Not All Unions Are, And Socialism Is, The Same

Injured Onias Frey – Dale Brazao l Toronto Star

*edit, May 11, 2017 –
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I just reviewed this old post, which I see someone looked at, and found a few things amiss. The image had burst its frame, a recurring problem that a WP assistant told me might have been due to enclosing characters I was using. I simply removed the asterisks that I was using to enclose quotes and used other characters. And then I re-loaded the image. I also skimmed and noticed a line that I thought didn’t makes sense. I wrote: “As well, When politicians are forced to be democratic or accountable, that doesn’t mean that the minute they can undo that they won’t.” That probably should have been “As well, When politicians are forced to be democratic or accountable, that doesn’t mean that the minute they can undo that they will.” Another garbled sentence, about Albert Pike, was corrected as well. I corrected a few other minor muddles as well.

Also, I had linked, below, to a Toronto Star series titled “Above The Law.” I see that the link now returns no such series, which isn’t surprising considering the fact that the Star never was a people’s champion and has only ever been going down. I found a fragment of the series here: “Are these cops above the law?” And you’ll find a page where readers have commented favorably on the now mostly missing series. Good job Star!
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*edit, April 10 – I made the smallest alteration to a small paragraph. I don’t want to convey the idea that I think that all those who are of the 99%, who are poor or targetted by the corporatocracy and its gatekeepers for fighting for social justice, are truly innocent. That isn’t the case. Being a victim of the corporatocracy doesn’t automatically make you righteous.

New Details Emerge over Police Fatal Shooting of Elderly Ex-Marine Kenneth Chamberlain, Sr.

An excerpt from the above linked-to Democracy Now segment follows:

======= =
AMY GOODMAN: Juan, you have an important follow-up piece in the Daily News, as you have been crusading in the last days, finding out more information on the death of 68-year-old former Marine Kenneth Chamberlain, Sr., November 19th, 2011. His medical alert button went off. Maybe he rolled over it in the middle of the night. The company couldn’t reach him, so they called the police to help him, said it was a medical emergency, not a criminal one. They came to the door. He woke up. He said he was fine. The police broke down his door, and as he told them, “I am fine, you can go way,” they shot him with a taser, and then they shot him dead. Juan, in today’s piece in the New York Daily News, tell us what you have found.

JUAN GONZALEZ: Well, the most—the new evidence is we finally were able to get a photo of the police officer, who we revealed yesterday in the Daily News, who fired the two shots that killed Kenneth Chamberlain. His name is Anthony Carelli. And more importantly, the police union came out, the White Plains police union, blasting the release of his name, even though authorities have tried to keep the identity of all the cops involved in this incident secret now for more than four months. So the police union blasted the release of that evidence and said, “We are very disappointed that anybody would release the name of this officer during an ongoing investigation.”
= ====================

When the people lose their governments – which, do note, they didn’t just misplace – they also lose what goes with them. Crucially, They lose the instruments of force that now lay with the fascist state whose main beneficiaries helped engineer the reorientation of government toward serving power and keeping the ‘rabble’ in its place.

“People become so obsessed by hating government that they forget it is meant to be their government and is the only powerful public force they have purchase on.” – page 76 of “The Unconscious Civilization,” by John Ralston Saul

I suppose that as long as we are told that our governments are ours, then we might try acting like they are. It can’t hurt, although when push comes to shove, our political managers simply ignore us and do what their powerful private sector partners tell them to do.

Anyway, Fascism is upon us. Ignoring reality and escaping into fantasy or ideology (to use Saul’s language) won’t help us to deal with the evil that issues from fascism.

How does fascism come about? Capitalists and their enablers have always engaged in the politics of escape. They want more freedom to have more. And they don’t care what getting it involves. And so they tend to be destructive – of people and the environment. But people who are being torn asunder tend to squawk. While elites like it when others notice how much power they have, which you will do when your means of survival is being taken from you by those elites and their allies and tools, they also hate the way conventions and the need to appear to be civilized means that can only very ‘carefully’ ignore the demand for them to be accountable. And sometimes, they even end up being accountable. But that’s only when it’s forced upon them, which isn’t to say that absolutely every rich or powerful person is a scoundrel. As well, When politicians are forced to be democratic or accountable, that doesn’t mean that the minute they can undo that they won’t.

