Plenty Of Frustration

*edit, December 16, 2017 – I should have mentioned this a long time ago, but I didn’t consider it terribly important. Plenty of Fish was sold to The Match Group in 2015. Plenty of Fish on Wikipedia.

*edit, March 16, 2012 – I just now deleted my POF account. It wasn’t worth the trouble.

Plenty Of Frustration – This is my most recent profile page since Plenty Of Fish killed the free ‘see who viewed me’ feature. I won’t be buying it. I couldn’t do so right now anyway. Without a credit card, I’d have to go buy a pay as you go credit card and even then I don’t know whether the money-grabbing Markus Frind allows the use of those. I signed up for PayPal, another nasty (which attacked a genuine altruist, namely Julian Assange) org, but couldn’t get anywhere trying to activitate it. That’s the chaos. It helps keep the rabble – whose attention elites like to attract and which they accomplish by creating problems for them – out of their hair. That’s not a mistake. They want our attention, because glory that is unseen isn’t glory.

But they don’t want to answer for how they get it from us, for which reason we are kept out of their hair (partly by their deployment of ‘gatekeepers’) while they take steps to keep their distance. And so, We are too busy dealing with crap. My landlord today spent hours in a government office trying to save her business from a government that thinks it should run like a business. They got her birth date wrong and sent her a letter, which she received on a Friday, giving her a week to prove she is who she says she is or face losing her business, which she’s had since 1994. She also had to prove she had no criminal record. Fortunately, She keeps good records and had no difficulty, sort of. She left the offices where she was trying to reason with chimps and was so flustered that she forgot her licence. She re-entered to retrieve it and they wanted to put her through the entire ordeal again! Somehow she got out of that.

Gatekeeper crap and the chaos our leaders and their tools unleash upon us drains us of energy and distracts and discourages us, which is fine, as long as we (who still have jobs) keep working – for them.

Here’s the link to Markus Frind’s, or his company’s, blog: “Plenty of fish blog”

Who knows who posts on it? I’d very much like to post a question there asking about all the tax loopholes, government handouts (tax expenditures) and tax havens poor, poor Markus uses. But I know nothing and should exercise caution.

I know how capitalists operate, however. I don’t have big guns (fascist political partners and their resources). If I had resources (money minus the mob), I’d have someone investigate the hell out of Plenty Of Fish. Then I’d cause trouble. And I’d create a truly user-friendly hook up site, not to make money but to enable people like myself, primarily, to have some of the good things in life (getting laid) that poverty can keep you from having.

I am Arrby on Plenty Of Fish. You’ll see a funny tag line though. I used to change it up every so often to keep it interesting. I’d randomly pick a song lyric and use that. It would be in quotation marks, appropriately. I honestly think that people are so dumb – which belief doesn’t make me an exploiter! – that the ‘fish’ viewing my tag lines wouldn’t understand that each was essentially a quote, a line belonging to someone else, and make the tiny effort to search for it online. We have arrived at Idiocracy. However, I’m not only not reproducing (I don’t want to mind you), but I’m not even getting laid, lol! Anyway, I changed my tag line to “To unhide your profile from others click here” because I discovered that my profile would not stay unhidden. Some dude in the POF forum said it’s me and my cookies, yadda yadda. Initially I thought “Okay. I can be too paranoid. I’m sure he’s right.” Then I thought about it. I’m only having this problem on Plenty Of Fish. And I clean up my system regularly with Ccleaner. I’m not tech savvy, but I’m not stupid when it comes to computers and the internet. In other words, It just didn’t track. Who knows who that guy was? Funny thing is, When I changed my tag line, I have had virtually no issues with my ‘hide’ switch flipping on. You tell me.

