Who Gives A Crap What Marshall Ganz Thinks?

Marshall Ganz - Photo Courtesy of HKS

So what does Marshall Ganz think now? | rabble.ca. – By Fred Wilson

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows and all it is is the title of a Los Angeles Times article by Obama booster Marshall Ganz. I’m sooo disappointed by so-called progressives, too often. Yes, I’m talking about Fred Wilson and Rabble:

“How Obama lost his voice, and how he can get it back.”

My online response, on Fred Wilson’s rabble blog, to that sorry report follows:

** Obama has lots of blood on his hands. Lots! STOP. SELLING. US. OBAMA!!! **

Ganz presents Obama the same way the liberal media presented the American government during the Vietnam War, as having made a mistake. He/it had noble intentions… Not! Just as it’s been painfully clear to most of the world for a long time that the American empire does not have good intentions, so too was it painfully clear to real progressives that Obama did not have good intentions as soon as he put together his pro free trade, pro Israel, pro neoliberal capitalism cabinent upon taking office as president. In fact, Real progressives noted that there was no sign, before he won the presidential election, that Obama was going to turn American around.

“In his transactional leadership mode, the president chose compromise rather than advocacy.” How does a Democrat advocate for the real change that he, as a corporacrat, seeks, namely the further weakening of the enemy, ‘the people’? As a Democrat, his role is to be the good cop to the Republican’s bad cop. A Republican presidential candidate might be more inclined to tell it like it is and say straight up that the real change needed in society is a further weakening of the people and strengthening of corporations, but even Republicans must do spin and will therefore pay lip service, often if not always, to the idea of serving the people.

“Instead of speaking on behalf of a deeply distressed public, articulating clear positions to lead opinion and inspire public support, Obama seemed to think that by acting as a mediator, he could translate Washington dysfunction into legislative accomplishment.” Not true. Obama had, and has, no illusions about the role he and his political colleagues must play in supporting the centers of private power, the corporations that bankroll their campaigns.

“Confusing bipartisanship in the electorate with bipartisanship in Congress, he lost the former by his feckless pursuit of the latter, empowering the very people most committed to bringing down his presidency.” The reader might begin to question Ganz’s spin here. Is Obama that stupid? Of course not. Obama isn’t slipping. He’s slipping into his role, which he knows includes letting the people down and taking the flak for our real bosses, the corporations and elites. His office is there to manage the people in the interests of the corporatocracy and that task involves being the lightening rod for the inevitable anger of the people who will be disappointed by their leader’s failure to support and defend them. The corporatocracy doesn’t want us to direct our anger, at least in any focussed and sustained way, at corporations, the real power in the world.


Here’s a look at Obama’s attitude toward Latin America early into his presidency: “Obama And Latin America: The First Six Months” by Kevin Young

An excerpt from that article follows:

** Recently, though, Obama has even suggested that he may be willing to overlook the Uribe regime’s human rights record—by far the worst in Latin America—in the interest of passing a trade agreement. On June 29 he praised Uribe’s “diligence and courage” and applauded “the progress that has been made in human rights in Colombia,” noting that “obviously we’ve seen a downward trajectory in the deaths of labor union[ist]s and we’ve seen improvements when it comes to prosecution” of the offenders. Obama neglected to note the specifics of that downward trajectory: from 2007 to 2008 in Colombia there was a 34 percent increase in murders and disappearances of trade unionists (49 were murdered last year, the most in the world), plus a 52 percent increase in forced displacement and a 102 percent increase in death threats.11 Obama has rewarded Uribe for that downward trajectory by continuing the Clinton-Bush legacy of extending massive military aid to Colombia. Although his 2010 budget reduces by about $36 million the amount dedicated exclusively to Colombia’s military and police apparatus, next year’s Colombia funding still amounts to over $508 million in U.S. aid, $268 million for military and police. Recently the administration has also sought to finalize agreements that will expand the direct U.S. military presence within Colombia. **

Again, This selling of Barack Obama reminds me of the major medias’ purveying of propaganda about the U.S. losing it’s war against North Vietnam (even though the American military focussed most of it’s destructive efforts on South Vietnam where the real ememy resided, namely the people who might like the egalitarian communism expounded by their fellow Vietnamese rather than the exploitative capitalist system that was being forced on them). Vietnam wasn’t an unbelievably huge crime, an imperial war of aggression, a mass spilling of blood for profit. Oh no! It was just a mistake. The real victim was the U.S., who has had a hard time getting over it’s mistake. The Vietnamese should compensate the Americans for the suffering they’ve endured because of having to deal with the huge cost to it of having made that mistake – if you can believe it. I’m not just winging it here. That’s actually been the position of American elites and their media and institutional tools.

