Vale Et Al Are ‘The People’ To Harper Et Al

Rats With Fire

Rats With Fire

*edit, January 30, 2015 – I did a wee bit of touching up to this post. The image was messing things up, so I examined it and found that it was a gif. That’s probably what was causing it to bust out of it’s frame and overlap other items. I simply created a jpeg version, which corrected that problem. And I long ago jettisoned ‘corporacrat’ for ‘corporatist’. That’s because I hadn’t realized that the term ‘corporatist existed when I started to refer to corporacrats. It’s no biggy, but there’s enough of that going on already. Too many writers simply want to use their own language rather than language that exists and it serves no good purpose. I have no objections to the use of neologisms, but that’s a different subject. My objective is to communicate, whether I use conventional terminology or neologisms. Some writers simply seek to dominate the narrative. They want to win something – guru of the era award or something – and don’t mind if they disrespect other writers and discourage readers from going to them in the process.

The Progressive Economics Forum » Ottawa Lends Vale a Billion. by Erin Weir

The question isn’t What is the Harper government up to here? And it isn’t What is Vale (renamed Vale from Vale Inco) up to here? The question is what is Vale and the Harper government up to here, because clearly the Harper government is working very closely with it’s corporate ally. Because it’s a corporation and Harper is a corporatist (which has essentially the same meaning as ‘neoliberal’ and ‘fascist’). Just what will it mean for the people?, namely those who Harper et al view as the enemy? Erin Weir thinks it does not bode well for Canadian workers.

From the linked-to PEF article, above, by Erin Weir, the following:

** One is left to conclude that the Government of Canada provided the loan to make a political statement, amplified by dueling press releases from EDC and Vale. The message seems to be that foreign investors can beat up Canadian workers and the Canadian government will be cool with it. **

I don’t know what Mining Watch Canada thinks, because as of this writing, it hasn’t posted anything about Vale on it’s website.

And Vale is sooo deserving of support from ‘our’ federal government, as we see from it’s ongoing activities which I’ve commented on in two previous blog posts, Definitely Go Home Vale Inco!!! Then There’s Rio Tinto and Vale Attacks The People And The Environment.

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