Ombudsman to probe G20 security rule

Bonny & Clyde

CBC News – Toronto – Ombudsman to probe G20 security rule. – CBC News

My online response to the above linked-to article follows:

** Firstly, I’m a fan of Andre Marin. I suppose this needs to be done. But…

“”The premier and [Community Safety and Correctional Services Minister Rick Bartolucci] have been very forthright and genuine in admitting that there was confusion and it had not been properly communicated. The next step is: what can we learn from it?””

That’s Marin speaking. The “next time” seems to always end in “what can we learn from it?,” Doesn’t it. And that could very well be in the back of Marin’s mind. Regardless, I’d rather Marin was in the position of ombudsman than someone who didn’t care. A small bit of restraint on power, if that’s what results from Marin’s recommendations, will be better than nothing I guess.

Actually, We – the people – have figured this out. Power acts a certain way. It claims to champion law & order and then breaks laws that we all agreed to because that way power can become power. It can dominate over the sheep who follow rules. From a position of dominance it can then dictate and guarantee outcomes and really looks after it’s own interests. Powerful people like glory and you get glory by taking from others who, once they see you walking away with everything, have no choice but to notice you as they hope to get back from you the means of – physical, economic, emotional – survival you took from them. So that becomes a part of the motivation for the perverse law & order crowd. **

This, from the above article, was amusing:

“Civil liberties groups have called for a full public inquiry into police actions. McGuinty has said only the federal government can order such a probe.” It’s not too helpful, Is it?, when we have to look to Bonny to get Clyde to check up on Bonny for us. LOL!

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