Professional Scam Artists – part 2

World Of Warcraft / The Frozen Throne

*edit, February 12, 2018 – I just now noticed that the link, below, to Lindsey’s article is dead. I found her article on another website called “Brads Place.”

Rogers Disobeys Internet Openness Rules, Once Again Demonstrates Need for Strong Enforcement | – by Lindsey Pinto

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CRTC staff have written to Rogers Communications regarding customer complaints that the major ISP has been slowing the speeds of “time sensitive audio [and] video traffic.”

This is the third time in three months that Rogers has been caught unfairly throttling Internet speeds. In December, the CRTC gave Rogers a slap on the wrist for this anti-competitive practice, and last month, the CRTC responded to similar complaints. Clearly, the CRTC is unable or unwilling to stop the telecom giant.
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Generally, government is unwilling to go after law breaking, ruthless or socially harmful corporations because they are, to a great extent, merely fronts for governments. Are corporations going to go after themselves? Perhaps. Sometimes. But don’t count on it. Instead, Count on the reality of Corporatocracy to be a big problem for human civilization up until the time when God destroys it.

Suppose I’m exaggerating, unintentionally or deliberately. How could you determine whether I am? Well, Here’s this rule-breaking, too free corporation, Rogers, changing (degrading, not upgrading) the service it’s customers are paying for and lying about having received complaints about that from customers until it became clear that it was more easier for them to use their power to just change the rules in order to do what they want to do rather than acknowledge that their customers’ complaints had any validity, all the while relying on the CRTC (Canadian Radio-televison Telecommunications Commission) – another rubber stamp organization serving special interests, like our Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) – to not defend the public by taking steps to preserve net neutrality. True, Only when a customer went to the CRTC did Rogers bother to do anything. But what it did, which wasn’t to show remorse for it’s attack on net neutrality, only showed it’s true colors.

From a Torrent Freak posting by Ernesto (it appears):

Initially Rogers’ legal counsel Ken Thompson tried to cover up the issue, by stating that they never received a single complaint about the issue, but he did confirm to the CRTC that downstream traffic is now also being throttled. So, aside from the collateral damage the new network management system caused, Rogers has secretly started to throttle P2P download traffic.

Not a big deal according to Rogers’ lawyer, a simple change in the policy will quickly resolve the issue.

“We have determined our best response to this situation will be to update our ITMP disclosure on our website to reflect this new information. We are in the process of making those changes to our website and will provide you with the modified ITMP [traffic management policy] disclosure as soon as it has received approval by Rogers’ management,” he wrote to the CRTC.

I assume that Rogers wasn’t responding solely to a customer’s complaint to the CRTC, but also to increased attention it was receiving, some of which would be from people and organizations with resources and the ability to get the medias’ attention. For example, Ernesto reports that Christopher Parsons, lead researcher for Deep Packet Inspection Canada, who was looking at all of this contacted his colleagues throughout the country who then reported back that, indeed, something was very dramatically changed about Rogers’s service. Here’s Ars Technica’s mention of Rogers’s behavior: “Oops: major Canadian ISP admits throttling World of Warcraft.”

An excerpt from Nate Anderson’s Ars Technica article follows:

Back in February, a Canadian gamer wrote the government’s telecom regulator with an unusual complaint: her ISP, Rogers, was allegedly throttling games like World of Warcraft, making them all but unplayable. Even more unusual, the government demanded that Rogers look into the accusation, and the ISP has now admitted that it is, in fact, throttling WoW in some cases. But only by accident.

Like other large Canadian ISPs, Rogers throttles heavily, clamping down on P2P traffic and handing out miserly data caps starting at 2GB per month. But the company has always maintained that its throttling accurately targeted file-sharing programs and not other software.

In her complaint (PDF), subscriber Teresa Murphy said Rogers was telling “a pack of lies” and that its aggressive deep packet inspection (DPI) based throttling system wasn’t nearly so accurate.

