Are Immigrants Solely Responsible For Jobs Being Lost To Canada-Born Canadians? part 3

Hamilton Steelworkers betrayed by Harper government

Conservatives Betray Canadians with U.S. Steel Deal | USW.

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

** Multiple court rulings – including last month’s decision by the Supreme Court of Canada – confirmed the government had a legitimate case against U.S. Steel for violating the commitments it made under the Investment Canada Act.

“The Canadian government allowed U.S. Steel to buy Stelco based on binding commitments, including maintaining 3,105 workers and producing more than 13 million tons of steel,” said Wayne Fraser, the USW’s director for Ontario and Atlantic Canada.

“Instead, U.S. Steel – now with the full sanction of the Conservative government – has drastically cut jobs and production in Canada,” Fraser said. **

This post is one of my ongoing reports on how Canadian governments, no longer owned by regular Canadians, help to kill jobs in Canada as they serve special, capitalist interests. I’m motivated to track their betrayals in this particular area by the fact that their partners in the private sector, including compliant media, would have people thinking that immigrants are the problem.

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