“Big money hides itself in the global economy. Respectable capital mingles alongside dirty money from illegal enterprise (drugs, gambling, illicit arms sales) because the offshore banking centers allow both to hide from the same things: national taxation and the surveillance of government regulators. Major governments, including the United States, are not likely to help the IMF get these financial entrepôts to open up their books since major governments actively encouraged the rise of offshore banking as a convenience for global corporations and investors.

“Tax havens are merely a flagrant example of a much larger and exceedingly complicated political agenda – the politics of escape…” -pg 33 of “One World, Ready Or Not,” by William Greider

…major ‘captured’ governments actively encouraged the rise of offshore banking…

A tax is a law or rule. Law and order governments show their devotion, not to my God, but their’s, by their violation of their own tax rules that in turn impoverish and rob the 99%. We are lied to about there being ‘no money’, which becomes the excuse for captured governments to impose austerity on us, setting the stage for privatizers to pick up what governments refuse to fund, while irresponsible banks screw up, knowing they can’t fail because they always have ‘their’ governments ready to hand over funds from their treasuries, which the “bewildered herd,” the sucker sheep who think that law and order really works, constantly replenish.

Anyway, The powerful, the “rich men,” in Winston Churchill’s words, themselves push until things break and then, because they have no intention of sharing the power they enjoyed in the intact former system, they now rally to come up with a way to keep it. And that is really no more difficult for them than presenting to the people a new plan in language that will put them at ease and allow for a rebuilding of society along lines that will be – Why not? – even more attuned to elite needs and wants while curtailing the freedom – civil rights (including labor rights which MLK saw as being the same thing) – mainly through governments that simply respond less to the public’s demands and needs. That was the basic thrust of the crisis of democracy which elites were so taken with back in the mid 70s.

When the people are told by the most acceptable (to the people) members of the establishment that they can relax, that the old order is done, that it didn’t work and that, going forward, we will not repeat the mistakes of that time because we have learned a thing or two and let’s get on with things, together, democratically, while they (the people being preached at) are being left out of discussions about how they can help build the new society, then that is something that those dismissed people should make an issue of, should they care to notice that it is an issue. Examples of that cutting out of the people in society-building abound in Naomi Klein’s awesome book, “The Shock Doctrine.” One really good example she gives consists in the theft of South Africa by special interests after the destruction of apartheid.

As each order is mismanaged to destruction and then rebuilt, it becomes less democratic, for elites are always cutting out the people while their representatives preach democracy. Why would we expect uncaring elites who ‘must’ believe that they are God to behave any differently? (They must disbelieve in a Biblical God as long as they’ve chosen to walk a path they know he would disapprove of. Otherwise, How would they live with themselves? It’s not a perfect solution, but as Leon Festinger explained, it’s about dissonance reduction, not elimination. The liar can never have perfect peace nor be perfectly peaceable.)

Albert Pike (December 29, 1809 – April 2, 1891) can choose to believe that God is Lucifer and Lucifer is humankind, but will he ‘fully’ believe it? Not in my opinion. – Lucifer is not even a name from the Bible. It’s a description – ‘shining one’ – presented in a sarcastic tone, of a haughty king. If that is understood, when people refer to Satan as Lucifer, then fine. (Good luck finding honest, complete information about Albert Pike online. I can’t.) By now we all think of the Devil as having the additional name, Lucifer. But it wasn’t the Christian Bible that gave it to him. It was people who chose to see those Bible passages in that way who gave Satan the additional name “Lucifer.” The actual, simple, lessons taught in the Bible are of no interest to most, including those professing to be Christian.

