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ZCommunications | WikiRebels Documentary by Wikileaks Wl | ZSpace.

An excerpt from the transcript of the above linked-to documentary follows:

** …as an organization, WikiLeaks continue to remain unknown to the general public, however the word spreads among activists far and wide on the net, eventually reaching the german “Chaos Computer Club,” the biggest and oldest club for hackers in the world. “I [Daniel Domsheit-Berg] heard about it in late 2007 from a couple of friends. I started reading a bit more but I started to understand the value of such a project to society.” The politically engaged Chaos Computer Club has been fighting a long-term battle for free access to information. One of its members, Daniel Domscheit-Berg, is quick to recognize the common ground between his view of society and that of Wikileaks. He quits his job as a computer consultant so as to devote all of his time to the new organization. “The question is the attitude. What attitude do you have to society ? Do you, do you look at what there is and you accept that as god given, or do you see society as something where you identify a problem and then you find a creative solution for that problem. So it is a matter of are you a spectator or are you actively participating in, in society.” **

The Christian Bible refers to world powers, individually and collectively, as wild beasts. Who could argue that they are not? I often talk about the monstrous system that is coporatocracy and point out how it will devour anyone, admirer or victim, rich or poor, powerful or weak, should that person (or persons) simply become unlucky enough to find himself standing in front of the monster that only knows how to devour. The difference between the rich and poor, the powerful and weak, of course is that those in the one group have resources that enable it’s members to run faster and further from the monster than members in the other group, but without any guarantee that they will escape. The deal that they’ve made for survival, when they sold their souls, didn’t include a guarantee that there would be ‘any’ survival. But expect macho people to do macho things. Unfortunately, At this time innocents (relatively speaking) often must pay the negative consequences of the bad decisions of macho, wicked people.

The sad thing is that none of this madness is necessary. But it’s a free universe. You can’t force people to care. Or be rational. And so, Elites have chosen to run the world by exploiting people (and by instituting socialism for the rich, which includes a military industrial complex that enriches capitalists who manufacture weapons and hi tech systems that tax dollars support). That has necessitated that they regard the people as the enemy, since it’s easier to exploit others when they are the unworthy enemy.

Once it’s established that ‘the people’ are the enemy, then you can always plausibly argue that your attacks on them were motivated by your belief that they were attacking you. All is fair in love and war. If your enemy who you just slaughtered was unarmed, that doesn’t mean much. Your enemy is still your enemy. As I said, It’s madness. But it’s a kind of madness.

It is madness that begins with free choice and the ability to know the difference between good and evil paths. When you knowingly and willingly choose the path of darkness, it makes no difference that you felt compelled by (scary or powerful or famous) others to do so. You are still guilty. And when you know very well what your choice involved, and are therefore reprehensible, that doesn’t help you when you must answer to God. That hurts you. As his Son said, ‘If the light that is in you is in fact darkness, How great that darkness is!’ (Matthew 6:22)

An angel of God, a being with power and knowledge that we can’t imagine, once chose, freely, to abuse his free moral agency and rebel against God. He saw that the first human couple was directing it’s worship toward God and he thought that he’d like to be similarly worshipped. He chose the path of darkness, and while he no doubt still possesses greater power and knowledge than humans do, he’s fallen far. He has unplugged from the source of life and he may travel, on momentum, far. But he will come to a stop eventually, unless he’s stopped first, which, reportedly, will happen.

His path traces a long, at least by human standards, process of abasement at the hands of the God of light. For some time, he was free to go back and forth between heaven and earth, two different types of places for sure. Until the time when another angel of God who had not chosen the path of darkness was honored by his Father for his loyalty and willingness to sacrifice himself to both honor his Father and help save believing mankind (which isn’t ‘all’ of mankind). At that time, appropriately, That Son of God took the acceptable and proper action of barring Satan from heaven and proximity to the source of Life, Light and Love. Soon, That same Son of God will bring Satan down even lower when he’s sent into an abyss for a thousand years while loyal mankind recovers from the ravages of the monstrous system that a foolish and dedarkened mankind had wrought and builds a civilization that’s civilized.

The reward for embracing darkness is darkness. It is it’s own reward. Only for now, though, does that choice impact not only those who make it, but others, namely innocents, as well. For a purpose. That is allowed so that we can see that independence from the Source of life doesn’t work. That lesson is fairly over. There is little time left for this monstrous system of things and it’s willing supporters.

To you, dear readers, I say: Worry about the catastrophe ‘before’ it happens. Not after. We can’t save this world. Those who want to have a problem. Why would anyone want to save an evil, hellish system of things? We can, however, often save ourselves. Individuals can be saved. You save yourself by caring. And that involves encouraging others to care.

By the way, There is no actual, Christian Bible type of hell. The concept of a hell where dead, evil people go to be tortured forever isn’t taught in the Christian Bible. A God of love would neither create nor allow anyone to create such a place that can serve no good purpose. Those who cross the line, who go from being merely imperfect and not free from the mistakes that imperfection leads to, to knowingly and willingly working against God, are simply allowed to die, completely, which means body ‘and’ soul.

Hell is something taught by unprincipled people in positions of authority who desire to keep that authority and who therefore need mechanisms, false teachings (like political hot buttons, that even those who teach them don’t believe), that will accomplish that task. Idle hands are the devil’s workshop. When people can’t find useful things to do, such as work towards putting civilization into civilization, then they will find trouble to get into. Unfortunately, The trouble that idle – relatively speaking – hands get into easily becomes trouble not only for themselves. eh. Awesome!

Julian Assange / photo by Graeme Robert

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