Are you struck by the lack of professionalism? You may still believe that the world outside of your skin, despite all of the problems happening, is essentially sane and kept from becoming totally out of control by rules and by authorities, who are professionals, who believe in law and order. You’d be wrong. We are faced with authorities who choose to believe in Darwin, who play ‘riches for the strongest’, who see rules as a way to gain dominance and control that will ensure their survival within a (unnecessary) macho, mafia capitalist system in which any dog will eat any other dog if the opportunity presents itself. The thinking, besides being faulty (in my humble opinion), is unwise, just as the system, corporatocracy, that arose from the efforts of so many to take the easy, unprofessional, road to success that involves cheating, manipulating and stealing, is quite irrational.

I refer to the ‘rickety mansion’ approach of our elites, who are like the elites who went before them, but worse, since today’s elites can see that the world whose oversight has been passed to them is headed for disaster, for everyone – while it’s paradigm continues to be ‘riches for the strongest’. Elites prefer to be masters in the rickety system people like them helped to build, in which they are essentially looked after by the majority (socialism). The system is not intact and can come crashing down on everyone’s heads at any time, due to the fact that capitalists are a macho bunch who tend to engage in destructive and unduly risky behavior. While the rickety mansion of corporatocracy remains standing, elites benefit from the work of the majority while that majority is increasingly abused and sees little benefit from the arrangement. The approach that brave elites – who are terrified of the unknown in which their ill-gotten gains might disappear – do not prefer involves pulling together with the rest of us to make a system that works for everyone. But they forget. They are the goats. Are the sheep going to fleece them? They don’t see that pulling together with the rest of us to make a democratic system would be like living in a safe, intact mansion in which all residents contributed fairly and benefitted and no one was left out. No one would be lording it over anyone else. All would be equals.

Professed Christians who think that the macho elites have it right are entitled to their opinions, but they would also be disagreeing with their Lord, Jesus, who told them to not be like those in the world who lord it over others and like to be called Benefactor. (Luke 22:24-27)

Professionals and experts are also human. And they can be evil. And darkness is it’s own reward. You can start off slaving for riches instead of God (or any expression of God you may like) thinking that you are so much more clever than the sheep who stick to the rules agreed upon, but that leads you into a deeper darkness. (Matthew 6:22-24) You will eventually literally lose your mind.

At this time, unfortunately, others may have to pay the negative consequences of bad decisions of those with power who have set out down the wide and spacious and dark road of destruction. Pick any example you like. That’s the world that you and I live in, so those examples abound. How about the Japanese government? How could the Japanese government, a partner with an auto industry whose cars are the very epitome of efficiency, science and technology and man’s wise employment of those tools and qualities, be an example of what professional con artists look like?

William Greider talks about the auto industry in “One World, Ready Or Not,” and looks at the way auto makers squeezed their workers for their own profits and because they were macho and did ‘not’ have the betterment of their workers top of mind, as one Japanese engineer admitted. Unnecessary brutality is what you get from eager players in the great, Darwinian game of ‘riches for the strongest’. “…during the latter half of the 1980s, when Japanese capital was abundant and cheap and its auto sales were booming, Toyota and leading rivals Nissan, Mazda and Mitsubishi had indulged in a kind of capital-spending binge – a test of the manhood in which auto companies competed to see which one could develop the highest levels of automation. “Other engineers would say, hey, Toyota, we’re at 60 percent robots and you’re only at 40 percent – what’s the problem?” a Toyota official recalled… The contest consumed billions in capital… In hindsight, this was widely regarded as an expression of hubris… Even [Tadaaki] Jagawa acknowledged that some of the investment was wasteful.” -pgs 107, 108 of “One World, Ready Or Not” by William Greider

Tadaaki Jagawa designed the famous Tahara automobile factory. Its No. 4 line produced the Lexus LS 400, a complex luxury vehicle, with 18.4 human labor hours compared to, for example, the Cadillacs produced in Hamtramk, Michigan, using 38.8 hours of human labor. How did Taiichi Ohno, and other capitalists, look upon his designing of the “just-in-time” method of production, adopted by Toyota and the other auto makers? Henry Ford perfected the soul-sucking assembly line, with it’s repetitiveness and, once he applied ‘stressing’, like the Japanese ‘kaizen’, which meant speeding things up constantly, paying them better in dollars than some companies were, but injuring them in the process. And Frederick Taylor devised ‘scientific management’, also known as Taylorism, which treated human workers like machines to be used for the benefit of the company they worked for, period, and companies today apply elements of all those ideas and practices in the workplace to the detriment of workers and the wider society. Japanese auto makers refer to their Taylorism as ‘democratic Taylorism’, but it’s all just wordplay. If robots didn’t put you out of work, then Ford’s ‘stressing’ threatened to put you out of your misery! So it is today.

