Law & Order As Taught By Corporate-Owned Media

Tahrir – The Canadian Boat To Gaza

Below is one of many endorsements of the Canadian Boat To Gaza. (At the bottom of the post is a link to the Canadian Boat To Gaza website where you’ll find additional videos of endorsements). But many more endorse the positions of Israel, America’s base in the mideast, thanks to the influence of corporate-owned media and people’s failure to think critically.

I’m sure many Israeli citizens are not happy about being, besides a nation, a base of the bloody, criminal state of America. That must make it hard for them to view their own country as one that they can be proud of. Come to think of it, Canada is feeling more like an American base all the time. It doesn’t help that we have a devious, fascist, continentalist leader in Stephen Harper. Don’t expect him and those who he works with to do anything to change the electoral system that puts people like them in power.

We have to get rebellious in order to take our country out of the hands of uncaring elites and their tools. Or we can just tune into the hockey game or Dancing With The Stars (Is there such a show? Anyway, It’s all the same crap.) and not know or care. When the monster bites you on your ass, while you’re enjoying your overly carefree life, you won’t have the equipment to deal with it. Will you? But you’ll squawk for sure, adding to the noise – which isn’t fightback.

From the article titled “Canadian Boat “Tahrir” Will Sail To Help End Israel’s Illegal Siege Of Gaza” by Gaza TV News, the following:

=== =
The Tahrir will sail with vessels from France, USA, UK, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Greece, Turkey, and other countries, as part of the Freedom Flotilla II. This international movement in solidarity with the Palestinian people turns the spotlight on the blockade of Gaza and its 1.6 million residents whose access to resources and ability to travel has been unilaterally impeded by the illegal Israeli blockade…

“Gaza is the only port on the Mediterranean which is closed to shipping and the only coastal area in the world which cannot access its own territorial waters,” points out David Heap of the CBG steering committee. “Until the Palestinians of Gaza can travel freely and trade with the world, we will continue to challenge this illegal military blockade.”
= ===

See the website Canadian Boat To Gaza.

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