Different Direction?

Coyle: NDP’s Andrea Horwath is a new kind of leader – thestar.com.

An excerpt from the above linked-to article by Jim Coyle follows:

** Over the year and a half since Horwath won the leadership, the New Democrats have been both the classiest and most productive of the opposition parties.

It was the NDP that produced figures showing the actual impact of the Harmonized Sales Tax on Ontario families.

It was Horwath who led the charge for an inquiry into the overwrought security and alleged civil rights abuses during the G-20 summit in Toronto this summer.

The New Democrats turned up data showing that the installation of smart meters was costing families more but doing little to improve energy conservation.

Most recently, the NDP revealed the contracts given lobbyists by Ontario hospitals, universities and municipalities to wheedle their own provincial government.

Moreover, while the official Opposition talks non-stop about Ontario families, it’s been Horwath who daily brings their stories to the legislature. **

Well, The folks at Straight Goods seemed to like Coyle’s article. Yes, It was glowing. But what if it’s not sufficiently critical? Is Coyle bullcrapping us? On the other hand, There’s plenty of schizophrenia at the Star as, for one thing, it talks like it’s a friend of the people but acts in the interests of the capitalist class, the same way the Liberal Party does. And while it harbors a few writers who positively don’t follow the corporatocracy script that their bosses would no doubt prefer they did follow, the editorial board is very down with the neoliberal (empower corporations and weaken the people) agenda.

I’m not too sure about Andrea Horwath, although I’m not so bothered by her proximity to the people that it makes me apoplectic. In the same edition of the Star, you can also read the editorial titled “All negative, all the time,” an unhelpful diatribe about supposedly unhelpful politicians. But What if they are the Star’s sort? Why call them unhelpful, which isn’t something I would disagree with, although I’m undecided about Horwath. Is this an example of demonstration, horizontal thinking? The Star would, then, here be expressing not it’s sentiments but what it thinks are ours. Clever! The intention would be for the Star to have us agree with it’s supposedly people-friendly politicians, which, it would turn out, are or are like the rightwingers they seem to be condemning here.

Anyhow, It seems one of the Star’s stars is so freaked by Andrea that he or she can’t even be bothered to slow down enough as she (let’s say) is firing off her missive to spell Andrea’s name properly. Repeatedly. It certainly isn’t spelled H-o-w-a-r-t-h. – And if these ‘stars’ don’t bother to double check their columns for horrible typos etc, maybe that explains why so many other writers in the Star produce cringe-worthy material.

The editorial writer states that “…Howarth’s campign to “zap HST off hydro bills” would subsidize both low-income household and multi-millionaires, hardly a traditional New Democrat stance. If affordability is the concern, far better to target help where it is most needed.” Except that universality ‘is’ a traditional NDP stance. They’ve always taken the position, to my knowledge, that for political purposes more than anything, it’s necessary to include the well off in designing social programs. Of course, There’s nothing rational about the rickety mansion of the corporatocracy system we are all living under, and constantly patching up. Capitalism and mixed economies are not working and the need is for everyone, rich and poor, Right and Left, to pull together in order to make a system that works for everyone. Perhaps the current system could be made to work, but that’s conditional upon all players having good intentions. You don’t have enough care in the world, relatively speaking, to fill a thimble. But that’s another subject.

If the universality principle, which the NDP does believe in and upholds, does not apply here, then fine. But I’m not sure it doesn’t.

In any case, The Star’s stars are a bunch of free trade boosting, deficit terrorism practicing, tax-cutting and slash-spending rightwing hypocrites. If they are concerned about the possibility that the wealthy might not be paying their way, there’s a zillion things they can do about it, easily. They could just care for a start. They could care by all (with a few exceptions) getting jobs washing dishes and mopping floors and as security guards and leave the moving and shaking to others. What a fake friend of the people the Star is!

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