“Is Toyota’s Brakes Disaster Tied to How It Treats Workers Like Profit-Oriented Robots?,” asks Joseph B. Atkins, who notes that:

“In his 1972 book, Factory of Despair: Diary of a Seasonal Auto Worker, Japanese journalist Kamata Satoshi described his six-month stint as a worker at the Toyota plant in Toyota City, Japan. The picture he painted was of a work culture that resembled the pre-United Auto Workers era at Ford and General Motors, when the “speed up” — a management-ordered increase in worker production requirements to nearly impossible levels — and the ever-present threat of layoffs were the rule.

“After revisiting the plant a decade later, Satoshi found a feudalistic system still in place, one that might tout worker input and democracy but which in reality was more interested in worker control…

“More than a year ago, a 65-page report by the New York-based National Labor Committee claimed Toyota subcontractors in Japan forced employees to work 16-hour days and seven days a week at sub-minimum wages to build the same Prius planned for Blue Springs. The report claimed that Vietnamese and Chinese migrant workers at Toyota faced a constant threat of deportation if they complained about sweatshop-like conditions, and it alleged that Toyota subsidiary, Toyota Tsusho, worked with the Burmese military dictatorship in operating parts plants and producing military vehicles even after it claimed to have severed the connection in 2001.”

Japan’s capitalists and their partners in politics want to win. Their enemy, their own people, are therefore under attack and losing. And it’s all unnecessary. What are they up to today? They are looking for the rocks they climbed out from under as Japanese citizens are demanding that they take some responsibility for the nuclear disaster that occurred at Fukishima Daiichi nuclear plant 225 kilometers north-east of the capital, Tokyo. From Democracy Now’s June 10, 2011 show (Japan Admits 3 Nuclear Meltdowns, More Radiation Leaked into Sea; U.S. Nuclear Waste Poses Deadly Risks), the following:

JUAN GONZALEZ: Almost three months after the earthquake and tsunami that triggered a nuclear disaster in Japan, government officials say they may evacuate more towns affected by radiation. New monitoring data shows “hot spots” of elevated contamination farther away from the stricken Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant…

A recent law school graduate, Takanori Eto, is the first to file a lawsuit against the Japanese government over its handling of the crisis.

TAKANORI ETO: [translated] There are dangers inherent in the government’s nuclear policy. From the very beginning, there were also mistakes made. We also found out that, even after the accident, the Japanese government was unable to properly protect its people. So I decided, rather than remain silent, I needed to bring to light these lapses in judgment in a lawsuit.

AMY GOODMAN: That was Takanori Eto, the first person to sue the Japanese government over its handling of the nuclear disaster…

AMY GOODMAN: And a new study is being done by the prefecture, Aileen?

AILEEN MIOKO SMITH: Yes, we’re very concerned that a health study is starting at the end of this month. This is concerning the effects of the Fukushima residents, on the prefectural citizens. It’s headed by a Dr. Shunichi Yamashita, who’s at the Atomic Bomb Research Institute. He’s the radiological health safety risk management adviser for the prefecture. He’s widely shown on national TV. He speaks widely in the prefecture, always saying there’s absolutely no concern with the levels of radiation in Fukushima. He says that mothers, even mothers exposed to 100 millisieverts, pregnant mothers, will not have any effect, health effect. Remember the number 100. Compared to that, the Soviet Union required a mandatory evacuation during Chernobyl at five millisieverts. This doctor is quoted as saying, “The effects of radiation do not come to people that are happy and laughing. They come to people that are weak-spirited, that brood and fret.” This is a direct quote. And he’s heading the study. And so, the citizens in Fukushima are very concerned.

