched an impeachment inquiry not over Trump’s fascist policies, but over his subordination of the global interests of US imperialism to his own personal and political needs. The Democrats are basing their impeachment drive on a single phone call in which Trump, having withheld some $400 million in military aid to the far-right government of Ukraine, an ally against Russia, sought to use the release of the funds as leverage to force the Ukrainian president to investigate the corruption of Democratic presidential contender Joe Biden and his son.

The Democrats’ impeachment investigation is directed by the CIA and other intelligence agencies. These forces of extreme reaction have determined that Trump’s politics—no matter how criminal—must be excluded from the efforts to remove him from office.

Accordingly, only hours after the Times published the report on Trump’s proposal to shoot immigrants, the story had practically disappeared from the news cycle.

According to Alexander Mercouris, who in my view argues his case persuasively, Nancy Pelosi doesn’t even want to see Trump impeached. What has been initiated is a discussion of impeachment. Pelosi is going along with what others want and are clamoring for. For sure, Trump’s phone call was appropriate and not about Biden. It was part of an ongoing investigation by the US government into efforts to get rid of the president, efforts that involved a Democratic Party-connected company called Crowdstrike, which may have hard drives in Ukraine that will reveal the collusion ‘against Trump’. Apparently, It’s okay for them to spend 2 years trying to find evidence of Trump’s collusion with Vladimir Putin, which is now debunked, but it’s not okay for that same president to investigate ‘that’ collusion. Eric London’s above linked-to article is weak in certain respects. He unwittingly spreads the establishment’s lies about Donald Trump’s phone call to Volodymyr Zelensky. But his point about the Democrats killing talk about Trump’s ‘actual’ criminality and bad behavior is good.

related: “Trump wants to shoot people in the legs. The United States’ closest ally already does that.”

“American media shuts down the Epstein story” by Patrick Martin (WSWS)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

====== =
The corporate-controlled media in the United States has effectively shut down all reporting on the death of the politically connected multi-millionaire sex-trafficker Jeffrey Epstein, only one week after his body was discovered in a prison cell in the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Manhattan.

Epstein’s death was the most widely reported American event in the first few days of the week, with hours of coverage on cable television, the lead story on nightly network news programs, and pages upon pages of reporting in the New York Times, Washington Post and other leading daily newspapers.

There was ample reason for such attention, particularly by the standards of the sensation-obsessed American media. Epstein was, at least by reputation, both fabulously wealthy and dangerously predatory. He travelled in the highest circles of bourgeois society, hobnobbing with ex-presidents, future presidents, British royalty and numerous billionaires, some of whom he claimed to have enriched enormously…

After Epstein’s death, social media was filled with speculation about the unusual circumstances in which he died and the possible motives of highly placed and political powerful individuals for doing away with him. The corporate media went into overdrive, led by the New York Times, to denounce such questions as “conspiracy theories,” without foundation in evidence—although the lack of evidence was due to the silence of the police and prison authorities as they sought to come up with a plausible explanation…

This media silence is itself perhaps the most suspicious development in the entire Epstein case. Why was there no reference to the story which riveted public attention for several days last week? It had occasioned tweets by President Trump accusing various Democrats of collusion in his death, and statements by Democrats, such as New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, a candidate for president, that the timing of Epstein’s death was “too convenient.”

If this had become a non-story only eight days after Epstein’s lifeless body was found, the question must be asked: what is the American media seeking to hide?

Again, the New York Times has taken the lead in the cover-up. It published a lengthy front-page story in its Sunday edition under the headline, “Epstein Feared Misery of Jail in His Final Days,” which has only one purpose: further shoring up the suicide verdict by painting a picture of Epstein as so desperate to avoid spending time in his cell that he brought his lawyers in for hours of consultation where he could sit in a conference room.
= ======

“We’re under attack” by ? (Off Guardian)

Here’s the notice found at the site linked-to above:

Since last Thursday – over a week ago – OffG has been under continued intermittent Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks from agents unknown.

Today around 7pm BST the attack increased in severity sharply and took the site down despite the defense measures we had in place. Since then we’ve been struggling to a) understand what type of attack it is and b) find better counter-measures.

It’s not proving easy. The loads on the server are dropping but are still high.

Until we beat this you’ll find the site is slow to load or completely unavailable.

Please bear with us during this trying time.

Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible!

Looking at some of the posts that my visitors have viewed led to the discovery that many of my links to sites that pertained to the Right To Protect (R2P) doctrine are dead. (Why they insist on putting a 2 in the place of T is beyond me.) “The Wide And Spacious Road Of Neoliberal Capitalism That Leads To Destruction” is a post I wrote and published on December 31, 2012.

A link in that post that originally went to a July 23, 2009 UN panel discussion, brought together by Miguel d’Escoto Brockmann, featuring Noam Chomsky, Gareth Evans, Ngugi wa Thiong’o and Jean Bricmont. (See Anthony Fenton’s Global Research article titled “The Responsibility to Protect,” in which he examines that discussion.)