For your amusement, this is how my POF profile now appears. It won’t stay that way because I’m always tweaking it:

I am Seeking a: Woman / For: friends
Needs Test: Not Completed / Chemistry: Not Completed
Do you drink? Socially / Do you want children? Does not want children
Marital Status: Single / Do you do drugs? No
Pets: No Pets / Eye Color: Green
Profession: security officer / Do you have children? No
Do you have a car? No / Longest Relationship: Under 1 year


ALTERNATIVE media * SIMPLE rather than WORLDLY honesty * undemanding women with high standards * porn * FINDING money to shop * Oolong Tea * women who dont remain 6 forever * fantasy movies / scifi HORROR other * Noam Chomsky * organic food * dry red wine * real sugar * girls who dont get antsy if they are challenged to think a little * gray cloudy rainy days * politics * seafood / its the only meat I eat * blogging/ writing * indie coffee * non fiction books * sports for fun and exercise but not for money * exploring Toronto w my camera * cooking * pc yes tv no * country drives * some jazz * some classical music * Brian Eno et al * Isao Tomita * my apt on Avenue Rd * Mike Oldfield * much classic rock * nothing rap sounding * no dance or Carribbean music * no country music * no opera although there are a few pieces I like * no thrash rock

About Me

I love fun and pleasure but something in the pleasure category has been missing.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Salient Points And Various Thoughts. No Translation Needed >>

*Those of you who express any criticism of POF, as I do, and who see your profile constantly flipping to ‘hidden’ (You’ll see it on your ‘edit profile’ page), Let others know. Has POF altered your profile? I’m not talking about when it was too long and you didn’t notice. Let others know.

* I can be critical. But I only have a serious problem with uncaring people. And there’s degrees. I might be critical of your decision to eat crap, but it isn’t something I would let keep us from becoming friends. For my part, Your beliefs, goals and tastes (depending) are never going to be an obstacle to friendship with me.

* To young girls who get a kick out of hurting older guys who find them hot: You’re safe from me. Your ugliness within completely snuffs out your hotness without.

*Thanks POF. Viewing fish who viewed me was depressing and a waste of time. Now that you charge for it, I have better things to do anyway. As for your reason, How much does the co. ferret away in offshore tax havens?

* “There’s nothing to me. So if you want to know more, just msg me.” Sound familiar?

* Brains also need exercise. 99% of the girls – smart, dumb, young, old, professional and non professional – I see on POF are illiterate. Put down the toxic makeup and other body ‘care’ products and pick up a book you women. (Don’t let uncaring capitalists – who don’t like rules – experiment on you with the result that guys who get close to you are exposed to the dangers of your chemical dependency. &

* “Can you keep up with me?,” girls often ask in their profiles. Good grief! I’m here for fun only. That doesn’t include a woman who acts like my boss. I’ll work at my fun ‘if’ I’m motivated. Maybe you can’t manage that.

* One of my favorite turn ons: An older Asian woman (or women) with a younger Asian woman (or women). Turn offs include: 1. Cruelty. It isn’t sexy. 2. Illiteracy. That isn’t sexy either. 3. Bragging. 4. Uncaring people who don’t think about what they put into and onto their bodies and who don’t care about others (for which reason they make no effort to know anything about anything). The worst uncaring people are those who brag about it and then expect you to be impressed.

* To those of you who think POF means Plenty Of Family; No.

* Editing your profile isn’t against the law! Laziness and a lack of imagination should be. Then there’s girls who don’t want guys to respond to their looks only, but say nothing that you can respond to. I’ve had many nice chats with girls here because I’ve been able to respond to something they’ve written. I can’t be the only guy out there who wants girls – for whatever purpose – who make an effort, who think, who try to give as well as take.

* As for girls who say “I prefer not to say…” to the question of wanting kids, I prefer honesty.

*I’m still a virgin.

* ‘Healthy’ makes all body types look their best. You use a tanning salon?! Which came first?; your fried brain or your tan?

* “Looking for a good-hearted man” You could add “I’ve screwed the others. Your turn.” But that’s mainly a caution for decent guys with decent wallets.

* She’s looking for someone who enjoys life. Just great! I can’t have what I want because having that is a condition of getting it.

* If like, you effen like talk like, effen, this all the time, Please don’t msg me.

* I will ‘never’ stalk you or take no for an answer. In fact, I will take a silent no for an answer. I know right from wrong.

* I can’t relate to travellers (in their own, happy little worlds) or girls who want kids. (I think you’re nuts, or worse, if you want kids in this world. And if you’re over 30 and you want kids, you have issues and you’re scary.) I’m looking for fun and that also means fun that I can afford. I can’t even afford a car. I’m not buying you trips to hot places – I hate heat – that are uninteresting (not authentically foreign, let alone educational) just so you can have bragging rights about it.

