Are governments really fronts for corporations and powerful special interests? I say they are. And we have uncovered some proof. Which is to say, It’s popped up and is visible to anyone who opens his or her eyes to see it!

Lindsey Pinto notes, in the above video, that the TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) is so secretive that the Canadian government which Stephen Harper – who begged (so the story goes) to be let in on the deal – controls, will be signing onto the deal without having seen all the text in advance. Why? I think that the Harper government, being a corporatocracy government, and an imperial power, naturally does what unelected corporations want it to do. Ergo, It doesn’t really ‘have to’ know the details or agree with the decision that capitalists make for it. It only has to obey.

Lindsey’s information is eerily the same as Lori Wallach’s information, only in place of the missing in action – from the people’s standpoint – Canadian government, it’s the missing in action American government that simply obeys the orders issued by those who really run the world, namely the power corporations and their allies. Have a look at the excerpt, below, of “Breaking ’08 Pledge, Leaked Trade Document Shows Obama Wants To Help Corporations Avoid Regulations.” Unfortunately, Obama doesn’t just follow orders. He wants to follow orders, which doesn’t mean that he wasn’t free to choose that path. He did choose that path – for power, riches and glory. He’s just another mindless player in the great Darwinian game of ‘riches for the strongest’. Mindless. Heartless. In the long run, it’s the same thing. Darkness is its own reward.

JUAN GONZÁLEZ: Well, Lori, there’s been a quite a bit of complaint, even in Congress, about the secretive nature of these continuing negotiations. About 600 or so corporate advisers have access to information that even members of Congress don’t? Could you talk about how that has come about?

LORI WALLACH: Well, this is how you get a text and in a potential agreement that is this outrageous. I mean, this isn’t just a bad trade agreement, this is a one-percenter power tool that could rip up our basic needs and rights. How that happens is the negotiations have been done in total secrecy. So, for two-and-a-half years, until this leak emerged, people have suspected what’s going on, because, as you said, under U.S. law there are 600 official advisers, they have security clearance to see the text, they advise the U.S. position. Meanwhile, the senator, Ron Wyden, who is the chairman of the trade committee in the Senate, the committee with jurisdiction over the TPP, has been denied access to the text, as has his staff, who has security clearance, to a point where this man who has supported agreements like this in the past has filed legislation demanding he have the right to see the agreement that he’s supposed to be having oversight with. He’s on the Intelligence Committee, and he has security clearance, so he can see our nuclear secrets. He just can’t see this corporate bill of rights that is trying to be slipped into effect in the name of being a trade agreement. It’s a very elegant Trojan horse strategy. You brand it one thing, and then you put an agenda that could not survive sunshine into this agreement.

These clever CEOs, and their political tools, who sell their souls for gain; They don’t live. Not really. I recently watched an episode of Eureka in which bumpkin Jack Carter, Eureka’s sherrif, gained smarts like Einstein after his wife’s son spiked his coffee with a chemical of some sort. Eureka, for those who don’t know, is a fictional town in which the country’s (America) inhabitants are coddled geniuses who spend all their time researching and inventing. When Jack’s brain went into high gear, he was able to read and absorb highly technical stuff. And retain it. And utilize it, which he did. But he lost something in the process. He lost his heart and could now casually sacrifice friends and loved ones, literally, in the course of conducting experiments and not bat an eye. Were the show’s authors riffing off of the same news items I’ve been reading?

An article that I’ve had opened on my browser for reading for a few days, along with the draft for this post (which I finished before reading the article) actually ties in nicely with my point about deficient professionals. Check out Fred Branfman’s June 17, 2012 Salon article titled “When Chomsky Wept.” An excerpt follows:

“Forty-two years ago I had an unusual experience. I became friendly with a guy named Noam Chomsky. I came to know him as a human being before becoming fully aware of his fame and the impact of his work… His foremost contribution for me has been his constant focus on how U.S. leaders treat so many of the world’s population as “unpeople,” either exploiting them economically or engaging in war-making, which has murdered, maimed or made homeless over 20 million people since the end of World War II (over 5 million in Iraq and 16 million in Indochina according to official U.S. government statistics).