Anyway, the link to Fenton’s dormant, or abandoned, website now returns something having to do with jazz. I don’t know whether that’s nefarious. (Anthony Fenton became invisible years ago when he quit publishing articles and blog posts in order to further his education. Exactly what he’s doing now, I don’t know. (When I first noticed Anthony Fenton’s absence, many years ago, and asked about it on the fakey Rabble [Canadian] website, I got jumped on for it. Some defended me, pointing out that I said nothing wrong at all just by asking an innocent question.) I then had to edit a few of my blog posts in which I had links to the UN panel convened by Brockmann. What I found most disturbing was the way the UN Webcast Archive entry for that panel, while still there, is now populated by only dead links. And I couldn’t for the life of me find the video on YouTube, which figures.

So I screen captured the section of the Archive and put it up into the cloud. Then I used the contact form at the bottom of the page on the UN Webcast Archive page to contact someone and let them know about the dead (all four of them) links in that entry and of course that form is useless. This is what I got when I tried to use it:

Kenneth L. Marcus (Photo: United States Department of Education)

“The Department of Education has launched a campaign against pro-Palestine voices on campus. Many saw it coming.” by Michael Arria (Mondoweiss)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

Last June, the Trump administration nominated Kenneth Marcus for assistant secretary for civil rights and he was approved by the Senate despite getting no Democratic votes, 50-46. Marcus’ nomination was opposed by a number of organizations for a variety of reasons: he supported rolling back campus sexual assault protections, opposed Affirmative Action, and couldn’t identify one example where he disagreed with Donald Trump on the subject of civil rights.

Some of the deepest concerns about Marcus were voiced by activists and groups that advocate for Palestinian rights. Marcus was the founder and president of the pro-Israel Louis D. Brandeis Center for Human Rights, an organization that aims to combat “the resurgent problem of anti-Semitism and anti-Israelism on university campuses.” Marcus has lobbied to push a definition of anti-Semitism (at the federal and state level) that includes criticism of Israel. He’s also pushed for the defunding of Middle East Studies programs at universities and called on congress to pass the Anti-Semitism Awareness Act, a bill that would censor pro-Palestinian voices on campuses.

Omar Barghouti (Image: Carlos Latuff)

“Israel prepares to deport BDS co-founder Omar Barghouti” by Jonathan Ofir (Mondoweiss)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

Israel’s Minister of the Interior says he is taking action to force Omar Barghouti, co-founder of the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement, out of the country.

I intend to act quickly to deprive Omar Barghouti of residency status in Israel… This is a man who does everything to harm the country and therefore must not enjoy the right to be a resident of Israel.

Aryeh Deri said he had directed the Population and Immigration Authority to prepare a legal opinion aimed at Barghouti’s deportation.

The announcement comes after Deputy Attorney General Dina Zilber notified Deri’s office that it had the authority to revoke Barghouti’s residency. The legal basis: a 2018 amendment to the residency law, listing “breach of trust” as a crime which may justify stripping a residency status. Barghouti married a Palestinian citizen of Israel, and lives under the residency status in the city of Acre.

Imagine it – the state “trusts” you to not take it to task for its violations, it “trusts” you to not complain and to accept these violations, and if you protest, even in a non-violent and civil manner, you have breached that “trust”…

For Israel, Barghouti proves that you can’t trust Palestinians to shut up, and that they need to learn it the hard way. But every step that Israel takes in its repressive attempt to silence dissent, becomes another reason to boycott it.

Personally, I think that as long as Omar can take his wife with him, then this is not a bad thing. Of course, Where do they intend to send him?

“Major Media Bury Groundbreaking Studies of Pentagon’s Massive Carbon Bootprint” by Joshua Cho (FAIR)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

In 2010, Project Censored (10/2/10) found that the

US military is responsible for the most egregious and widespread pollution of the planet, yet this information and accompanying documentation goes almost entirely unreported.

Use, Climate Change, and the Costs of War,” by Neta Crawford for Brown University’s Costs of War Project, confirmed previous findings that the US military is “the single-largest producer of greenhouse gases (GHG) in the world,” and that the Pentagon is responsible for between “77% and 80% of all US government energy consumption” since 2001, and that from the beginning of the US invasion of Afghanistan in 2001 to 2017, the US military emitted approximately 1.2 billion metric tons of CO2 equivalent.

The second study, “Hidden Carbon Costs of the ‘Everywhere War’: Logistics, Geopolitical Ecology, and the Carbon Bootprint of the US Military,” published by Oliver Belcher, Benjamin Neimark and Patrick Bigger from Durham and Lancaster universities in the Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers (6/19), found that if the US military were a country, its “fuel usage alone would make it the 47th largest emitter of greenhouse gases in the world, sitting between Peru and Portugal.”

Yet these groundbreaking studies received no coverage in virtually all the US’s biggest newspapers and TV news channels. An initial search in the Nexis news database from June 1 to October 4 of the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, NPR, PBS, ABC, MSNBC, CBS and CNN turned up nothing.

“A Loud Whoompfing Sound”

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Progressives – part 3

Progressives; They keep failing.

