Brookfield Asset Management Will Fight The People

Canadian corporation tries to shut down Occupy Wall Street [Updated] | – by Emma Pullman

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

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Occupy Wall Street keeps gaining momentum, with occupation actions starting up in cities across the world. While Canadians on this side of the border prepare for Saturdays Occupy Canada actions, it has just been revealed that a Canadian company is trying to shut down the birthplace of the movement: Zuccotti Park…

So, who is doing the evicting? Brookfield Asset Management, a Canadian company, owns Zuccotti Park and the adjacent office building, One Liberty Plaza. The company has an agreement with the city that the park will be open to public use.

Brookfield, formerly Brascan Limited, is one of the largest companies in Canada, a global asset manager with a wide range of interests. The company has over $120 billion in assets. Brookfield is headquartered in Toronto and New York City; the parent company is publicly traded on the NYSE and Toronto Stock Exchange. It was founded in 1899 as the São Paulo Railway, Light and Power Company.

To clear the protesters, Mayor Bloomberg needs Brookfield Asset Management to formally declare them trespassers. And Brookfield now wants to evict the participants to “clean” the park. “Cleaning” has been repeatedly as a pretense to shut down peaceful occupations. It was used to evict protesters from the Wisconsin state house. It was used by Bloomberg himself to shut down a peaceable demonstration against budget cuts.
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I guess this is in the ‘blue moon’ category. Activists are urging us to add our voices – I then did so – to a plea to Brookfield Asset Management, a powerful, anti-democratic organization within the corporatocracy, to support democracy and in that way help the people… to attack its world. That’s why this post has the title it has. It’s not going to happen, even if one or two individuals, let alone related companies, have some sympathy for the exploited majority which it feeds upon.

Now, Whatever BAM does about Zuccotti Park specifically, which it will determine based on the needs of the corporatocracy and its members, it’s just not possible that it will side with the people. It will no doubt say it is. It will be interesting to see how it markets its decision, especially if it’s a negative on cooperation with the protesters, which it could be if those in charge decide that it’s best to nip this rebelliousness in the bud.

I signed the petition that Leadnow created that allows us to ask BAM to do the right thing. I will link to it below. And I guess that signing and sending it ‘is’ the right thing to do. I just don’t have any confidence that members of BAM have any interest in hearing from me. They will listen to the people ‘strategically’, where they have to in order to know how to counter our quiet revolution. And then we’ll see them make their move.

With this surprisingly energetic, large-scale and sudden (sort of) Occupy Wall Street movement, at least people are paying more attention. If all of this goes nowhere, it might still go somewhere – if a few people who would otherwise never pay any attention are bumped in a new direction in which they set aside at least a few minutes in their weekly routine (daily is asking a lot, I fear) to think about important matters, by which I mean ‘actively’ think, rather than passively accept revealed truth as presented by corporate owned media. Actively thinking would involve some effort beyond turning on one’s tv set or radio (both media have been mostly lost to the Right) to get information about what’s going on. It would involve one’s consulting alternative media sources and not merely additional corporate owned media that one doesn’t ordinarily consume.

Boy the world moves fast! And the faster it goes, it seems, the less progress I make. I’ve got too many draft blog posts accumulating. This is urgent. The petition is time sensitive. I haven’t even taken the time to fully digest all the information around it. I’ve only briefly looked at a little coverage of this sudden and fast moving movement. I’d know more, in some ways, if I had tv. There are times when I’d like to have one. For now, I can’t afford one and I can’t afford cable. So…

You’ll notice, in the video, that the person making the announcement makes it in stages. After each stage, the audience repeats it. It looks odd – if you don’t know the reason. It’s a way for the entire, large crowd to get the message, since the announcer’s voice can’t carry all the way to the edges of the crowd. With those who are nearest the announcer hearing the message and repeating it, others further from the announcer will hear it. If necessary, they will then also state out loud what they’ve heard, for the benefit of those even further out, and so on until everyone has heard the announcement or speech.

Click on the above Leadnow banner for the petition.

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