“Seven words to describe Toronto”

Left to right: Ken Aber, John H. Tory, Bruce Kuwabara, Ainsworth Morgan, Huwaida Osman, Vanessa Keall-Vejar, Ian Chamandy, Noella Milne photo by Vince Talotta

Left to right: Ken Aber, John H. Tory, Bruce Kuwabara, Ainsworth Morgan, Huwaida Osman, Vanessa Keall-Vejar, Ian Chamandy, Noella Milne photo by Vince Talotta

*edit, September 2, 2013 – This was an early post, done up before I found my rythm or whatever. Or maybe I just forgot to provide an excerpt from the article linked to. It’s not fair to readers to expect them to follow me on my reading adventures just because. I will give them a reason because I would want the same consideration. An excerpt allows the reader to get a taste of the post before digging into it, if he or she likes the taste. I omitted the ‘taste’. So, Here it is, with a link or two to the mayor we got, laugh, or cry, out loud.

*edit, November 13, 2013 – Corporate owned media stinks. The video I had linked to was yanked. Viacom complained about the use of its content. But that’s not really the problem. Viacom, who freely shows everyone its ‘content’, just wants to power trip and control, like the rest of the corporatocracy which it is a part of. The video I replace it with, which reveals the same information (about the circus that Rob Ford has turned city politics into), is from an organization that hopefully isn’t as undemocratic as Viacom. I’m talking about Rabble.

“Seven words to describe Toronto” by Jennifer Wells

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

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[Bruce] Kuwabara feels lost, which may seem surprising seeing as how the celebrated architect has just come off the triumph of the unveiling of the TIFF Bell Lightbox, and is due to fly to Berlin in a matter of hours and is chuffed that his firm, KPMB, has recently been shortlisted for a project we are forbidden to discuss.

Bruce Kuwabara isn’t culturally lost. He’s civically lost.

He describes himself as “really disappointed” in George Smitherman. Sarah Thomson has brought “grit” to the race, he notes admiringly, “but she won’t win.” Joe Pantalone? Points for likeability “but he won’t be mayor.” Rocco Rossi? “The tunnel thing,” sighs Kuwabara, giving his head a soft shake. “And now the Sopranos thing,” he continues, speaking of those ads. And if Rob Ford were to win? “It’s going to be a circus.”

“I don’t know who to vote for,” Kuwabara frets. “I think the mayor has to have a big view. I really like Michael Bloomberg.”

Michael Bloomberg is mayor of New York City.
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My online response (accepted) to the above linked-to article follows:

—- –
I know quite a few small business owners, mainly in the indy coffee scene, and I have learned from talking to them just how hard it is for a small business owner to succeed in this city. The city works against you. Then again, The people have let governments at all levels slip away from them, for a number of reasons. The evil, taxing governments that the people ignore are used by the happy capitalists. And they are used by the bigger capitalists to also make life hard for the smaller capitalists, because that’s what ‘free’ markets really mean in a world in which the dominant paradigm is ‘riches for the strongest’. And all of that focus by a minority within a minority has been at the expense of visioning and building a city (etc) that works for everyone.
– —-

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