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cu”Honduras holds post-coup presidential vote”

Honduras has been hijacked. The Obama administration is a disgrace. I didn’t believe in it from the start. But this atrocity should tell even folks who don’t follow politics what Obama, and the United States ruling class, is all about. Continue reading

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I’ve Got All These Books Lying Around

Remember the MAI? That’s the Multilateral Agreement on Investment that activists way back helped kill. Of course, The MAI represents just one of many pushes by capitalists to gain more freedom for themselves and take away more freedom (dismantle trade barriers) from the majority, who don’t get consulted about these government-destroying deals and rules and whose needs and wants don’t even get mentioned in the final drafts. Maude Barlow and her Council of Canadians track this stuff, thankfully. There’s some nasty business being presided over at the moment that will remind people of the establishment’s efforts to foist the MAI on us. See Trade Tsunami Threatens Sovereignty (http://bit.ly/72m3lW), by Maude Barlow and Sid Ryan, in the November 27, 2009 Toronto Star. Continue reading

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