Bill Clinton & His Boy René Préval

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Well, I don’t really know how to link to a whole episode of Democracy Now! But they helpfully break up episodes into segments whose urls you can just copy & paste. So what I’ll do is paste in here the 3 relevant urls. (‘Url’ stands for ‘universal resource locator’ or something like that and is also know as a ‘web address’) The segments are contiguous in the episode, so you won’t find them confusing.

This (3 part segment) directly addresses issues raised in the sticky on my front page, besides providing an update on how the international community is dealing with Haiti post earthquake.

You’ll see clearly from Kim Ives’s and Roger Leduc’s comments that Haiti continues to be under attack by the corporatocracy. (Kim Ives is a journalist with Haïti Liberté. Roger Leduc is a Haitian radio show host and activist.) The sane money in this is on the corporatocracy. However, Roger Leduc, by his refusal to be dazzled by the bullcrap of ‘special’ people, demonstrates the sort of spirit, found in all humans who haven’t sold their souls and who find themselves being abused by tyrants, that I hope readers here will possess. I hope readers of this blog will feel the same sense of outrage at the inhumanity shown by the powerful players lining up to suck the life out of Haiti – just because they can. I hope the readers of this blog will feel that same outrage and show the same spirit of uncompromise with darkness shown by Roger Leduc, and many others, when they watch these Democracy Now! segments (linked to below).

René Préval

In the sticky on my front page, the reader will learn about how the U.S. deliberately and coldly destroyed Haiti’s agricutural self-sufficiency. In this 3 part segment of DN, the reader will see Bill Clinton, aka “slick Willy,” issue a mea culpa and an apology for being a part of that assault on Haiti. It’s not an apology that’s worth a fig, of course. It’s only meant to help tamp down the Haitian resistance to the U.S. takeover of their country. An apology from Bill Clinton that would mean something would be one accompanied by Bill’s announced withdrawal from helping to implement the corporatocracy’s plan, aided by the traitor René Préval, to maintain Haiti as a sweatshop zone and to place control of all funds earmarked for Haiti in the hands of the World Bank and other foreigners and to completely exclude Haitian civil society from decision-making in connection with the reconstruction of Haiti. The people are the enemy, as usual, and will have no (genuine) say in matters affecting them. (DN did not help us greatly by chopping this Haiti segment up the way they did.)

Kim Ives

Kim Ive’s report on Haiti, discussed on DN, can be found at the Haiti Liberté website. His March 31st article is titled “UN Conference to Consummate US Take-Over of Haiti.” To see it in English, click on the ‘English Version’ button.

part 1 of Haiti segment

part 2 of Haiti segment

part 3 of Haiti segment

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