Liberty For Special Interests, Rules For Us

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IQT Solutions co-founder headed firm that went bankrupt – – by Liem Vu

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

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The Mortmans founded IQT, a New York-based customer service call centre company, in September 2008… Alex Mortman told Chabassol he was tasked with “cleaning up the business,” but that the issues were “insurmountable.”

“It’s a failure I’ll have to live with. I wish you well and hope only the best for your family.”
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My online response to the above linked-to article follows:

“And since the Mortmans have not filed for bankruptcy, former IQT workers are not eligible for the Wage Earner Protection Program…” Here’s the problem in a nutshell. William Greider talks about the politics of escape in his Book “One World, Ready Or Not.” That’s what neoliberal capitalism, and neoliberal politicians, are all about. They get liberation (from ‘hindersome’ rules) and security (government-held funds to bail them out because they are too special to fail). The people get the flip side of free trade’s and [capitalism’s] skewed rules, which become rules made by exploiters that are punitive and against the people. Wake up folks! Take a good look at your ‘law & order’ governments. Finally, Fascists think alike. Government regulation, today, aids and abets the criminals, like laughing Alex Mortman telling his victims that ‘he’ will have to live with the result of his scam!

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