Commercial Sports Are Thrilling Alright

Thabo Mbeki - servant of power

World Cup Knock-Out: South Africa to score big public debt in 2010 | The Dominion. – by Rachel Elfenbein

My online response to the above linked-to article follows:

** Well put Rachel. I will be interested in reviewing the information about the social impact of the Vancouver Olympics as more of that becomes available.

“Twenty-nine per cent of the population of South Africa cannot afford to pay for water and almost eight per cent of households use bucket toilets, an apartheid leftover that successive democratic national governments have both pledged and failed to eradicate as an issue of immediate concern.”

The garden variety of government, namely the corporatocracy government, can’t ever be expected to look out for the interests of the people. Check out Naomi Klein’s “The Shock Doctrine,” and her account of Mandela’s and Mbeki’s selling out of their people. You’ll be disgusted. Of the two, Mbeki was the more willing traitor.

And if the people think that they don’t have to actively inform themselves – about democracy and about governments that they ‘seem’ to vote for – they, and all of us, are really screwed. That information won’t fall into their laps. Corporate-owned media isn’t interested in telling the people the truth about what it’s partners are doing.

Therefore, Progressives have the huge job of breaking through the corporate propaganda and other barriers that the corporatocracy is happy to casually toss up and/or leave in place (brutal, distracting work culture that drains the life from citizens, sports spectacles that are nothing but more capitalism and exploitation, etc) in order to simply get people to notice this. And there’s no guarantee that when you get this message out there, people will pay more than momentary attention to it, because you can’t make people care. And it all comes down to that. Caring means noticing and knowing. And that’s before ‘any’ work can be undertaken. **

Here’s an excerpt from Naomi Klein’s “The Shock Doctrine – The Rise Of Disaster Capitalism.” Mining companies, aided and abetted by corporatocracy governments that see people as being in the way, and those among them who say something about it as yappy trade barriers, are causing untold mayhem all over the planet. It should come as no surprise to you, dear reader, to learn that they also played a role in the destruction (via abortion) of South African democracy. Believe it or not, Nelson Mandela and his right hand man, Thabo Mbeki, submitted their economic plan for SA to Harry Oppenheimer, “former chairman of the mining giants Anglo-American and De Beers,” for his approval! “economic symbols of apartheid rule” in South Africa were being invited by SA’s ‘saviors’ to continue to exploit South Africans and undermine the very democracy South Africans thought that they were on the verge of acquiring.

“…Of all the ANC leaders, and before Mandela’s release, he organized several secret meetings with corporate executives who were afraid of the prospect of black majority rule. In 1985, after a night of drinking Scotch with Mbeki and a group of South African businesspeople at a Zambian game lodge, Hugh Murray, the editor of a prestigious business magazine, commented, “The ANC supremo has a remarkable ability to instill confidence, even in the most fraught circumstances.” Mbeki was convinced that the key to getting the market to calm down was for the ANC to instill that kind of clubby confidence on a much larger scale. According to Gumede, Mbeki took on the role of free-market tutor within the party. The beast of the market had been unleased, Mbeki would explain; there was no taming it, just feeding it what it craved: growth and more growth.” – pg 250

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