“Our friendship was forged over concern for some of these “unpeople” when he visited Laos in February 1970…

“I had grown up believing in American values but this bombing of innocent civilians violated every one of them. Looking at U.S. executive branch leaders from the perspective of a Lao refugee camp, I had learned in a few weeks that they were the enemy of human decency, democracy, human rights and international law abroad, and that in this real world might made right and crime paid. However much one believed America was a “nation of laws not men” at home, it was clearly a nation of cruel, brutal and lawless men in Laos…

“But what most struck me by far was what occurred when we traveled out to a camp that housed refugees from the Plain of Jars. I had taken dozens of journalists and other folks out to the camps at that point, and found that almost all were emotionally distanced from the refugees’ suffering. Whether CBS’s Bernard Kalb, NBC’s Welles Hangen, or the New York Times’ Sidney Schanberg, the journalists listened politely, asked questions, took notes and then went back to their hotels to file their stories. They showed little emotion or interest in what the villagers had been through other than what they needed to write their stories. Our talks in the car back to their hotels usually concerned either dinner that night or the next day’s events.

“I was thus stunned when, as I was translating Noam’s questions and the refugees’ answers, I suddenly saw him break down and begin weeping…” – Fred Branfman

Alternet put up an article by David Rosen about Google that should be making people crap their pants – if you could get them to care enough to read it and think about it. Scott McNealy of Sun MicroSystems and Eric Schmidt of Google both see no problem at all with our having zero privacy. Why? It may not be that hard to understand. Compare Julian Assange with Eric Schmidt of Google. One individual cares about people and the planet, to the extent that he risks everything, including his personal safety, to expose what governments, including murderous uncle Sam, are doing for the corporatocracy at the expense of the planet and the working class and, in fact, all life on earth, with the result that he finds himself in the crosshairs of the American government and its CIA. The other individual doesn’t have anything to fear from the CIA and in fact works with it, since his time is spent – idly from God’s standpoint, productively from the Devil’s standpoint – figuring out legal and illegal ways to make money. Something like nine countries “have found Google guilty of violating various anti-trust and anti-privacy laws,” notes David Rosen.

“…Google’s long-term intentions seem more sinister. In 2010 it was revealed that Google partnered with the CIA in a venture called “Recorded Future.” Google’s vast data archive can be harnessed to meet “security” needs. This is especially troubling in light of a controversial bill being pushed through Congress, the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA). The act would allow sharing of data between companies like Google and the National Security Agency (NSA) to combat alleged cyber-security threats.

“This gets scarier in light of a recent DC Court of Appeals ruling upholding a lower court’s decision blocking a Freedom of Information request from the Electronic Privacy Information Center. EPIC sought to determine the nature of the collaboration between the NSA and Google over Chinese hacking of the company’s site. The claims of national security are increasingly trumping a citizen’s right to know and his/her notion of privacy…

“EPIC filed a suit in federal court arguing that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) had failed to enforce an earlier Consent Order against Google to ensure personal online privacy. EPIC contended that Google’s new program to capture and integrate all the personal information it gathers from its various services, including its search engine, Gmail, YouTube and Android-based phones, is a threat to personal privacy. The DC court dismissed the suit.” – David Rosen, “The Terrifying Ways Google Is Destroying Your Privacy,” May 20, 2012

The bewildered herd (partly by design) is truly bewildered when it doesn’t care enough to know. In that regard, It’s like the Benefactors in power who lead it to slaughter. How can God’s blessing be upon this world? It can’t be. And it isn’t. This godless, dark world is doomed. A world without God’s blessing isn’t ignored – forever. God’s qualities don’t allow for that. Unlike the Benefactors who run the ‘law & order’ governments that oppress peoples everywhere, Jehovah is a a God of justice. He will, through his Son, destroy the wild beast of Corporatocracy. He can do no less. He is a God of light and love.

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