You Go All The Way Girl!

Paris Hilton

The Grid TO | What politicians could learn from Paris Hilton. – by Edward Keenan

*edit, July 14, 2013 – I’ve edited this primarily because I didn’t like what I said. I didn’t say anything I didn’t mean, but I’m not sure I wanted to say all that I said. I’m not sure I was being as classy I could have been. I haven’t altered the content otherwise. I’ve just reduced it a little. It dismays me to see how popular this post, and a couple others I’ve done dealing with sex, is when there’s so much else (close to 450 posts) that I’ve talked about that is more important. I guess that’s just life. Sex is part of life. But so is suffering and misery, for so many, unfortunately, because too many of us have let important matters go unattended.

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

In the last week of May, a naked crotch shot was published via the Twitter account of Ontario Progressive Conservative candidate George Lepp…

A false alarm for crotch watchers, sure, but it exposed how out of step with both private morality and technology our current sense of scandal is…

A 2009 study found that one third of young adults admitted to having sent naked photos of themselves to someone…

You know who’s already adjusted to this new reality? Hollywood. Years ago, Paris Hilton turned celebrity damage control into a high art, greeting the release of her amateur porn video with a smirk and a shrug, and then cashing in on the publicity.

You know what? I was never a fan of Paris Hilton and while I’ll never be a fan, I do like ‘this’ honesty about her.

Kids are sending naked pics of themselves to each other?!! Maybe that’s what I need to do to get some action.

As for Montana Fishburne, aka Chippy D, Laurence Fishburne’s daughter, I’m sorry to hear that she embarrassed him. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t understand. That has to be hard for him. But if she’s enjoying herself, and if others find her to be a turn on and no one is getting hurt, then more power to her.

Mind you, Most porn is just plain bad. A lot of that is evil and criminal, whatever the law says. I watch porn. And do other things like read, blog and socialize. Porn is disappointing, which I will say, whether that disgusts people or not. Most of it is uninteresting and, for those who might pay to see it, a rip off. Then again, What do I know? People ‘are’ paying to see it. Same with a lot of the family friendly crap Hollywood cranks out.

In the meantime, Enjoy life if you can, beautiful people, in this hell we’ve created, provided we are talking about ‘life’ and not crime.

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