An Offer We Must Refuse

*edit, April 30, 2019 – I’m going to add a link to an essay I wrote titled “Thinking About Thinking.” And that was it.

*edit, February 20, 2018 – Another link to the nasty Common Dreams website is dead I see. I’ll link to another article that discusses this event.

The “Centre Of Criminology Blog” includes this report: “Occupy Montreal protesters “branded” by police with numbers “in” their skin”

Occupy Montreal Protesters Branded by Police | Common Dreams.

The following is an excerpt from the above linked-to article:

“The police asked us to move and we did not comply,” said activist Bed Godin. “They removed us by using force.”

Protesters were taken to a bus, where officers processed them, and marked some with an ink that could only be seen under a UV light.

“They took pictures and then they wrote one number. I got the number 5 in black marker,” he said.

Police say it was to identify the demonstrators, and described it as the best technique to prevent the group from returning to Victoria Square.

They also said it’s a technique long used by clubs and bars.

The following is my online response to the above linked-to article. I can’t figure out how to make paragraphs on Common Dreams. It should be simple. You hit your ‘enter’ key. Of course people complain about it and some won’t read your eyesore. I understand. But no one thinks to ask me if there’s a problem. Have we learned how to care yet? The smallest things can be revealing. We need to ‘not’ be like our abusers. We need to ‘not’ play their game. Maybe some read my post and do not offer to help me have my say because they don’t like what I’m saying. Who knows?:

=== =
Uh huh. When you lose governments – and we have – you also lose the security, police and military agencies that they control. Are capitalists stupid?

As for branding people, Of course it’s wrong. Even the most redneck, dumb cop should be able to guess that. But maybe rednecks are even dumber than I think they are.

Then again, Police gatekeepers – gatekeepers being any whose politics are shared by those with power, which allows them to make trouble, legally or illegally, for those who don’t share the ideology of those with power – are easy to come by because the standards for entry into any of the police/military orgs are seriously low. Why would they be high? Police are servants of criminal power, not the people. Police aren’t thinkers. They in fact are paid to turn their guns on thinkers in society – when push comes to shove. The corporatocracy doesn’t need cops who think critically about what they’re doing. It doesn’t need cops with principles. It certainly doesn’t need (grunt level) cops who have even the most rudimentary grasp of the concept of democracy.

This is what things have come to people and we are responsible to some extent. No one explicitly asks to be made into a dumb slave herded by well paid thugs, but when you leave politics entirely in the hands of uncaring elites, then such a situation, clearly, can come about.

A lot of us are squawking, due to the squeezing that macho capitalists are applying to us, but squawking, while understandable and natural, isn’t the kind of fightback needed and your enemy – the parasitic minority of corporatists who call what they do ‘democracy’ – knows that, which is why it strategically responds to your feeble efforts to fight the way it does. It’s striking at our heads when it strikes at selected protesters when it does and the way it does. It wants to fill the rest of us with the fear of God, God being them.

It’s along the lines of ‘an offer we can’t refuse’. Making us afraid, confused, distracted and angry is not going to help us to think clearly. And if we haven’t been in the habit of thinking critically about matters affecting us because “politics sucks,” then our minds will be even more easily crippled by the corporatocracy’s counter-revolutionary police state measures.

Actually, We ‘must’ refuse their offer to cower in fear. Being brave, however we do it, won’t slow the beast down. It loves a fight and it loves all this chaos and bloodletting, while it believes that it will only ever be on the delivery, rather than receiving, end of it. That’s just that beast’s nature. We must allow the lawless horde the freedom to act the way it wishes so that it can believe the way it wishes so that it can then be judged. And we must also care, not because that has the power to accomplish the impossible, but because this is also about us as individuals. Believe it or not. It’s not about winning in an evil game (which I call ‘riches for the strongest’). It’s about caring enough that you want to see a new game in which not only you, but everyone (decent), wins.

The beast and it’s worshippers have a pretty high view of the corporatocracy and the mafia capitalist system within it. That world’s attitude, as the Christian Bible accurately reports, is “Who can do battle with the wild beast?”

Actually, The wild beast is sort of right. ‘We’ won’t slay it. We don’t have the power and if we wanted to use our numbers and go for it anyway, What kind of destruction and lawlessness would ‘we’ have to unleash in order to destroy the present system of oppression and exploitation? Therefore, The needed battle will be fought, successfully, by a higher power that can’t be bought off or reduced to adopting the principles and attitude of the beast begging to be destroyed.
= ===

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