Anyway, Darkness is upon us. Indeed, The Bible prophesied an attack on God’s people at the end of this system of things by Gog of Magog. (My belief is that that attack is spiritual/psychological and that, while it is indeed an attack on God’s people, perhaps as individuals since I don’t think they exist as an organization anymore, it does not isolate and attack them, but attacks everyone, having God’s people as the main target.) Others who know more about this subject can correct me if those who say that ‘Gog’ means ‘darkness’ are wrong. But that meaning does track.

Who is Gog? Seeing how he lives a lot longer than imperfect humans are capable of living, he can’t be human. It seems rather self-evident that he’s Satan – in a special role. (Ezekiel chapters 38 & 39 and Revelation 20:7,8) Well, Details of that special role have to be gleaned. They aren’t specifically stated. But we know what we know. The Bible reveals a progressive abasing – bringing into a low state – of the Devil. When that angel became disaffected (becoming Satan), the first act of abasement was the judgment that Jehovah rendered toward him, using, symbolically, Satan’s own instrument of deception (serpent) with Eve, to emphasize that that judgment was irreversible and its outcome certain. Like a serpent, Satan would be low to the ground. And his food would be dust, which cannot sustain a soul, just as being cursed can provide the cursed one with no sustaining hope for everlasting life. For a former angel, that is no small penalty.

Then in 1914 C.E., Satan was abased further when he was cast out of heaven and thereby removed from the presence of Jehovah God, by the then newly crowned King, Jesus Christ, who is destined to eventually fulfill the words of God spoken when he first judged Satan in the Garden of Eden. There he told him: “He will bruise you in the head and you will bruise him in the heel.” God’s son was sent to earth and indeed, as he walked it, the low, slithering serpent struck, biting him on the heel, using its agents to have Jesus put to death on a stake. But one can recover from a wound to one’s ‘heel’. One doesn’t recover, in this instance anyway, from a wound to the ‘head’. There will be no resurrecting the dead Satan when his time comes.

Lower and lower this being has been brought. The further from God, the source of Light, he gets, the darker is his circumstance and, correspondingly, his mood. “Woe for the earth and for the sea, for the Devil has come down to you, having great anger, knowing he has a short period of time.” -Revelation 12:12b

What we have now, incredibly, are nation states that devour their own citizens while ruining the earth (Revelation 11:18) and claiming to be godly and concerned with law and order. God’s son reserved his greatest condemnation for those worldly elements and kings (ruling classes) that explicitly claim to have association with and authority from him: “”Many will say to me in that day, “Lord, Lord”… And yet then I will confess to them: Get away from me you workers of lawlessness, for I do not know you!”” (Matthew 7:22)

Here’s how it works: First, You get everyone together to agree on the rules that you say will make things work properly for everyone. Many of those who hear your call to arms will desire law and order and a happy, safe country to live in and raise children in. They will want law and order that can ensure that. But Gog, in his fight with God – and he ‘is’ fighting him and uses our ‘kidnapped’ souls as his weapon – stirs the hearts of those who are willing to cheat to get what they want and he shows them that by strategically breaking rules, big and small, written and unwritten, they can come to dominate in society. From a position of dominance, they can then guarantee outcomes, including their own economic and physical security. Since they have chosen to society-build and make their way in life by sinning, it’s convenient for them to disparage those they rob, for the sinning involves simply taking the means of survival from others. It’s not so easy to rob your neighbors, friends and fellow citizens and society-builders and so you adopt a view in which the people who actually believe in law and order are in fact the enemy. ‘They’ are criminals to be punished. We are criminals for being robbed and causing the “rich men dwelling at peace within their habitations” fear as they imagine the possible repercussions of their actions. We don’t even need to act. Its enough for the “rich man” class to believe we will for them to treat us like dogs.