Politicians will say anything to the people. That’s because they don’t respect the people. Like their private sector partners, they (conveniently) see the people as an enemy and a bewildered herd. We are either dangerous or in need of their guidance. Politicians manage us the way bosses manage their workers. They see us from the standpoint of our utility to them, at best. We don’t deserve respect or recognition for our contribution to the basis of their wealth and prosperity. We are the opposite of professionals. And we don’t deserve the truth, for which reason, if telling it to us is inconvenient, then not telling it to us is okay and perfectly ethical. There’s also no rule that says professional con artists can’t be caught.

‘My’ provincial government is in charge of licensing security guards, of which I am one. I sent in my renewal forms on April 29 of this year. The ministry of safety and correctional services received my renewal forms, with the (scammy) payment of $80, on May 2. I didn’t receive a call from them advising me that there was a problem with my application for renewal. They needed photo ID from me with the attached signature of my guarantor. I had sent in a signature of my guarantor, but I didn’t think I had to send in photocopies of my birth certificate and drivers’s license. The application form is not the easiest to make sense of, which could be due to cost cutting. They seem to be trying to cram every kind of application into one, so that depending on your situation, you fill out or follow instructions for some parts of the form and not other parts.

After at least 2 weeks, I was concerned and so I called them. The receptionist would put me through to the appropriate department and I would get a voice message telling me that the mailbox is full. They literally don’t have enough people in the ministry to run it. I complained about the full mailbox to the receptionist who couldn’t do anything for me. This is anti-government (in one sense) government at work. It’s sabotaging itself so that it (or its properly rightwing elements) can then make its case that government is inefficient and the people should view it as a problem or as the enemy. Of course, we know who tightens their grip on government when we loosen ours: corporations.

And it makes no difference that this government is Liberal. There is no difference between the Liberals and Conservatives. If there was meaningful difference between those two parties, then you’d have a tiny hint of a free electoral marketplace, something elites don’t ever want to see. They’re in charge, through parties they create and fund, and that’s how things are going to stay.

I had the same full mailbox experience many times when I tried to call someone at the ministry. I sometimes got routed through to an option to leave a message. Finally, I got a live employee to talk to me and look into my file. That’s when I learned about the ID problem, which I was able to deal with over the next few days. That was over a week ago now. I don’t expect the license to be issued over night, but it’s frustrating to not be able to get through to anyone (since then, again) in order to make sure that there’s no other problem. After all, They clearly don’t have to volunteer such information. They’re professionals! And if they did, they might be hard pressed to do that with a shortage of help due to a cost cutting government that acts like it was ‘hired’ to put voters out of work!

I’ve been out of work since May 13 when my license expired. That’s how it is with security. The minute your license is expired, you can’t work. But this is a money system. Rent isn’t free. Groceries aren’t free. Public transit isn’t free. And in my case, My family isn’t able to do much for me. I’m willing to work to support myself and pay taxes, unlike the professional friends of ‘my’ professional government, who ‘say’ that I should work and be responsible for myself and not rely on the government to bail me out when something goes wrong. There can be no socialism for working people! Only capitalists who don’t believe in it get socialism.

It’s ironic, too, that the government doubled the security guard annual license fees due to public pressure following the accidental asphyxiation of a shoplifter in Toronto. (I’ve not received anything for my money. I can book training for this and that, and all the courses are free, I believe, but I don’t get paid for time off. As a floater, that sort of doesn’t matter. I can more easily book time off. However, I have so far only been able to do the CPR course because I’ve been dealing with way too much crap to focus on bumping up my security skills. I’m not impressed with this government’s loosey goosey approach to professionalizing the security guard industry. Then again, I expect this from the ‘professionals’ who are in charge of my government.)

You can professionalize the private security industry, because your intention is to both 1. protect and serve the public and 2. enable guards to do their jobs properly, which involves giving them some motivation, which in turn involves giving them the training that can make them into something more than cheap security. Make the license mean something and make the pay reflect that – although I don’t believe in poverty wages for anyone who works full time.

Or you can go through the motions and look like you’re doing something positive, which is what the Ontario government (whose current, interchangeable chief is Dalton McGuinty) is doing – to the extent that it can rouse itself to respond at all. You see, it’s busy doing its real job of serving special ‘professional’ interests like, oops Rogers.

Nice try Coniberals! All I can say to you, and your private sector friends, about your propaganda about government needing to be run like a business is: Caught!

See my previous post titled “Professional Scam Artists.”

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