People Are Weird!

Yoga instructor Dee Dussault strikes a pose during a nude yoga session in her downtown apartment. / Jim Wilkes

Nude yoga: Not just for the Kardashians –

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

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Dussault says she has tried to organize co-ed classes but there was never a real show of enthusiasm.

For the uninitiated, participation in a naked yoga class can be confusing. Is this about flexibility or foreplay? Is this exhibitionism or exercise?

The concept of nude yoga was born out of the need to dissociate fashion and trendiness with yoga. Dussault figures women may have been too shy to sign up for a co-ed class. And men may worry they’re being perceived as “perverts.” Men have also expressed concern they might get an erection during the class and wonder how the rest of the class might react.

“It’s natural,” says Dussault. “You can’t worry about being aroused. We don’t aim for that but it could happen.”
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My online response to the above linked-to article follows:

Someone complains about others who finds this to be weird. Gosh, People’s issues can be entertaining! (This is the kind of article where the comments are as interesting as the article.) I certainly find this to be weird. And wonderful. I don’t think I’d ever do it but that’s because I’m 55. I’m not bad looking for 55, but I don’t want to be compared, naked, to buff 30 year olds. That’s my issue. Honestly, though, the tantric yoga makes more sense to me than this. Maybe it’s me. But if guys and gals are getting aroused (and visibly so in a guy’s case), and you can’t address that, Is that natural?

I’ve categorized this post as “Romance.” That’s stretching things. But that’s what I’m doing. I’m stretching things. I’ll talk about anything touching on sex, if it interests me, even if the connection is very tenuous. For one thing, That gives me more to talk about. Unfortunately, I’m on and can’t be sexually explicit. Ah well. What do I know about sex anyway? I only know I’m not getting any. Or should I say any of what I’d like to have?

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