Are Immigrants Solely Responsible For Jobs Being Lost To Canada-Born Canadians?

*edit, January 4, 2013 – As often happens when I review old posts, I have found dead links here and there and, in this post, a dead link and a hi-jacked link. It’s a sick world. I’m talking about lost jobs and someone hijacks my link to point it to some strange site that invites people with money to shop. Also, the link to Ish Theilheimer’s article misses the intended target, which is less surprising. Straight Goods has folded, although I thought the old articles were to be archived and reachable on I have found what might be the study that Ish, who doesn’t think that Europe has experienced war since World War 2, linked to: “Canada-EU free trade deal could cost up to 150,000 Canadian jobs: study” – See more at:

“Canada-EU free trade deal could cost up to 150,000 Canadian jobs: study” – by Ish Theilheimer

Scott Sinclair’s study is worth digging into also:

“Negotiating From Weakness” by Scott Sinclair

An excerpt from the above CCPA article (Jim’s study) follows:

== =
A Canada-EU free trade deal would create a huge trade deficit for Canada, resulting in the loss of up to 150,000 Canadian jobs, says a study released today by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA).

The study, by economist and CCPA Research Associate Jim Stanford, models three scenarios to provide a range of estimates regarding the likely impacts of EU-Canada free trade. In every case, Canada’s bilateral trade balance worsens significantly. The simulations suggest an incremental loss of between 28,000 and 150,000 Canadian jobs.
– See more at:
= ==

Have you heard of the Canada-EU free trade deal? No? It doesn’t surprise me. Those things aren’t given much air time by the corporate owned media and why would they be? They are nasty, antisocial arrangements between corporatocracy governments designed to do one thing only, namely extend and entrench exploitative neoliberal capitalism. Free trade deals are really just corporate charters of rights. The corporatocracy never stops seeking more freedom and power, and because it views the people as the enemy, it’s happy to get it’s freedom and power by taking it from the people.

Bosses like high unemployment. As I’ve explained before, it disciplines labor. When you don’t have good paying jobs, with job security and benefits, floating around you are less inclined to respond to the abuses of your employer by quitting your job. And the boss is less inclined to try to keep you by treating you fairly.

Are immigrants solely responsible for jobs being lost to Canada-born Canadians? In fact, Are immigrants ‘guilty’ of anything? Our corporatist ‘leaders’ and their partners in the private sector cause mayhem in developing countries, sending their workers into a tailspin and in search of the means of survival, wherever that search may take them. Many come here and, after putting their noses to the grindstone and lifting themselves up, the way rightwingers claim that they want to see people do, they are often then met with hostility from the domestic population, whipped up by those same rightwing politicians.

I know that you people have your challenges, namely propaganda and a brutal work culture that leaves you drained and distracted, and there’s the requirement to show your devotion to capitalism by focussing on spending when you’re not self-tranquilizing in some other fashion, But for gosh sakes think critically more often! Think critically about this. Be decent. Be fair. I promise you, a few bad apples notwithstanding, Immigrants to Canada don’t have bad intentions like your ‘leaders’ here.

But they are vulnerable and, because they are politically powerless and unwilling to make waves in their new home, easy to put down. It’s easy for angry citizens to take their anger out on the immigrants in their communities. Our powerful political class is harder to diss in any serious fashion, because we ‘do’ have mechanisms by which we can take our grievances and seek to have them addressed. Go to a community meeting where such issues are being discussed. Voice your concern to the local political representative there. Form or join a group to advocate for the changes you feel are needed. Whatever. Therefore, Like a loudmouth whose bluff is called, people won’t complain in any serious fashion about the problem of immigrants and the need for politicians to do something about them because they know that they would be called upon to do something about their grievances. At which point… The hockey game is on.

There’s a lot more reportage in the media about immigration than impending free trade deals. I’m not saying that we shouldn’t talk about immigration, or taxes, or deficits, etc.. (Although I would always want a discussion where we don’t just hear from rightwingers who are happy to serve power and special interests in return for screwing their neighbors – you and me. Hello Rob Ford!) But, While you’re getting worked up about whatever the corporate-owned media wants you to get worked up about, such as immigrants stealing jobs away from Canada-born Canadians, you may want to care enough and be fair-minded enough to start asking for some discussion and transparency in connection with the free trade deals that our corporatist ‘leaders’ are setting up without any regard for what we the people want or need. What do you think?

Jim Stanford on the Progressive Economics Forum

The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives

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5 Responses to Are Immigrants Solely Responsible For Jobs Being Lost To Canada-Born Canadians?

