Speed Bumps On A Road That Shouldn’t Exist

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Geist: What Harper’s ministers should be doing digitally – thestar.com – by Michael Geist

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

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Ed Fast, Minister of International Trade: You will be actively involved in negotiating several trade deals, including border negotiations with the United States, the Canada-EU Trade Agreement, and a proposed trade deal with India. Intellectual property forms a key part of these agreements and the Canadian objective should be to ensure that we retain full flexibility (consistent with international law) to implement made-in-Canada approaches on copyright and patent law. Those laws should be made in Ottawa, not Washington, Brussels, or New Delhi.
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My online response to the above linked-to article follows:

Michael: Has anyone ever called you a well intentioned road bump? / I have no use for the global corporatocracy and it’s national components. Free trade deals – proliferating at an alarming rate and negotiated, regularly, behind closed doors – a feature of the exploitative regime presided over by corporatocracy governments, are a big deal, corporate owned [media’s] indifference notwithstanding. From the people’s standpoint, they are a big problem, as you would expect. Making them as nice as they can be, as long as we must have them, is better than nothing. But I have no illusions about what they mean, tweaked or not, and their utility to me and my fellow majority society members. Keep in mind that I believe in law and order that works for (not against) ‘everyone’.

Free trade deals from undemocratic, fascist (pro business, pro politician, anti people) political ‘leaders’ are of no use to me. Free trade, which worked fine pre 1988, was never about free trade. It was about it’s opposite. Pfizer and American Express foisted the first Canada / U.S. free trade pact on us as a way to slip in anti-competitive features (patent protection, intellectual property protection, copyright laws) that, as industries already dominant in their fields, they saw would crush any potential competition to them. As ever in our mafia capitalist system, politicans ‘deal with’ powerful special interests and ‘manage’ or sell out citizens who look to them for guidance. That’s how it is in a monstrous money system in which fearless capitalists are, apparently, frightened to death at the [prospect] of not having funds and power sufficient to run faster and further from the mo[n]ster they worship.

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