Where Are We Here?

*edit, April 18, 2017 === = Well, It’s been a wild ride! I was curious, after well over 600 posts to this blog, what my first blog posts looked like. Afterall, It’s been a while and the stats page doesn’t show everything at once. Out of sight, out of mind. I’m pleased that my first posts weren’t lame. (I do see them now with more mature eyes.) The one thing I know straight away is lacking in these earlier posts are images. I don’t know about you, but my eyes glaze over when I’m confronted with a long post that is nothing but text. I’ve learned to make my blog posts more interesting with images. And that also makes it more fun for me to do.

I’m not going to edit this, really. But I see that as early as 2014, I was thinking and writing about gatekeepers. I didn’t realize that. I’ve since thought about it more and also wrote up an essay about it. It’s in the cloud and on my blog as a post. Therefore, I’ll link to the blog post about it here.

I’ve also added a few more tags. I didn’t really have a handle on the tags aspect of blogging at the beginning.

One final thing. Someone at the excellent website, Off Guardian, expressed frustration in regard to my poor punctuation. The commenter (don’t remember who and it doesn’t matter) was talking solely about my habit of always spelling it’s with the apostrophe. Indeed, I thought that the commenter pointing that out was wrong and decided to ignore him (or…). But I also decided to examine the way others handled that word and realized that ‘I’ was wrong. I am not going to go over my ‘600 plus’ posts to find every instance of it’s and remove or not remove the apostrophe, as the sentence requires in order to conform to proper usage. And it’s not that big a deal. But for those who notice it, My apologies. = ===

Well, I was about to start a WordPress blog. Then I noticed, on Pirate Bay’s website, a link to BayWords. The explanation given by someone for BayWord’s existence has to do with the real need for real freedom of speech. Boy! Tell me about it! I posted an initial blog entry to Bloglines some time ago, intending to get into it more eventually, but returned one day to find my post gone! I have no idea why. I guess it may have simply been something I refer to as ‘gatekeeper’ activity.

It’s so easy for the establishment to keep undesirables from threatening their pollution with fresh air. They rely on ‘gatekeepers’. Gatekeepers are people in all kinds of fields who do all kinds of things, who are also willing to make up their own rules and/or break rules that decent people would consider necessary or wise, in their dealings with other people they come across who are not pro-establishment, like them. – I was a little confused about seeing the BayWords blog entry about the need for BayWords, and the story about the blogger who WordPress ejected, only to find that WordPress is the software used by BayWords. But hopefully, That’s a technical thing and doesn’t mean that anything funny’s happening here.

Take discussion forums for example. Common Dreams is a fantastic site, and in the absence of hard evidence to the contrary, I assume that the people who founded the site and who now run it are well intentioned. Common Dreams accepts articles from writers from all over the planet. By and large, the writers are victims of and/or critics of the establishment, or, to go even wider, the corporatocracy (John Perkins coined the term). Registered users may use the commenting feature, which is what I was doing; as always, keeping it civilized and polite. Until one day I found myself  ‘silently’ (no message from anyone about why) disappeared from the site. I can still go to the site and read articles and readers’ comments, but I can’t log in in order to continue participating in the discussions. I couldn’t even re-register, as the site stated that my email address was restricted. Huh?!

And who would know? The dozens of emails and phone calls to Common Dreams, except once when a phone call was returned, have been ignored. And when I say dozens, I’m not kidding. I didn’t want to just give up and go away, which I’m sure is what someone wants. As for the phone call, a polite woman heard me out and simply stated that she would pass on my info to the appropriate person who would then get in touch with me. I never heard from anyone afterward.

And then there’s the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation), our public broadcaster, which, in fact, long ago ceased to be truly useful to the majority here in Canada (which therefore means to the majority worldwide). It’s shot through and through with capitalist priorities and staffers etc.. I wasn’t registered for very long before someone, a gatekeeper I guess, decided that they had all they were going to take of my anticapitalist rants. Well, I’m assuming that. Because it was another ‘silent’ disappearance. I’m still here. But ‘here’ isn’t on the CBC wesbsite, where, hopefully, I afflicted the comfortable to some extent, and comforted the afflicted to some extent.

I will have lots more to say in the future. Clearly, BayWords was an attractive option for me. The timing for that BayWords ad on Pirate Bay couldn’t have been better! But let’s see. I’ve never blogged before and don’t know much about it. I wasn’t even clear on exactly what to do with the widgets I added to my site.


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One Response to Where Are We Here?

  1. Arby says:

    It looks like I ‘can’ get into the CBC website. Interestingly, I could log in in the comments section but not via the site’s main log in. Then suddenly, I could log in via the main log in as well. Hmm.

    Sept 2 – Additionally, The CBC continues to disappear my posts. I can log in, but that doesn’t mean anyone can read my posts! Dogs!

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