Greta Thunberg and the Green New Deal

Jonathan Cook’s latest Consortium News article, titled “Greta Thunberg & the Consolation of Doubt” is awful. I am flabbergasted that this solid progressive could jump on the let’s abuse Greta Thunberg bandwagon. And he not only jumped on it, but he smeared anyone who expressed normal, genuine concern for Greta. (The article is also terrible in other ways.) Others (visitors leaving comments attached to articles) elsewhere (WSWS, Off Guardian) noticed and were, like myself, appalled.

Jonathan Cook isn’t one of the many leftwingers who deny climate crisis, which is good. But by supporting Greta’s campaign – which, for gosh sake, is not her campaign – Jonathan (and other self-identified leftwingers) supports the very people who caused the climate crisis and will continue to, albeit with tweaks. He explicitly acknowledges climate crisis, but by getting behind the Greta Thunberg-fronted, corporate-inspired Green New Deal, he in fact supports those who have done the most to ruin (spiritually and physically) the world.

Jonathan Cook (in italics):

“The more Greta Thunberg articulates the terrifying emotions of awakening to our imminent extinction as a species – as she did, filled with trembling rage, at last week’s UN “action summit” on the climate crisis – the more a section of the progressive left digs its heels in to resist her role as an agent of change…”

“It is strange to see how some on the left suddenly turn into Victorian prudes the moment the 16-year-old Swede says exactly what they have been thinking but does so to much greater effect. Children, it seems, should again only be seen, not heard…”

Perhaps. But they should not be exploited.

“But we all conspired in the planet’s destruction. We bought the unnecessary goods they produced and marketed. We believed in their fairy tale of endless growth on a finite planet. We allowed ourselves to be distracted with mindless entertainment while the planet grew hotter and choked on our pollution…”

I think that Jonathan should really speak for himself.

“The proof that Thunberg is not to be trusted, it seems, is that she is now receiving so much coverage. The corporate media is owned by big business, so if they are prepared to air Thunberg’s grievances it must be because it serves their – that is, a corporate – agenda. Thunberg is a tool of the rich and powerful, so we are told, whether she herself understands it or not…”

If that – seeing a newly minted hero being embraced wholeheartedly by the entire corporate media – does NOT make you pause, then you’re dull.

“When I hear this reasoning, I wonder how we would have reacted back in the 1950s and 60s to Martin Luther King. Had all-pervasive social media been around then, would we have been filled with such certainty that MLK was nothing more than the black mascot of the white establishment?…”

There wasn’t social media back then, or, yes, we would have been more careful with information received on it (especially if it proved to be as evil as social media today is), which wouldn’t have stopped us from investigating and discovering that, indeed, Martin Luther King isn’t a tool of the 1%. People have investigated the Green New Deal and Greta Thunberg’s connection to it and they have found serious problems. And if those same caring people were alive when MLK was making speeches and there was social media and an internet with info at their fingertips, the they would have embarked on the same sort of investigation into MLK that, today, they have embarked on in relation to Greta Thunberg and they would have come to the appropriate conclusions. Duh!

“It goes without saying that the corporations hope to maintain for as long as they can the neoliberal capitalist system that has enriched them and conferred on them almost limitless power. Their best tactic at this stage, given how real-world events are unfolding, is to abandon their denial of a climate crisis and persuade us instead that it is too late for action, that we have missed the boat…”

That’s my position, partly. That’s not the position of the powerful special interests behind Greta Thunberg. Get your basic facts right Jonathan. Their position is that we need to panic right now, as though our houses were on fire, and get governments to act (and hand over pension funds). That’s Greta’s primary role here. She’s telling everyone that their house is on fire and to go march in the street or go on a school strike, namely anything that will make governments do the right thing. Corporatocracy governments are ready and willing and able to work with the rich investors here but need that plausible deniability – The people asked for it! – before they can plunder.

“Does it mean, now that she and her protests have exploded on to the international scene, that our corporate rulers will not try to coopt Thunberg or her cause? Of course not.”

It’s already been done!

Peter Koenig’s recent article pooh poohs the idea of climate crisis while absolutely getting Greta Thunberg right. I feel for anyone just now trying to learn about what’s going on the world and who the players are. Looking at where various self-identified progressives stand on climate crisis, Greta Thunberg and the current talk about impeaching Trump (for one of the few right things he’s done) is going to make it difficult for him or her to nail down what a progressive is. Another recent article looking at the real movers and shakers behind the Greta phenomenon is by F. William Engdahl. It’s excellent. But he too pooh poohs climate crisis. The Democratic Party and that part of the establishment that supports it has it’s Trump Derangement Syndrome and half of the progressive community has it’s climate crisis denial syndrome. And they all call me deranged for believing that Jehovah God will, as he has promised, “bring to ruin those ruining the earth.” (Revelation 11:18) So be it. Chomsky sneers at those who only look to the Second Coming, rather than getting behind the corporate-inspired and -led Green New Deal, in a truthout article, looked at below. This Christian doesn’t follow the teachings of fake, mainstream Christianity, which indeed has wrong ideas about Jesus’s second coming. Rightwingers, I’m guessing, probably have (or would profess to have) less trouble with my Christianity than leftwingers. If that’s correct, then they should look closer at my Christianity, for they would find in it absolutely no reason to be happy with me.