And so, police officers get paid well to watch closely innocent citizens who cannot get away with lawbreaking the way they can, for those citizens are not ‘with’ the big guy. They don’t have the right political views and are a real, serious menace to society, especially when they reject (mafia) capitalism and think and talk about socialism (for everyone and not just bankers who commit crimes and turn to taxpayers for bailouts). “They must be a menace, otherwise, Why would we hate them so much and go so far as to rob them of their liberty.” Social psychologists, like Eliot Aronson, explain this thinking. Like powerful states – like the U.S. government which explicitly disparages international law and breaks it when it wishes – wolf-like individuals just don’t see democracy and rules, big or small, the same way as little people do. (Check out the hard to find Toronto Star series about criminal cops and impunity titled “Above The Law.”) That’s why police officers commit crimes. In fact, law and order governments that are essentially just fronts for criminal corporations can’t use police officers, soldiers and security organization employees who aren’t willing to break the law. That’s why officers who commit crimes, sometimes unintentionally, receive protection from their colleagues and the wider establishment. When a police officer runs over an old man and his horse on a country road and his colleagues skip the usual practice of charging him and releasing his name to the public, while in similar circumstances involving little people, the rules are followed and the little person who breaks the law is charged and his or name is released to the public, you know something is up.

From the Toronto Star article, by Diana Zlomislic, titled “OPP quick to name civilian in Mount Forest, Ont. horse and buggy accident, but not officer in another,” the following:

== == =
Frey, 60, left his three-room bungalow dressed in a dark wool cap and coat just on Nov. 14, 2011. It was just before 8 a.m. He and Buster, a brown gelding, went west on Sligo Rd. E., the buggy’s right wheels cutting an inch-wide trail through the road’s soft gravelly shoulder, which is where they always drove. Where the shoulder was wider, they avoided the pavement altogether — one of the Mennonites’ unofficial rules of the road. They were coming up on Wellington Secondary School — his home still in the rear-view mirror — when a two-tonne Ford Edge crashed into the buggy from behind…

The driver of the Ford Edge, a crossover utility vehicle, was not hurt.

The driver was also not named in the police media release, a detail often included in such reports…

The lack of on-the-record information around the case became the talk of the town two months later when another horse-drawn buggy was hit. On Jan. 13 in Kenilworth, an 11-year-old boy named Landis Martin was killed after Benjamin Peters’ pickup truck struck the coach from behind. The impact catapulted Landis and his two older brothers from the buggy. In that case, the OPP identified the 19-year-old driver immediately and police announced they are investigating.

Shortly after, the Mount Forest Confederate published an editorial questioning the OPP’s inconsistent approach to accident reporting in an article titled, “Two buggy accidents, two different reports.”

“I thought it was very strange that a few weeks later, the person who hit the kid in the buggy was named and (Woods) wasn’t,” Lynne Turner, the newspaper’s editor, told the Toronto Star. Another local newspaper, the Wellington Advertiser, eventually got police to confirm Woods’ name, but not his occupation.

High school teacher Matthew Timberlake, one of the first people to attend to Frey at the crash site, said he received emails from parents concerned over whether justice was being served in the case.
= == ==

That’s not democracy. That’s not light. That’s not godly.

“Tales of horror from a police state – ours,” by Catherine Porter (Toronto Star, November 12, 2010)

From the above linked-to article, the following:

I sat in a plain, ordinary downtown hotel seminar room for two days this week, listening, one after another, to utterly jarring stories of police sadism at the G20.

Tales of women forced to pee through their jeans. Naked students ordered to lift their testicles for inspection. A woman snatched from a downtown corner and dropped off near midnight in the shadows of Scarborough, no directions or hope of finding her way home.

The hearings by the Canadian Civil Liberties Association and National Union of Public and General Employees were focused on the summit this past summer in Toronto. But it often felt like a history lesson on 1935 Germany…

None of the stories have been proven in court, nor will many ever reach a courtroom…

Even if some of it was theatrical licence, the nasty details piled up. Kicking. Punching. Threats of gang rape. All this from people paid well to protect us.

Their job is to enforce the law. Instead they themselves broke it…

Twice, I heard the sad statement, “I wasn’t even protesting.” A businessman was so frightened by what he saw on the streets that weekend he didn’t want to be photographed at the hearing. He worried police were watching him.

Nikos Kapetaneas putting boots to people - G20 June 26 2010 | photo by Richard Lautens

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