Barack Obama has made no mistakes, which isn’t to say he’s perfect, neither from God’s standpoint nor, I’m sure, from his associates’ standpoint. But, From the standpoint of the corporatocracy – whose interests Obama seeks to protect as he travels abroad to places like India, where the Indian government is massacring it’s own people just because it has memorandums of understanding with foreign mining companies to plunder those vulnerable Indians’ homelands, and Indonesia, where Obama is pleased to facilitate America’s resumption of support for Indonesian terrorist forces unleashed in the same manner and for the same purpose as Indian government troops killing Indians – Barack Obama has performed admirably. Amy Goodman has been following Barack Obama’s progress in Indonesia (and has a personal interest in doing so, since she and her colleague Allan Nairn found themselves in grave danger in East Timor years ago when Obama’s terrorist friends went on a rampage there) and wrote the following report: “Obama in the Company of Killers”

Here’s an excerpt from Goodman’s report:

** If a volcano kills civilians in Indonesia, it’s news. When the government does the killing, sadly, it’s just business as usual, especially if an American president tacitly endorses the killing, as President Barack Obama just did with his visit to Indonesia.

As the people around Mount Merapi dig out of the ash following a series of eruptions that have left more than 150 dead, a darker cloud now hangs over Indonesia in the form of renewed U.S. support for the country’s notorious Kopassus, the military’s special forces commando group. Journalist Allan Nairn released several secret Kopassus documents as the Obamas landed in Jakarta, showing the level of violent political repression administered by the Kopassus—now, for the first time in more than a decade, with United States support.

Last March, Nairn revealed details of a Kopassus assassination program in the Indonesian province of Aceh. These new Kopassus documents shed remarkable detail on the province of West Papua. As Nairn wrote in his piece accompanying the documents, West Papua is “where tens of thousands of civilians have been murdered and where Kopassus is most active. … When the U.S. restored Kopassus aid last July the rationale was fighting terrorism, but the documents show that Kopassus in fact systematically targets civilians.” In the Kopassus’ own words, the civilians are “much more dangerous than any armed opposition.” **

As for India, whose government Obama had plenty of good things to say about recently, the following Democracy Now! report, with Arundhati Roy, shows clearly that only a president of a corporatocracy government could not notice the slaughter happening at the hands of the country’s leader with whom he is exchanging pleasantries. See “Obama’s Wars, Poverty and India’s Maoist Rebels.”

I’m more disappointed in rabble’s Fred Wilson than I am in this Marshall Ganz fellow, who I don’t care a whit about.

“Against the background of large-scale aggression and terror, actions that would be considered major crimes if perpetrated by others are mere footnotes…

“The human toll is too vast to try to calculate, but for rogue states with tremendous power, crimes do not matter. They are eliminated from history or transmuted into benign intent that sometimes goes awry. Thus, at the outer limits of admissable critique, the war against South Vietnam, then all of Indochina, began with “blundering efforts to do good,” though “by 1969” it had become clear “that the intervention had become a disastrous mistake” because the US “could not impose a solution except at a price too costly to itself.” Robert McNamara’s apology for the war was addressed to Americans, and was either condemned as treachery (by hawks) or considered highly meritorious and courageous (by doves): If millions of dead litter the ruins of the countries devastated by our assault, and still die from unexploded ordnance and the lingering effects of chemical warfare, that is not our concern, and calls for no apology, let alone reparations or war crimes trials.” -pg 10 of “Rogue States – The Rule Of Force In World Affairs,” by Noam Chomsky

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