The Wise ‘Record Of Agenda’

FAIR Blog » Blog Archive » Friedman’s Wisdom: CEOs Want to Pay Even Less Tax. -by Jim Naureckas

Here’s an excerpt from the above linked to article:

“One thing is strikingly missing from Friedman’s column: any discussion of how high U.S. corporate taxes actually are. On paper, the country has some of the highest corporate tax rates in the world–but as Otellini’s reference to “tax breaks” suggests, what matters to business executives is how much they actually pay. And as a share of the total economy, U.S. corporate taxes are some of the lowest in the world…”

Noam Chomsky refers to the New York Times as the ‘record of agenda’. By which he means that the NYT is the preeminent mainstream, establishment newspaper. I was explaining that to a friend the other day. He works in a variety store and carries the New York Times, which I explained to him was the most establishment of the major establishment newspapers.

How did that discussion come about? Knowing pretty much only the information ‘pushed’ at him by the establishment through it’s major media, he said something to me that was very wrong and which I recognized as a regurgitation of propaganda. I don’t even remember what it was. It was just propaganda, and I told him that, making an effort to explain to him what I meant. I explained to him the difference between mainstream media and alternative media.

And I explained to him that when it came to newspapers, here in Toronto for sure, the major dailies were all pro establishment, or mainstream, and full of spin. I told him that he should by all means read any of those dailies if he wished, but unless he did so using filters (information from alternative sources of information), he’d only get misleading information. Sure some of it would be reportage and factual, but how you present facts is important, as well as context.

I went on to suggest to my friend that he’d do better finding alternative media on the magazine shelves. Which he’ll have a hard time doing if he doesn’t know about any. So I listed a number of magazines that he can easily find on the shelves in most magazine and book stores. (Some of those are listed in my blogroll.) I also gave him the bad news that when it came to radio, we are pretty much out of luck. The Right rules there. Obviously, The internet is a goldmine for those seeking the whole story – all the Left’s views, all the Right’s views and everything in between – and I mentioned that, but this person has no computer and no interest in getting one. Which is why I told him that he can’t both want to know and not want to know. He’s always asking me stuff and it’s often political.

You can lead a horse to water…

If my friend was online, I’d tell him, tomorrow when I see him, to check out this article, linked to above, for an example of what I mean by mainstream media and, in the case of the NYT specifically, the ‘record of agenda’.

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