Hernando de Soto on Peruvian TV / photo: Roberto Bustamante

World Bank Darling Promotes Privatization of Reserves: Critics say fee-simple title on reserves could further erode Indigenous land base | The Dominion. by Emma Feltes and Neskie Manuel

Here’s an excerpt from the above linked-to article:

** “De Soto, president of the Institute for Liberty and Democracy (ILD), is notorious for advocating fee simple property ownership and market-led agrarian reform among Latin America’s campesinos. His ideas are promoted by international financial institutions like the World Bank, as well as the US international development organization USAID, which uses his theory to back their own market-driven development projects throughout Latin America.

“He’s also been assailed with criticism from popular and grassroots organizations such as Via Campesina—a global peasant movement—which maintains that the ramifications of de Soto’s economic agenda are the global phenomena of dispossession of Indigenous people and intensified economic stratification.

“Like de Soto’s proposal for Latin America, which aims to convert latent or “dead” assets into market capital, [C.T.(Manny)] Jules and [Tom] Flanagan aim to transform collective rights into individual titles, which can be openly traded on the market. In Canada, collective land title is understood to be the inherent right of Indigenous peoples.” **

My online response to the above linked-to article follows. I turned the Democracy Now! article title into a link for this post:

** It’s a sad state of affairs. Then again, as the Christian Bible makes clear, God lets an “operation of error” go to, or be performed by, those who are inclined to get from A to B by nefarious means. Exploiting others is about as nefarious as it gets. Why is that operation allowed to go forth? The passage continues to state plainly that it is so that those who act upon their wicked desires might then be judged. Thought crimes are for George Bush and his followers. (2Thessalonians 2:9-12)

It’s true that elites have chosen to civilization-build by exploiting and oppressing. There was never any need for people to approach life that way. When it comes to our souls and our relationship to God, we have choice. Always.

Alas, Human imperfection (which was ‘not’ built into us) allows for all kinds of folly, including the cruelest perversity (such as ‘law & order’ governments that are nothing more than highly organized, sophisticated and murderous crime organizations). But that imperfection isn’t an impediment to those who might choose to care, for which reason so many (but not enough) do. The wicked have no excuse. Yes, Over time, wicked people have created a monstrous system that in turn compels everyone to embrace darkness, or to continue to embrace darkness, but it can’t compel anyone to not care.

And so, Elites today are not only those who have carried on with monster building/feeding, but they can’t even tolerate any hint of civilization breaking out. Probably each member fears that showing human compassion will be sniffed by his elite colleagues and lead to his swift and brutal extermination as they proceed, like vampires, to pounce on him.

And that is how the people have become the enemy. As Jesus Christ said, ‘You can’t slave for both God and for Riches’. You will either hate the one and love the other or vice versa. There’s Obama, dutifully supported and followed by Stephen Harper, presiding over the theft of Iraq and Afghanistan from Iraqis and Afghanis, in India recently praising India and it’s ruling class for being such a good friend of America, while the Indian government is murdering it’s citizens – and calling all the victims, without disctinction, Maoists – who happen to be living on land that their (the government’s) domestic and foreign partners in the private sector would like for themselves. The powerless Indians, many millions of them, who must either do nothing and wait to be devoured by their own government and it’s soldiers or else try to resist and be branded as lawless criminals and then attacked for that, are facing the same sort of challenges (and even the same actors in many cases, no doubt) as our relatively more fortunate native Canadians who Emma and Neskie talk about in this article.

See the Democracy Now! report on Arundhati Roy’s efforts to inform us about the Indian government’s mass murders: “Acclaimed Indian Author Arundhati Roy On Obama’s Wars, Poverty And India’s Maoist Rebels” (http://bit.ly/d7DuAz) **

Here’s a Democracy Now! report about Obama’s visit to India: “Big Business & Arms Deals, Not Poverty, Top Obama’s Agenda In India”

Here’s an excerpt from that report:

** ANJALI KAMAT: Talking about this issue of agriculture, one of the things that President Obama has been saying is that India should be a model for food sovereignty and talking about ushering a permanent green revolution. Talk a little bit more about these agriculture deals and what it means to say that India is a model for food sovereignty, when the vast majority of its citizens live well below the poverty line.

VIJAY PRASHAD: Yes, it’s not that there is insufficient food grains produced in India. The question is that most people don’t have enough in their pockets to buy those grains. In fact, perversely, the Indian government has been thinking of exporting food grains, even though starvation and hunger in India are at very high levels.

The real question coming from these agribusiness companies like Monsanto and Cargill is the question the propriety rights. The United States and India signed a very hush-hush agreement in 2005 called the Umbrella Science Agreement. And this was the move to push the Indian—you know, the intellectual property law from a question of creative commons or open licensing to very restrictive, private control of patents. This has been a big issue between the two countries, especially—not so much the two countries, it’s a big issue between the agribusiness firms and the Indian government. And once more, the American government is brought into the position of having to lobby for agribusiness firms to push for India to, as it were, not strengthen, but change its intellectual property regime from one that was in the public domain to one that will move everything into the private domain. So when we talk about agriculture, we’re not really talking about seeds and farmers. What we’re really talking about here is property rights over things like seeds, property rights over things like fertilizer, etc. So it’s not about the actual things itself; it’s about who gets to control them, who gets to own them, and therefore, who gets to set a price when they sell it to small farmers, who increasingly are unable to buy the goods that come with these kind of patents. **

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