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U.S. Health Care Reform: A Better Bad System | by Jerry West

*edit, October 10, 2013 – I’m glad someone read this old post of mine. It gave me the opportunity to re-read it myself. I’m always curious about what readers of my blog are curious about. Reading my post again, which consists of an online response to a linked-to article that I neglected to quote from, led me to read the article again. And I don’t know why I was so harsh on the author. He just didn’t say anything that I can disagree with. I have no idea why I went off on him. Anyhow, I will add in an excerpt from that article, which is my practice now, and has been for some time – although from time to time I come across blog posts where I neglected to do that. I also attached a comment to the author’s Rabble article essentially apologizing for my rabid outburst. I won’t alter anything else. The reader won’t know what I’m talking about if I do that.

The excerpt:

A majority of Americans, barely, may have been against this particular bill, but the inference the commentator would have you make is that they opposed any health-care reform other than that which the conservatives might put forward. Fact is, earlier in the year a majority supported the bill in its initial stages, and dwindling support may be more a case of people believing that it was not progressive enough, particularly without a public option.

The rabid right may have all the press with their Teabagger shenanigans and hate-filled demonstrations, and they may want to lay claim to being the voice of a majority of Americans, but it isn’t so. A CNN poll conducted this month found that 72 per cent of those polled favoured increasing the federal government’s influence over the health-care system. A number of polls taken by various organizations over the past few years have returned results that favour a government single payer system. States are considering this, and in some districts ballot measures were passed overwhelmingly, instructing elected representatives to support a cost-effective single-payer system.

It is pretty plain to see that aside from the corporations that have a lot to lose if a cost effective, universal public system is created to replace the private one, and the mindless rabble that they can motivate to agitate for their cause, most people in the country want something better, and public. If wealth did not speak so loudly and vested interests didn’t have so much power, Americans would have had it years ago.

Rabble is beginning to annoy me. This is the second wishy washy article I've responded to dealing with Obama's betrayal of the American people (which he's being doing since he became president).

My response to the above linked-to article follows:

** "The insurance companies and other big corporations still rule, but now with a bit more government restraint on their rapacity." We'll see. Do you believe it? Why would you believe it? I've recently listened to Ralph Nader and Michael Moore commenting on the passage of this health care bill and both of them make the point that the protections written into the agreement are most likely toothless. Can we agree that these men, however flawed they may be, are more than casual observers of the American political scene and the health care reform process in particular?

Memory is a good thing, to some. Consider:

I'm reminded of the "toothless side agreements" that rightwingers Jean Chretien and Roy McLaren had inserted into NAFTA, with which the Liberal Party struggled due to the fact that Canadians didn't like it and were led to believe that the Liberals were listening to them. The Red Book was the explicit Liberal Party platform published by the Party going into the 1993 federal election and it talked about renegotiating NAFTA. Apparently Chretien didn't say a lot about the book's stated intention to [renegotiate] NAFTA while on the hustings, and when he became prime minister, he and his zealous free trader underling, Roy McLaren, dealt with the whole mess by accepting "three pages of toothless side agreements" alongside an otherwise untouched 2000 page document. ("Silent Coup – Confronting The Big Busines Takeover Of Canada" – pgs 99, 100, by Tony Clarke)

What was it Maude Barlow reported in "Global Showdown" when recounting how the American and Canadian governments dealt with the contentious issue of culture in NAFTA and WTO negotiations? (Americans were determined to not bend at all, just because. They saw that resistance in Canada was being noticed internationally and giving other countries ideas and Canada therefore had to be put in it's place in order for a lesson to be taught to others.) "The Mulroney and Chretien governments insisted that they had gained full protection for Canadian culture in NAFTA by calling for the inclusion of an exemption for cultural industries and policies. However, this so-called exemption is subject to a "notwithstanding" clause, which gives the U.S. the right to retaliate with measures of "equivalent commercial effect" in any other sector, if Canada invokes the exemption clause. In other words, Canada would have to be prepared to pay for the right to maintain a distinct culture. U.S. negotiator Peter Murphy called the exemption a “joke” and said he used it to wring other concessions out of Canada.” -pg 111

I was apalled – again – when I listened to Michael Moore’s discussion of Obama’s health care reform on Democracy Now! Like Dennis Kucinich, he supports Barack Obama, and by extension, the corporatocracy that uses him, while stating very clearly that Obama is wrong and what he’s doing is wrong. ““The healthcare bill that was passed ultimately will be seen as a victory for capitalism,” Moore says. “It protected the capitalist model of providing healthcare for people—in other words, we are not to help unless there is money to be made from it.”” -Democracy Now!

What was it Tommy Douglas said about fascism?:

“Let me remind you what fascism is. It need not wear a brown shirt or a green shirt – it may even wear a dress shirt. Fascism begins the moment a ruling class, fearing the people may use their political democracy to gain economic democracy, begins to destroy political democracy in order to retain its power of exploitation and special privilege.” -pg 261 of “Straight Through The Heart,” by Maude Barlow & Bruce Campbell

When did Barack Obama first make it known, in no uncertain terms, that the option of ‘single payer’, which he acknowledged was a good system, would not be discussed with him at that table where all options and ideas were going to be on the table?

And why are progressives still trying to sell this man and his Party to the rest of us? **

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