cu”Honduras holds post-coup presidential vote”

CBC News – World – Honduras holds post-coup presidential vote.

Making me nuts today are reports like this one from the CBC. At times like this I’m extra stressed. I’ve ‘got to’ jump into the discussion and add my voice to those who oppose imperialism and country-jacking, which involves terrorism on a massive scale. With so much gatekeeper activity happening everywhere, including here in Canada, where we can hardly speak our minds when those thoughts are not what supporters of the establishment want to hear, I often find my posts disappeared. Right now, The Toronto Star is the worst. But all the major media see the people as the enemy and capitalism as the true religion and fascism as the proper form of civilization.

I seemed to have slipped a couple of posts by the censors at the CBC, but time will tell.  (After getting the first one in, I realized I hadn’t offered the readers some info on where to get unspinny info on this subject, so I just had to post again, worried that I might not get to.) I just now placed them. They’ll probably remain, but there’s no telling. At least I’m getting more ‘agrees’ than ‘disagrees’, a system I detest but am forced to use.

post 1:

** This coverage is utterly irresponsible. What a morally bankrupt organization this CBC is! First Haiti and now Honduras. The U.S. has run into trouble making trouble in the Middle East and now it’s tiring of that and returning to South America, which is just starting to crawl out of the tortured (involving lots of literal torture), broken state the U.S. put it in, with Canada right there standing behind it, fully complicit in it’s imperial crimes. Yes, The U.S. is behind this. It has certainly indirectly supported the coup, and it’s School of the Americas supplied some of the coup plotters’ main actors. While the rest of the world condemns the overthrow of Manuel Zelaya, the U.S. essentially stands back and in that way gives the coup plotters, there and elsewhere in the region, the signal to proceed. South America doesn’t belong to the people, in the view of elites. It’s resources belong to uncle Sam, whose single vote in this world, as Chomsky notes, is all that matters.

True. But that’s because we let it matter.

You can’t have a free election when the people are not free. The people, who don’t support this thuggish, coup government, have been severely repressed, with their media destroyed, activists murdered, disappeared, tortured and regular people’s civil rights taken away so that gatherings can be prevented and the people kept down. Nothing has shown Barack Obama’s true colors more than this. He’s got blood on his hands here, not that he’s any good anyway. Others in his admin were already sullied beyond redemption.

As with Haiti, Our mainstream media – good, well behaved servants of power – is silent and fully complicit.

That might not put you fine folks in a good shopping mood, but I don’t care about people who don’t care. **

post 2:

** Please visit some of the sites online that will tell you what’s going on in Honduras. There’s Anthony Fenton’s website, called Web Of Democracy, at: There’s excellent reportage ZNet at: CounterPunch is another great site for coverage you won’t find in the corporate-owned media: And there are dozens of other good sources of info, some of which is Canadian. and Straight Goods are some great Canadian sources of information.

You can’t have a free election when you aren’t free. The U.S. is alone among nations in standing back and allowing the coup plotters to hijack Honduras, which is the scene of terrible atrocities in the past committed by U.S. backed forces. The U.S. continues to fund the coup government there, while it represses it’s people, murdering and torturing some and terrorizing the population who don’t want anything to do with this rightwing coup government. And that’s the majority there. They’ve lost their freedom and the only media they have left is spouting propaganda, as Avi Lewis’s recent AJ video reportage showed.

This is mainly about the people, not Manuel Zelaya. Manuel Zelaya (who was from elite ranks but did what Obama should do and sided with the people) failed to appreciate that South America should belong to capitalists and should also be open to foreign (mainly American) investors who have always regarded SA as belonging to them, not the people living there. The word ‘repression’ might not sound so bad. But you wouldn’t want to experience it.

In earlier times, The death squads and fascist soldiers and police would terrorize ‘everyone’ and just call them Commies or Socialists. There’s less of that now. But it hasn’t slowed down the monsters **

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