Street Gangs Thrive Under Law & Order Governments

'Everyone' Should Say NO To Drugs

Street gangs still thriving despite big busts – – by Betsy Powell

From the above linked-to article:

“Defence lawyer John Struthers, who represented Willis when he beat a murder rap in 2003, says gang sweeps belong to the war on drugs, which has been a colossal failure.

“The demand (for drugs) does not cease,” he said at the Ontario Court of Justice on Wednesday. He is representing several of the men arrested this week.

“”It’s impossible to stop selling drugs in these housing projects because you have a choice of going to the Foot Locker and spending your time in a striped shirt selling shoes or they can stay on the street corner and being the drugstore for the rest of our society for $500 a day. It’s just irresistible and glorified by the media.””

Maybe we need to get rid of law & order governments before we can get law & order. Okay, That’s my usual line. And I do offer it here. But there’s more to it. Corporatocracy means inequality. It means a good economy for a minority. It means security and the good life for a minority, whatever talking heads say. But it’s up to us to care, regardless what we are handed. The young folks who don’t have jobs, or jobs that are useful, who turn to drugs and gangs not only do so for the dough. They do so because they don’t care. They don’t care any more than politicians comprising law & order governments. They don’t care anymore than their parents who vote for, tolerate and support law & order governments. They don’t care any more than a world that chooses physicality over spirituality as it defends a paradigm – ‘riches for the strongest’ – that supports the course it has chosen. And everyone – economic losers and winners, smart and not so smart, good and bad – plays that seriously harmful game. And what law can you pass to make people care?

The demand for drugs does not cease and that’s because people don’t care. They don’t care about what they put into and onto their bodies. And talking about drugs, Do capitalists, who ‘do’ have money, who are willing to do whatever it takes – which sometimes means sacrifice, work hard and take risks – care about the crap food and cosmetics they sell to whoever they can? (I’ve been watching CP24 lately and it’s appalling how much of the advertizing involves selling some chemical muck designed to make your hair or skin perfect and age-defying. It works, partly because people don’t care enough to say no to those drugs.) And those same capitalists, including their partners in politics, are happy to have the people – the enemy in fact, but not in ads and propaganda – distracted by lawlessness and disorder. And that in turn can be profitable, as Naomi Klein has explained. It’s a circle. Create the problems that you have the solutions for. If the war on drugs doesn’t work, that’s because the war and the problem are in fact one thing. There is no common sense war on drugs. There’s only a corporatocracy war on drugs. Put your George Orwell filters on when you’re reading mainstream media or you’re not going to become enlightened – which may or may not matter to you.

*edit, May 7

Further to the above, I was listening to On Point on the radio a little later in the evening, after posting the above, when I heard Richard Rodriguez say, much better than I did in my blog post, some things about American hypocrisy vis a vis the war on drugs, which you should check out. I tell you, RUN from law & order governments.

Listen to “Arizona’s Law, America’s Dilemma.” I recommend the whole episode, but the part where Richard Rodriguez mentions Americans’ hypocrisy about law and order and the war on drugs is not too far into the program. He is the second of the three guests to comment.

I also tossed in a comment there just noting that the guests that Tom Ashbrook had on, in my view, imparted information and ideas that were a positive contribution to the whole discussion. That comment follows below:

** The guests for this show were solid. I appreciated their commentary. Listeners and visitors to this site would do well to think about the important issues raised and those guests’ insights into them.

Americans are not just afraid. They are, too often, angry. They may think that that’s an easy way to let off steam. But garbage in means garbage out. If society building involves taking and not giving (stomping your feet and shouting angrily in order to simply get your way even when no one’s in your way), then the resulting divided society will ‘not’ be fit for anyone to live in. If society building involves an approach that includes humility, compassion, simple honesty, cooperation and hard work, with everyone pulling together to benefit society, and not just a minority (of capitalists and capitalist wannabes) within society, then things will go swimmingly.

Maybe angry Americans are harder to tame than other angry people – the whole world is angry, essentially, with itself – because America is the most powerful nation on earth and the anger seems therefore without cost. (Who’s going to put Americans in their place?) If so, then Americans are powerfully stupid. And that is indeed bad news for the rest of the planet. **

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