Peter Koenig, F. William Engdahl, Cory Morningstar

Cory Morningstar (“A 100 Trillion Dollar Storytelling Campaign”):

“On August 20, 2018, Ingmar Rentzhog, the founder and CEO of We Don’t Have Time posted the “lonely girl” tweet. The tweet featured Greta Thunberg. This was the first day of her climate strike. She sat on a sidewalk and said nothing beside a sign. Just two months prior, social media accounts had been created in her name. Rentzhog, whose tech corporation is partnered with Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project, tagged five Twitter accounts: Greta Thunberg, Zero Hour (youth movement), Jamie Margolin (the teenage founder of Zero Hour), Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project, and the People’s Climate Strike Twitter account.

“The third person to respond to Rentzhog’s tweet was We Mean Business co-founder Callum Grieve. Grieve responded to Greta with a personal message adding the hashtag #WeDontHaveTime. We Mean Business represents 477 investors with 34 trillion USD in assets. [July 4, 2019] The founding partners of We Mean Business are BSR, CDP, Ceres, The B Team, The Climate Group, The Prince of Wales’s Corporate Leaders Group (CLG), and the WBCSD. Together, these organizations represent the most powerful – and ruthless – corporations on the planet, groups salivating to unleash 100 trillion dollars to fuel the fourth industrial revolution. To save a global economic system teetering on collapse.”

Peter Koenig (“Climate and the Little Green Women and Men”):

“Seriously, imagine – the use of CO2 producing fossil fuel and an industrial agriculture infesting the atmosphere with greenhouse gases, the engine for 90% of the world’s economy – and let’s not forget the CO2 produced by wars and hostilities around the globe – all of which is also the engine for huge corporate profits! – Does anyone seriously believe that hundreds of thousands, or even millions, demonstrating against climate change – will have an iota of influence on corporate behavior and profit oriented growth policies?

“These kids – the LGWMs – are dreaming. Most of them anyway. Some of their leaders are directed by the same corporations they pretend to fight and to demonstrate against. Generally, the LGWM movement doesn’t have a clear agenda, other than talking loosely and abstractly about CO2 reduction. But they don’t really know how to go about it and what this means, what steps need to be taken and by whom, what implications and consequences this would have for our today’s civilization and every-day life, yes, theirs too, the climate kids’ every-day life. Thy have no program of what has to change; they just believe the change has to come from ‘outside’, i.e. the politicians. No idea either that these same politicians are captured by the same industrial, financial and specifically the war industrial complex and that this highly capitalist money-making machinery also commands the propaganda apparatus on which they drive and thrive.”

F. William Engdahl (“Climate and the Money Trail”):

“Climate. Now who wudda thought. The very mega-corporations and mega-billionaires behind the globalization of the world economy over recent decades, whose pursuit of shareholder value and cost reduction who have wreaked so much damage to our environment both in the industrial world and in the under-developed economies of Africa, Asia, Latin America, are the leading backers of the “grassroots” decarbonization movement from Sweden to Germany to the USA and beyond.

“Is it pangs of guilty conscience, or could it be a deeper agenda of the financialization of the very air we breathe and more?

“Whatever one may believe about the dangers of CO2 and risks of global warming creating a global catastrophe of 1.5 to 2 degree Celsius average temperature rise in the next roughly 12 years, it is worth noting who is promoting the current flood of propaganda and climate activism…

“Several years before Al Gore and others decided to use a young Swedish school girl to be the poster child for climate action urgency, or in the USA the call of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for a complete reorganization of the economy around a Green New Deal, the giants of finance began devising schemes for steering hundreds of billions of future funds to investments in often worthless “climate” companies…

“At this point events take on a cynical turn as we are confronted with wildly popular, heavily promoted climate activists such as Sweden’s Greta Thunberg or New York’s 29-year-old Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the Green New Deal.

“However sincere these activists may be, there is a well-oiled financial machine behind promoting them for gain.

“Greta Thunberg is part of a well-connected network tied to the organization of Al Gore who is being cynically and professionally marketed and used by such agencies as the UN, the EU Commission and the financial interests behind the present climate agenda.

“As Canadian researcher and climate activist, Cory Morningstar, documents in an excellent series of posts, what is at stake is a well-knit network that is tied to US climate investor and enormously wealthy climate profiteer, Al Gore, chairman of Generation Investment group.

“Gore’s partner, ex-Goldman Sachs official David Blood as noted earlier, is a member of the BIS-created TCFD. Greta Thunberg along with her 17-year-old US climate friend, Jamie Margolin, were both listed as “special youth advisor and trustee” of the Swedish We Don’t Have Time NGO, founded by its CEO Ingmar Rentzhog.

“Rentzhog is a member of Al Gore’s Climate Reality Organization Leaders, and part of the European Climate Policy Task Force. He was trained in March 2017 by Al Gore in Denver, and again in June 2018, in Berlin. Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project is a partner of We Don’t Have Time.”

Going forward, Let’s see how much support those leading the progressive community give to the let’s abuse Greta and jump on the New Green Deal bandwagon crowd.

