“Pulling Accounts From the Unaccountable”

unaccountable commercial banks/ photo by Devin Smith

Amy Goodman: Pulling Accounts From the Unaccountable – Truthdig.

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

** As described in the lawsuit, the teach-in began with participants “announcing the amount of their debt, discussing their student loan experience, and reciting sobering statistics related to the debt of college graduates.” The bank staff called the police, and Julio went outside to avoid any conflict. Heather closed her account and left as well. By that time, a large group of NYPD officers, including Chief of Department Joseph J. Esposito, as well as several plainclothes officers showed up. The police stormed into the bank, locked the doors and began arresting those involved with the teach-in.

Even though Heather was outside, a plainclothes officer identified her as a protester and told her to get back in the bank. She said she was a customer and showed her receipt. To her shock, as documented by video, Heather was grabbed from behind by a plainclothes officer who began forcing her into the bank. She screamed, but within seconds disappeared into the vestibule, surrounded by a dozen cops, where she was roughly handcuffed and arrested. Julio was roughed up and arrested as well—all for closing an account at Citibank.

They spent over 30 hours in police custody and were charged with resisting arrest and criminal trespass. A month later, the New York District Attorney’s office indicated it would drop the charges at their court appearances. Heather and Julio still want to see Chief Esposito and the other arresting officers in court, though, for an explanation of the officers’ excessive force and unlawful arrest of the two. **

My online response to the above linked-to article follows. I will activate the short links in the response:

** Macho capitalists, including their ‘paid’ tools (private and public police forces, security agencies and armies), love a fight. It doesn’t hurt that they have superior firepower of course. Why hasn’t the U.S. attacked North Korea? Right.

The Right, however, hates losing. It happens occasionally, usually on a small scale. How do law and order governments and their fascist tools respond when they are on the losing end of a skirmish with the people who they hate?, unless those people are spending money or voting for corporatocracy politicians. Law and order – namely written and unwritten rules that help make society orderly – shouldn’t be your guide in trying to figure that out. Instead, This reportgage about the response of police and their bosses to people simply (albeit noisily) closing their bank accounts should give you an idea.

I hope that the people, not all whom are righteous, understand that when you lose government, which we have, then you lose whatever went with those governments. Fascists understand that. One of the things that come with governments is it’s assortment of police, security and military organizations, no small thing.

Michel Martelly, a supporter of the bloody Duvalierist regimes in Haiti, which lasted until 1986, is now running Haiti (after ‘winning’ the presidency in an utterly fraudulent election forced on Haitians by the U.S./ http://bit.ly/shepVM) with Obama’s full support. The one Haitian leader that the overwhelming number of Haitians wanted, and want, disbanded ‘their’ army when he had the opportunity. That was Jean-Bertrand Aristide, ‘not’ the U.S.’s choice for president in Haiti.

Haitian elites, and their partners, weren’t pleased. Come forward to now, and all signs are positive that Martelly will (if he can) reconstitute the death squad otherwise known as the Haitian army. There will be no ‘free’ choice by Haitians about their future. They can simply choose to not accept corporatocracy, but corporatists never accept that. They will come back until the people are defeated. And armies, police and death squads are important weapons in the arsenal of all corporatocracy states. (http://bit.ly/iE67fE)

‘Progressives’ who delve into election rituals (in developed states) with gusto, urging us to vote while they try to divine the best way to do so, are using valuable time and energy aiding and abetting the enemy. Election rituals only serve to keep the people out of power by having them legitimize corporatocracy human resources management, otherwise known as government.

The Right is right. After all of their propaganda about government being the people’s enemy, the people who have bought that have let government slip away from them. Governments now belong completely to corporations and their allies who do socialism (banks getting bailed out of their ‘mistakes’) while telling the people that socialism is evil. **

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