* Girls who don’t know how to communicate, who are too lazy to learn how to, who just mumble “no bad intentions,” as if we can all read minds of strangers long distance, are losers! Define bad intentions! As if guys are going to advertize: “My intentions are bad.” Duh!

* Cuddling? Maybe when I stumble upon a 10 foot pile of $1000 bills.

* Here’s how I see some of you women: You didn’t care what kind of a-hole he was. You (and your ego) just wanted to get laid, talk about character notwithstanding, and he kept coming back until you said ok even though he was everything you said you didn’t want, while nice guys like me languish. What am I supposed to do with you?

* I’m ‘not’ hot. (And I’ll spare you from the sight of 8 pics of my perfect, handsome face, lol!) You needn’t spend any more time here if that’s what you want. If you’re not hot, Please don’t be too quick to move on. You may be hot to me.

* If ‘great guy’ means ‘the only one’, then I’m not a great guy.

* Money equals confidence. I don’t have two nickels to rub together.

* I can be funny. But girls who giggle at everything are scary to me. I can’t make you laugh while you’re scaring me.

* You want to paint pottery for a first date?! I’m reaaallly confused! (One girl’s profile lol!)

* You don’t like creeps and pervs!? I find it creepy that girls on hook up sites complain about pervs. What do young women even mean by ‘pervs’?

* A lot of girls don’t want drama. If my gloomy outlook and bad luck is dramatic, then so be it. I’ll have to try to impress only the girls who can deal with life (as most of us experience it). Remember: I’m TEMPORARY.

* So, You’ve taken the blue pill. We can hook up, but we will ‘never’ be the same. (

* Most of the women (all ages) I see on POF are demanding, boring, fake, braggarts, hypocritical and takers. Sorry, but that’s what I find. You ‘many’ girls who assert that you’re unique are a joke and don’t get it.

* So, You love your family. Do you need to tell me? Good grief! Yes, I love dogs (animals). Do I have to? Do I force you to like politics?

* Want to know more about me? I’m Arrby on (A Yappy Trade Barrier)

* Dancing?!!! Right. I’m going to let you put me in a big room with all my younger, hotter competition. Pffft! If it’s so important to you that guys like to shake their booty, then go to clubs

First Date

I’m always up for ‘just’ friends – with those who want that from me. But I’m mainly here for something else. I’ve never been interested in marriage and the compromises that being in a live-together relationship involve, which doesn’t mean that I can’t get along with people. I’m just being honest.

If someone wants to meet me at a coffee shop, she (or they) should let me choose it (See ‘interests’, above), unless you’re a coffee geek too. In which case we can toss a coin. Or discuss it. I’m easy. What will we do? We will tell each other what we want. That may sound difficult, but I think it’s easier than beating around the bush. What if you know, instantly, that I am not what you want, for any purpose? Tell me, but at least have coffee with me and chat a bit. Unless you’re cruel. I couldn’t possibly be that ugly or frightening!

Let me get this out of my system: Many girls demand that guys make them laugh. I’m funny WHEN I’M COMFORTABLE.

You really shouldn’t find me intimidating. Also, I love the accents of sexy girls who don’t speak good English. I’m okay with chatting about anything but I also want, and will give, honesty. Actually, I like dirty talk now that I’m interested in sex, but if you don’t, then we won’t.

People have told me to go slow. People have told me to make a move. At some point, you’ve just got to figure it out yourself.

What might we talk about? Anything. Movies. Coffee. Politics works. So does porn. I’d love to make porn. Possibly that’s because I’ve never had a sexual partner. I know guys who (say they) are uninterested in sex after having had so much of it. They don’t seem uninterested in bragging to me about their exploits however!

Finally, this, from Bonnie’s Dating Blog ( “When I run into a poorly written dating profile – or worse, just using up characters willy nilly to make it past the dating site’s sensors – I have no interest in interacting with them. Period. It’s like going on a date without taking the time to brush your hair first: you’ve come to the table unprepared and it shows. That’s why I suggest a new dating rule for dating profile writing: your profile must take at least as much time to write as it takes you to get ready for a date.” Hear, hear!

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