Professional Scam Artists – part 5

Rebekah Brooks /  Reuters

Rebekah Brooks / Reuters

*February 12, 2018 – I see that the below link is dead. I took a stab at finding the article online. I had no luck. But here’s what it’s all about and the article is by the same author (who I don’t trust since learning about his pro establishment ‘Putin invaded Crimea’ position.)

Straight Goods – Rebekah Brooks’ wandering laptop. – by Gwynne Dyer

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

== =
Panic makes people stupid. It would be very stupid, for example, for the former editor of a British national newspaper, facing probable criminal charges for bribing policemen and illegally accessing the voice mail of several thousand people, to put her computer and various incriminating papers in a large plastic bag and dump them in a garbage bin in a parking garage within a few metres of her London home.
= ==

These kinds of people run, and help run, the world. For now.

I’ve said much about gatekeepers in this blog. This is a sad example of a media gatekeeper. We’ve looked at gatekeepers in general, at police gatekeepers and at judge gatekeepers. Rebekah Brooks and her law breaking partners and bosses in media comprise another type of gatekeeper. Judges, police and media elements are powerful gatekeepers helping to shield even more powerful people, those who steer the fascist corporatocracy, from the people who they abuse.

A gatekeeper is someone, with the ‘right’ political views, who is too free. That person can break written and unwritten rules as he or she goes about their daily routine, because he or she is willing to get in the way of those without the ‘right’ political views. A world that is run by people like that, with ‘law & order’ governments everywhere fighting a war on terrorism that in fact is a terrorist war on the people, needs gatekeepers out there to protect it from the people who can never have peace because of all the crap that capitalists and their tools do to them, leading them to search for accountability from those who have no intention of offering it up. If authorities had such intentions, they wouldn’t behave lawlessly in the first place. And when we go back some ways, we see that powerful people decided – for this is not any sort of natural, out of the hands of humans, force – that they would survive by exploiting others. They got their (demon inspired) way and over time a world grew up around them that institutionalized their criminal approach to civilization-building, with the result that we have, today, this godless monstrosity called corporatocracy.

The interesting thing about media gatekeepers, I suppose, is the way there is the possibility for deviations from the anti-people approach to doing business taken, due to the complexity of media operations and the constraints imposed by doctrinal systems that include the idea that we have a democracy, which leads to the need for some effort to make it appear to people that authorities believe in democracy. It also leads to the toleration of democracy itself, in the form of writers who believe in democracy or who, at any given time, may act as though they do for whatever reason. And so even the record of agenda, namely the New York Times, is capable of printing something that goes against what the fascist corporatocracy is doing. Unfortunately, Such instances are no big deal.

For example, Check out Uri Avnery’s Gush Shalom article titled “The Charge Of The New York Times.”

An excerpt from Avnery’s article follows:

It seems that the long arm of our diligent security service reaches everywhere, and that its orders are obeyed by countries large and small… Glenn Beck, the obnoxious protégé of Rupert Murdoch, visited us and was enthusiastically received in the Knesset, where he told us “not to be afraid”, because he (and, by implication, Fox and all of America) was supporting us to the hilt. IT IS because of this that a few lines, which appeared this week in the New York Times, caused near panic in Jerusalem. …the NYT published a blistering editorial criticizing Israel. The reason: the “Boycott Law”, passed by the right-wing Knesset majority, which forbids Israelis to call for a boycott of the settlements. The editorial practically repeats what I said in last week’s article: that the law is blatantly anti-democratic and violates basic human rights. The more so, since it comes on top of a whole series of anti-democratic laws that were enacted in the last few months.

Israel’s ruling class, which is essentially an extension of the U.S. ruling class – for which reason Chomsky suggests that when we are talking about things having to do with Israel’s ongoing human rights violations, we refer to the U.S./Israel rather than to the U.S. and Israel or just one or the other – doesn’t like the Boycott, Divestment and Sanction (BDS) movement that seeks to pressure Israel to end it’s cruel occupation of Palestine. The bully never likes it when it’s victim speaks up. And so, naturally, that ruling class, whose friend is the biggest bully the world has ever seen, will not tolerate any of it’s victims speaking up to it and telling it where to get off.

And, the odd editorial that strikes a democratic, pro human rights chord from the record of agenda notwithstanding, the NYT will in turn defend it’s little friend in the mid east and all onlookers had best take note.

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