I should note that when I tried to attach some comments to the Jonathan Cook article on CN, nothing showed. I didn’t even get an ‘awaiting moderation’ message. I then left it alone for a few days before trying again. This time, I left a few comments; One was a “Thank you!” to a commenter named Daniel Lazare and another was a brief line or two about having my comments disappeared there. This time there were ‘awaiting moderation’ messages. They are slow to approve messages – at least for me – on CN, so I’m giving it one more day, especially seeing how today is Sunday and it was earlier in the morning that I typed my comments. It’s now later in the day, on Monday and the comments on that article are devoid of anything by me.

Is Consortium News also jumping on the abuse Greta and Green New Deal bandwagons? If it is, then CN is showing solidarity with the American-dominated Corporatocracy, the same forces that are behind the persecution of CN’s hero Julian Assange. So much for those hours and hours and hours of Consortium News video footage in which assorted progressives, all supporting CN, shed tears for Julian.

The Desire To Threaten Donald Trump With Impeachment

I’m wondering about Strategic Culture Foundation, which threw up a (non stickied) link to a Real News Network show that featured an interview with establishment pundit John Nichols, who writes mainly for the fake progressive outlet The Nation. John is taking the position that the [fascist] American system is fine, notwithstanding a few bad apples like Donald Trump. This is precisely the thinking behind the enduring ad that features JFK, the supposed white knight fighting the forces of darkness, for which reason they killed him.

I wouldn’t call The Real News Network (TRNN) genuinely progressive. If it ever was – and it seems to me that an organization can get away with faking it for a long time – it isn’t now. (Actually, The way powerful special interests undermine the progressive movement is something that I’ve wrote about before. They fund this or that org, like TRNN, and go away. But they don’t go away forever. At critical points they return to exert influence, changing the org’s direction and dragging its following with it to wherever those special interests are now steering the org. The Intercept and Democracy Now! may be good examples of that. See “Reality Includes Hidden Crap” and “The Progressive Movement is a PR Front for Rich Democrats.” And the intertwining of progressive orgs that have huge establishment funders lurking behind some can’t help.) I was checking out the offerings on the Strategic Culture Foundation website when I happened upon this entry to a Real News show. Why is it even there? There’s no commentary from anyone at SCF about it. (You’ll find there, attached to the link to the TRNN show, a disclaimer that “The views of individual contributors do not necessarily represent those of the Strategic Culture Foundation.”) That’s not really cool. I’ll never do that. I don’t just throw a link up on my blog and give you zero idea why.

Is SCF supportive of faker Nichol’s message here? And the fool interviewing Nichols, Marc Steiner (who isn’t listed on TRNN as a staffer!), starts off by smearing progressives. He does that by referring to fake progressives but failing to point out that they are ‘fake’ progressives. (Which figures. Steiner is so pleased to talk with fake progressive John Nichols. He gushes over him in the show, which is about the desire [not the actual effort] to impeach Donald Trump, not for his [standard] criminality, but for something he did that was ‘not’ criminal or insane or wrong at all. Those people [Nichols et al] are going to lie and manipulate, period.) Real progressives and rightwingers who are being honest know that the whole impeachment thing is a fabrication by the Democratic Party, and other elements within the establishment aligned with them, to keep annoying the life out of Donald Trump as punishment for stealing, as they see it, the White House from Hillary Clinton.

You can’t find two more destructive and evil people than Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. But that just underscores that the American system itself is hopelessly corrupt and evil. They are ALL bad apples. Nichols’s efforts represent the same motivations and objectives behind the enduring ad that is Camelot. Camelot, here, refers to the propaganda that portrays John F. Kennedy as a shining knight fighting the forces of darkness. JFK and his brother were terrorists and every bit as psycho as any American President has ever been. And it figures that Nichol’s organization, The Nation, is behind a huge campaign to encourage media, but especially alternative media, to accept pro Green New Deal articles, as I learned after looking a little deeper into a truthout article in which C.J. Polychroniou interviews Noam Chomsky and Robert Pollin. (I placed truthout in my “Selected Mainstream” bookmark folder a long time ago. You just have to look at some of the fakers who they publish to get an idea why I would do that.) The Nation-created org is called Covering Climate Now and it includes, among it’s member organizations, truthout. Ding!

“Our initiative, co-founded by The Nation and Columbia Journalism Review, includes hundreds of outlets worldwide, with a combined audience of over 1 billion people.” – Covering Climate Now

The subject of the interview is the Green New Deal, which Chomsky and Pollin have gotten solidly behind. The article/interview is unimpressive, and, to those who have looked into Cory Morningstar’s research on this, alarming. Chomsky is really off into la la land here and I won’t be buying and reading his forthcoming book dealing with and selling the Green New Deal, co-authored with Polychroniou and Pollin. Nor will I be buying and reading Naomi Klein’s book on the same subject. (The last book by her that I bought and read was “This Changes Everything,” in which she blames God and Christianity for everything wrong in the world.) Savvy investors, however, might be very interested in their books. Interestingly, While I was checking around on the WSWS website (looking for any info on the “visionary” labor leader who Chomsky refers to in his above interview and finding only two mentions of Jeff Johnson, both presenting him in a negative light), I came across an article about Gilbert Achcar (who leftwingers have known for a while is a real faker), looking at his work with the British Army. I am keeping a list of fakers (which keeps growing, unhelpfully), including articles by them and about them, and so I bookmarked this right away, since Achcar is one of the fakers I’ve been keeping an eye on (poorly; I’m just too busy to keep at it). I also came across a mention of a book that Chomsky co-authored with Gilbert Achcar. I can’t remember where I found that reference, but I didn’t know about that book. It’s titled “Perilous Power: The Middle East And U.S. Foreign Policy.” The fascist masquerading as a socialist (Achcar), who gets solidly behind the imperialists’ R2P (Right To Protect) doctrine, co-authored a book with the leftwinger who later went to the UN where he discussed R2P with other panelists, who were both pro and con R2P, making it crystal clear that he thinks R2P is evil. Wrap your head around that! That book was published in 2008, if that makes any difference. Who’s Chomsky going to co-author with next? Christopher Steele maybe?