  1. Jane says:

    They most certainly are taking all the jobs away. I come from a middle class family who are educated. I was doing well all of my life and worked since age 15. Since coming to Ottawa in 2007, I held one full-time job in my profession that has been automated. Since then I only held two temp jobs in government offices. I sent over 3000 resumes since 2009 and finally I decided to volunteer to keep busy, but what I really need and want is a full-time job. I ended up on social assistance the first time in my life and I am very unhappy about it. I had to work with people new to Canada who do not have the language culture or skill level that I have. I also had to leave my home province which is 700 miles east to come to ontario with little help and certainly alot less help than a foreignor is given. I also have: a brother in law out of work who is a contractor, his son is out of work who just graduated from university, my sister is out of work in government contract type work, I am out of work, my two best friends cannot find work- but manage to find the odd temp job at minimum wage where it used to be 18 an hour. The people I volunteer with are out of work. Ontario has a very high unemployment rate and is now a have not province thanks to liberal polices and thieves in our government who steal and waste tax payers money. There should be no immigrants coming at all in a double dip recession. In 1929 immigration to canada was halted as should be the case now.

    • Arrby says:

      Over 3000 resumes?

      Social assistance is indeed crappy, unless you’re a lawbreaking, tax evading bank or other corporation. And that’s because governments, which don’t want you and I to do socialism by collecting EI or welfare, have been ‘captured’ by powerful special interests and corporations and want to put the people in their place, something that keeps the people from focussing and trying to get either accountability from trouble-making governments – which practice socialism with their private sector partners – or their removal . These people are believers in inequality. And they get a kick out of surviving by taking the means of survival from others. If government was by and of and for the people, it would simply do what we wanted it to do. And we could have ‘socialist’ and reasonable insurance policies, like welfare and EI, implemented for our protection.

      Do you vote? I’m not recommending it, actually. (That would legitimize what is, by now, a thoroughly undemocratic, elite-serving electoral system.) The point is, You should really be angry with government. And that would be all government. City government may be where you would have the most impact. But governments, ideologically driven and following the neoliberal script of privatization and deregulation written by capitalists for capitalists, have no interest in full employment policies, let alone full ‘meaningful’ employment policies. They’re busy aiding and abetting exploitative companies who have zero loyalty to fellow citizens in the workforce and will pack up and depart for a lower wage country in a heartbeat. It’s not necessary, nor good for the economy. But it’s a free universe and people can be perverted and uncaring if they choose to be.

      The lack of jobs is desired by bosses for it disciplines labor. If bosses want it, governments make it so. When you can’t easily leave a crappy job for a good one, because there aren’t enough jobs (good or bad), then you’re going to stick with your stingy boss and the low pay and any other abuses the company dishes out. And, as Thomas Walkom points out in the Toronto Star, bosses really don’t want to pay workers anything. They want to see a ruined economy – which is all that can come from so many unemployed and underemployed and low wages that means no spending in the economy and no revenues for governments since taxes are being collected – and social upheavel and misery all around. They believe firmly that they will always have the key – sufficient income and protection from the nanny state – to the door of safety and prosperity and can walk through it any time, leaving the rest of us to burn in this hell humans have created.

      A final word about those corporations that look for slave labor in developing countries. They take ‘our’ governments with them. Our governments are busy foisting ‘free trade’ deals on weaker nations. Free trade deals are nothing but charters of rights and freedoms for exploitative corporations. Canadian-based mining companies are the worst. One even helped itself to Peru’s resources by ‘helping’ them to write their laws in such a way that their entry into Perus was eased. They aren’t there to improve the lot of foreign laborers. They ruin their environments, their economes and force them to wander far to find work to feed themselves and their families. And if that pisses you off and you want to take it out on them, you are free to. But that’s not fair.

      You volunteered to work with foreigners who you didn’t like because you couldn’t understand them and you were more skilled than they were? Or did you just misplace some of your statements to have it look that way?

      By the way, I have a series of posts on this subject. I see that I neglected to update the links. As I add, I need to also add in a link to the previous posts in the series. The titles are all the same. Just add part 2, part 3, etc..

      • Arrby says:

        *edit, July 28, 2013 – “They want to see a ruined economy – which is all that can come from so many unemployed and underemployed and low wages that means no spending in the economy and no revenues for governments since taxes are being collected – and social upheavel and misery all around” should be the same except for “since taxes are being collected.” That should have been “since taxes aren’t being collected.”

        I just noticed that what shows to you isn’t what I’ve written! There’s an “are” in the above statement that I indeed edited on July 28, 2013 to read “aren’t.” I see it in my edit view. Hmmm. To be clear, Governments give themselves a revenue problem via tax cuts and social spending cuts. Fostering high unemployment, and letting bosses get away with robbing workers, drains treasuries. Businesses thriving mean more taxes being generated. Workers not using welfare or unemployment insurance and instead working, means they’re paying taxes and ‘not’ draining treasuries. It’s that simple.

  2. Jane says:

    And outsourcing would be the next culprit.

  3. Jane says:

    Canada should follow what greece is dong and at least deport all the thousands of illegals who are a drain to our pockets and drive up our taxes.

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