“Dear Vancouver, I am sorry”

Dear Vancouver, I am sorry. « camillecacnioapology.

An excerpt from the above linked-to blog post follows:

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I am not proud of my actions and have made a visit to the Vancouver Police Department, over the weekend to turn myself in. The pants are being returned. I have made mistakes and I have learned from them. The aftermath has been a tough ordeal and I let my emotions get in the way of my original apology. But I take full responsibility for my actions and understand that it is nobody else’s fault but mine. I am truly sorry for my actions and am ready to accept the consequences, including the public backlash.
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My online response to the above linked-to blog post follows:

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As a powerless, quite unlucky person, who’s been kicked around all his life right up until now by people who just don’t appreciate their freedom – and will reproduce and pass on that same physicality (negative spirituality) to their kids and so on – and who cause unbelievable grief, without a thought, for others, I don’t forgive easily. It just doesn’t work. Why pat people on the  back for being shits? I believe in forgiveness, but forgiveness is something, in my view, that should be doled out very sparingly.

If your actions create problems for you, that’s because you thought about it after it happened. The time to care about the catastrophe is before it happens, not after.

When I saw the YouTube video of our fascist society’s cultural fruits, aka known as the Vancouver riots of 2011, I thought “This is one of those times when I wish I was a boss. I would like so very much the opportunity to tell some young person applying to me for a job ‘Sorry. You’ve got a record’.” I would NEVER hire someone with a record. Never, never, never. Far too many people on this planet are ‘not’ paying for their crimes, including powerful people like those who run and support our current ‘law & order’ government. Big unprincipled people and small unprincipled people everywhere have made life on this planet hell.

Can you understand what I’m saying?

Victims of injustice too often have zero recourse when victimized, zero closure afterward and unending pain from accumulating wounds. We’re human. We want justice. We do not want to pat frikkin scumbags on the back for their contribution to the hell on earth humans have created.
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