Returning to John Nichols interview with Marc Steiner; What Trump’s enemies (elements in the deep State, the Democratic Party, and John Nichols and The Nation) are basing their claim (that Trump is acting un-presidentially and illegally) on is a phone call that Donald Trump made to Volodymyr Zelensky, the President of Ukraine. The Duran (on Bitchute, featuring editor-in-chief Alexander Mercouris and his associate Alex Christoforou) helped me to see clearly exactly how much substance there is to the claims that Democrats are making about that phone call. While Christoforou and Mercouris are rightwing, they seem to have principles and, as reporters, a good work ethic, although Christoforou has issues, which Mercouris probably shares, since he fails to educate his associate about the basic meaning of ‘neoliberal’, which has to do nothing to do with political parties or people but with systems. (If you’re going to refer to a group, whether it’s a political party or something else, as neoliberal, then it makes sense only if the ‘neoliberal’ label refers to neoliberalism, which is a social economic system. Some might not like that, but that’s too bad.) Neoliberalism is a social/economic system, period. (Mercouris is a smart guy. What is this?! Also, Christoforou likes to call ‘all’ self-identified leftists ‘leftists’ and makes no distinction between fakers and the real deal, which is annoying. I have heard Alexander Mercouris make the distinction. But I haven’t been following these guys for a long time, so I can’t say more.)

Click on the above image in order to view the video.

Click on the above image in order to view the video.

Click on the above image in order to view the above video.

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Professional Scam Artists – part 71

Chelsea Manning

“MSM Defends CIA’s “Whistleblower”, Ignores Actual Whistleblowers” by Caitlin Johnstone (Caitlin Johnstone.com)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

The word “whistleblower” has been trending in news headlines lately, but not for the reasons that any sane person might hope for.

“Read the whistleblower complaint regarding President Trump’s communications with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky“, says The Washington Post. “Trump responds to hearing on whistleblower complaint“, says MSNBC. “Trump-Ukraine scandal: what did the whistleblower say and how serious is it?“, writes The Guardian. “Whistleblower complaint says White House tried to ‘lock down’ Ukraine call records” announces CBS. “Whistleblower’s complaint is a devastating report from a savvy official“, declares CNN.

So who is this “savvy official”? Who is this courageous whistleblower who boldly shone the light of truth upon the mechanisms of power in the interests of the common man? Who is this brave, selfless individual who set off an impeachment inquiry by taking a stand and revealing the fact that the US president made a phone call in July urging Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky to help investigate corruption allegations against Joe Biden and his son?

Well believe it or not, according to The New York Times this brave, noble whistleblower who the mainstream media are currently championing is an officer for the Central Intelligence Agency…

In all seriousness, even to call this spook a “whistleblower” is ridiculous on its face. You don’t get to call someone from the US intelligence community a whistleblower unless they are actually whistleblowing on the US intelligence community. That’s not a thing.

The main point here is that the offerings of the mainstream, corporate media, consist of mainly FAKE NEWS. Yes, the whistleblower is an ON THE JOB CIA agent, no doubt working with a crowd of people including lawyers (and other CIA agents, I would think), as Alexander Mercouris has pointed out. Is this a clumsy attempt to redefine whistleblower to mean CIA agents engaged in spook business? That should only be a script for a Maxwell Smart movie or something, not a real life development. But, at this time, this is real, terrifying, disgusting real life under Corporatocracy.

Caitlin’s article might have benefitted from her pointing out that Trump’s phone call to Zelensky was entirely appropriate and mainly about Ukraine and Crowdstrike, not Biden, which isn’t to say that when we expose Ukraine Joe Biden won’t get burned, as he and son should be.

“Wealth Identity Politics: Billionaires Acting Like A Persecuted Minority Is Peak Capitalism” by Caitlin Johnstone (Caitlin Johnstone.com)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

“I guess maybe Bernie Sanders shouldn’t exist,” said billionaire Steve Schwarzman while seated in a library building named after billionaire Steve Schwarzman and promoting a book with billionaire Steve Schwarzman’s face on it.

According to Bloomberg this humble response from the always modest billionaire Steve Schwarzman came in response to a question posed by an audience member about a Sanders tweet in which the Vermont Senator said that billionaires should not exist. The comment was reportedly met with enthusiastic applause.

