No Choices?

Chantal Hébert

Canada News: Hébert: Ontario vote most important in recent history – – by Chantal Hébert

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

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The October 6 vote may be the most important Ontario election in recent history. It will determine just how much of a free hand the Prime Minister will enjoy to put his Conservative stamp on Canada and the federal government.
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Sorry Chantal, But there ‘is’ a corporatocracy. Your cravenness is a major disservice to your fellow Canadians. Assisting exploiters in their effort to delude Canadians about the reality of mafia capitalism and the corporatocracy within which it resides does not make you a servant of the people. It makes you, along with so many other professionals sending the world to hell in a handbasket, a servant of power. You’re on the wrong side! Cash that paycheque!

My online comment to the above linked-to article follows:

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Chantal Hébert writes, representing a major media outlook, that Harper is set to put his “Conservative stamp on Canada.” I guess the implications are that once he does, then he will be free to dictate. Sorry, But there’s some big holes in this narrative, although it does underscore, perhaps unintentionally, that choice is not what those with power prefer to give to those without power. We don’t hear Harper promising to become ‘genuinely’ democratic, Do we? We don’t hear him talking about our undemocratic first-past-the-post electoral system, Do we? / The concept of a “Conservative stamp,” which represents a safe zone for comfortable journalists in the major media, is meaningless when there’s no real difference between the Liberals and Conservatives (with a socialist NDP only a faint odor) and when our political system is designed to keep power in the hands of elites, whose main members are corporations.

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Which leads to the silly idea that elites don’t intentionally seek to put the electorate in disarray. If it happens, Chantal seems to suggest, it will be by chance. It will happen when Tory blue aligns across jurisdictions in the manner she suggests. We are not in disarray now?, with help from a major media which hardly ever questions why, if democracy is important, we have this fake democracy, these dictator corporatist leaders jockying for top job of ‘people manager’ within the corporatocracy, these useless election rituals and a first-past-the-post-system. Let alone money playing the role it does and leaders ready to go to war to keep the tiniest progressive measure (Chretien’s funding formula for parties) out? Tony Clark (in “Silent Coup”) talked about the goal of elites and their political tools to redesign governments and nations many years ago. It’s only news to major media journalists I guess!

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