Blackstone CEO Schwarzman, who has previously compared tax increases on the wealthy to the Nazi invasion of Poland, is an oligarch by any reasonable definition…

This statement gives us a bit of insight into the way billionaires see themselves as fundamentally different than the rest of us, forming an egoic identity construct out of being a billionaire in the same way a medieval king would form an egoic identity construct out of that position. This anti-billionaire rhetoric is perceived as an attack on their very identity, which is why they are spinning it as though Sanders is calling for the elimination of actual people…

We’re seeing this hilarious conflation of economic justice with the persecution of minorities and the elimination of actual human beings more and more often, so we should probably come up with a name for it. I’d like to propose that we label this phenomenon “wealth identity politics”, and it is capitalism’s dumbest turn yet.

It’s especially dumb because the billionaire class has already proven with its actions that it cannot exist without actively working to manipulate governments in a way that undeniably subverts democracy and the will of the people. The debate over whether or not billionaires should exist is long settled. They should not.

“Hong Kong Protests Fading: Foreign Tantrums, Not Genuine Revolution” by Joseph Thomas (New Eastern Outlook)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

======== =
The government of Hong Kong is elected by both the people and organisations representing influential business communities there. The government is overwhelmingly pro-Beijing because Hong Kong is now firmly part of China. It was handed back to China in 1997 by the UK after over 170 years of British subjugation.

An influx of mainlanders, major infrastructure projects and flourishing business between the former British colony and China’s mainland has begun the irreversible re-integration of Hong Kong back into China.

Notions including “Basic Law” and “one country, two systems” were imposed on Beijing which at the time still lacked the political, economic and military power it now possesses. Both Basic Law and the “one country, two systems” arrangement were imposed on Beijing by London specifically as a means of technically handing Hong Kong over, but in practice, maintaining Western influence and the region’s role as Anglo-American foothold within Chinese territory.

As British influence across Asia-Pacific waned over time, Washington took over. Core leaders of Hong Kong’s ongoing protests against Beijing are funded and directed by Washington with many of these leaders, including Martin Lee, Joshua Wong and Benny Tai having literally travelled to Washington to receive support and even awards for their continuously disruptive behaviour.

Beijing has patiently weathered the West’s disruptive activities within its territory. In addition to Hong Kong, the US has nurtured separatism and terrorism in China’s Xinjiang region as well as armed insurrection and separatism in Tibet that has spanned more than half a century.

All of this is part of an admittedly decades-long strategy of encircling and containing China’s rise as a global power in order to preserve American primacy.

China’s answer has been meeting US-backed identity politics designed to divide and destroy, with massive infrastructure, education and economic programmes that have clearly gained the upper-hand even in places like Hong Kong where Western influence has been so deeply entrenched.

When faced with the choice of political instability or infrastructure and economic prosperity, the choice is very simple for the people of not only Hong Kong, but also Xinjiang and Tibet.

It is no wonder residents in Hong Kong have responded negatively to the violence and disruption perpetrated by US-backed protesters. The majority of Hong Kong has nothing to gain from disrupting commerce, targeting infrastructure, blocking roads and the vandalism of public property especially considering why it is really being done.

It is not being done for the people of Hong Kong or the nation of China of which Hong Kong once again now belongs. It is being done for Washington and is just one small part of a much wider, global slash-and-burn foreign policy. The protests in Hong Kong are also part of that policy failing. As US primacy fades across the globe, Washington has resorted to increasingly desperate and spiteful acts of destabilisation, as seen in Hong Kong.

The protests have no future in Hong Kong. They are led by an increasingly unpopular minority backed by a fading global power, and fighting against a growing global colossus within its own borders. The only real question is; how much damage will Washington and its proxies do as they throw this final tantrum?
= ========

Joseph’s report is good as far as it goes. It needed to go further. The regular people of Hong Kong, and the entire working class in China, are not doing so well. They aren’t doing well under the rule of the current Chinese leadership and they wouldn’t do so well under US leadership. (But I think that the ruined US ruling class can’t help itself. If it can’t steal Hong Kong, it will then burn it, which is essentially Joseph’s point.) WSWS reports on conditions for the working class in China in a recent article titled “Draw the political lessons from the bankruptcy of Maoism.”

Ricardo Hausmann

“Following Grayzone exposé, top Venezuelan coup official Ricardo Hausmann is forced to resign” by Max Blumenthal (The Grayzone)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

Hours before an expected vote at the United Nations General Assembly on the legitimacy of Venezuela’s Maduro-led government amidst a US-led coup, a senior official of Juan Guaidó’s coup regime was forced to resign from his position.

Economist Ricardo Hausmann stepped down from his post at the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) following an exposé by The Grayzone’s Anya Parampil of his conflicts of interest and opaque financial practices…

“Hausmann’s resignation from the IDB is important because it shows one of the most senior coup leaders has no faith in Guaidó’s ability to ever obtain real power,” Parampil commented. “He obviously took a hard look at the situation and bet on his Harvard career over his future as a minister or ambassador in the Guaidó coup regime.”

Ricardo Hausmann is the link between younger coup leaders like Guaidó, López, and Carlos Vecchio and the neoliberal government that preceded the era of Chavismo.

Hausmann was part of a group which oversaw the implementation of an economically devastating IMF austerity package during the late 1980s in Venezuela. The policy hollowed out the country’s already meager social state, sparking massive social unrest which ultimately set the stage for Chávez’s democratic election in 1998.

The economist returned to politics when he was selected this March by Guaidó to serve as his representative to the IDB. He replaced an official who had been appointed by Venezuela’s elected government in what was described by Reuters as “a major setback for the Maduro government.”

In August, Venezuela’s National Assembly appointed Hausmann to a six-person panel tasked with renegotiating the country’s debt on behalf of the Guaidó administration.

That month, The Grayzone’s Anya Parampil reported that Hausmann had raked in payments from major Wall Street financial institutions, the World Bank, and repressive and theocratic governments in exchange for speaking engagements and consulting jobs.

While the professor denounced creditors for doing business with Venezuela’s government, he was accepting lucrative payments from the governments of Saudi Arabia and Israel – two of the world’s most notorious human rights violators.

Falun Gong protest at European parliament

“Reports on China ‘organ harvesting’ derive from front groups of far-right cult Falun Gong” by Ryan McCarthy (The Grayzone)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

Western corporate media outlets have gone wild with claims that the Chinese state is “harvesting” the organs of ethnic minorities and political opposition figures. But an investigation by The Grayzone has found that these allegations originate from front groups run by the far-right opposition cult Falun Gong.

Falun Gong, whose devotees can often be seen clad in yellow and performing coordinated qi gong routines in crowded city centers, runs an ultra-conservative, staunchly pro-Donald Trump media network that has been compared to Alex Jones’ Infowars.

According to a former member of the fringe religious group, Falun Gong believes that an apocalyptic judgement day is soon approaching and “that Trump was sent by heaven to destroy the [Chinese] Communist Party.”

In June 2019, a London-based organization called the China Tribunal published a report claiming that the Chinese government has been systematically executing and harvesting the organs of members of Falun Gong, a leading force of opposition to Beijing in the diaspora.

The China Tribunal describes itself as an “independent tribunal into forced organ harvesting from prisoners of conscience in China.” Most Western journalists took the organization at its word.

Up to and after it published the report, the China Tribunal received scattered coverage from various mainstream media outlets, including the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and The Guardian. In September, the coverage ramped up considerably after the China Tribunal presented its case to the UN Human Rights Council, with major outlets like The Independent and Reuters joining in.

One thing all this reporting has in common is that it assumes the China Tribunal is truly “independent.” On its website, the China Tribunal says that it was “initiated by the International Coalition to End Transplant Abuse in China (ETAC), an international not for profit organisation, with headquarters in Australia and National Committees in the UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.”

So what is ETAC, really?

On ETAC’s website, one finds a “management” page with a list of people, devoid of any information except their names, photographs, and positions in the organization. The executive director and co-founder is Susie Hughes; Margo MacVicar is named as the New Zealand national manager; Rebecca James is the UK national manager for outreach, and so on.

Where do these figures come from, and what brought them together? The website has no bios. But follow the names, and it soon becomes apparent that there is another connection apart from ETAC — the Epoch Times.

From Middle East Eye:
The head of the British Army has described the 77th Brigade’s talents as including “social media, production design, and Arabic poetry” (British Army)

“EXCLUSIVE: Twitter executive for Middle East is British Army ‘psyops’ soldier” by Ian Cobain (Middle East Eye)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

The senior Twitter executive with editorial responsibility for the Middle East is also a part-time officer in the British Army’s psychological warfare unit, Middle East Eye has established.

Gordon MacMillan, who joined the social media company’s UK office six years ago, has for several years also served with the 77th Brigade, a unit formed in 2015 in order to develop “non-lethal” ways of waging war.

The 77th Brigade uses social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, as well as podcasts, data analysis and audience research to wage what the head of the UK military, General Nick Carter, describes as “information warfare”.

Carter says the 77th Brigade is giving the British military “the capability to compete in the war of narratives at the tactical level”; to shape perceptions of conflict. Some soldiers who have served with the unit say they have been engaged in operations intended to change the behaviour of target audiences.

What exactly MacMillan is doing with the unit is difficult to determine, however: he has declined to answer any questions about his role, as has Twitter and the UK’s Ministry of Defence (MoD).

And how many people, including progressives who pay attention and including progressives who pay attention and expose this crap, uncaringly use social media? In a sense, considering how social media is being used by the deep State, those who use social media are voluntarily working for those who use social media to attack the people, including the people who use social media. But, we’re evolving. Right? (Darwin’s evolution ideas have been dubunked, but don’t tell the rightwingers who like them because they can excuse their evil behavior by suggesting that Darwin has proven that their evil behavior is normal and a sign of superiority.) It reminds me of those zombie movies where the zombie is chained up or something and starts eating it’s own arm. It reminds me of the ads on tobacco packages showing awful, rotting lungs, which startling ads make no impact on smokers who are happy to destroy themselves while blowing smoke in the faces of the still sane. It reminds me of the smart people, like Jonathan Cook, who help promote the corporate-inspired and -led Green New Deal, which will perpetuate the problems that people like Jonathan claims he wants to see fixed.

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