Professional Scam Artists – part 6

Jonathan Pryce as The Master in “The Curse Of Fatal Death”

‘This is serious, this is serious,’ Fukushima nuclear plant chief shouts on new video of crisis –

*edit, August 7, 2012 – I see that I should have paid more attention to the article. Masao Yoshida wasn’t addressing government officials here. He was addressing company officials, which changes nothing. By the way, “All your base are belong to us,” lol!

An excerpt from the above linked-to article, by Mari Yamaguchi, follows:

=== =
The emergency command centre at Japan’s stricken nuclear plant shook violently when hydrogen exploded at one reactor and the plant chief reacted by shouting, “This is serious, this is serious,” new videos revealed about the crisis as it happened last year.

Tokyo Electric Power Co. initially refused to release the videos, but the company is now under state control and it was ordered to do so. The footage seen Monday was mainly of teleconferences between company headquarters in Tokyo and staff at the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant, after the March 11, 2011, tsunami caused critical damage to its reactors.
= ===

My online response to the above linked-to article follows:

Professionalism In A Mafia Capitalist System “The headquarters! This is serious, this is serious. The No. 3 unit. I think this is hydrogen explosion. We just had an explosion.” Ah professionalism! We’ll soon have to go to museums to see it, ironically placed in it’s case beside the T Rex in full predator gallop, jaws wide and menacing. Did Masao Yoshida speak in English to gov officials? Or was this a translation? 3 characters remaining!

Also, This, from Rabble: “The Globe and Mail joins the cabin boys – deceitful blind quotes come to Canada” by David Climenhaga. For your convenience I will activate the link that exists in the original:

Last Friday, in Britain’s Guardian newspaper, U.S. broadcaster Bob Garfield hilariously illuminated the Washington press brigade’s pernicious practice of using blind quotes by officials too chickenhearted to reveal their identities but who nevertheless want to speak in an official capacity while avoiding the risks of accountability.

“Such ridiculous, pusillanimous, deceitful attributions are a standard tool of the Washington press corps, which as a group is too caught up in its own self-importance and petty competition to understand it has become the cabin boy of the political class.” Garfield wrote. “In the name of supposedly informing the audience, Washington reporters are co-conspirators in an ongoing fraud.”

My online response to the above linked-to article follows:

=== == =
Aside from my comment about mysterious pics on Rabble, This is a keeper.

I say it all the time; Macho elites and their macho tools – all professionals of course – have chosen to society-build and prosper via exploitation. They get a kick out of acquiring the good life by taking it from others, not by working with others. That way, We notice them and that means glory for them, which they’ve decided is important, the way I have decided that my great coffee with friends in my indie coffee shops is important.

So here we are. Economies are being committed to suicidal polices along with the environment. The working and middle classes are being attacked and greater numbers are discovering the meaning of no social safety net as they land hard on their butts after the loveless, unprincipled bosses are done with them in this neoliberal paradise. People are hurting – and speaking out. Most of it is squawking because most people pay no attention because most people don’t care. Being a victim doesn’t make you caring or righteous. Some of the victims do care and their speaking up is intelligible because they’ve been paying attention and can say meaningful, persuasive things about the abuse going on.

But we are all discovering that the fascists running the world, While they love their glory and do not intend to quit their antisocial, glory-seeking, planet-destroying behavior, At the same time want nothing to do with what would be the proper response to the squawking of the sore 99%. They are not accountable because they don’t want to be accountable. They don’t intend to admit their mistakes and seek solutions (to the problems they create) because they don’t possess those good intentions. They’ve been on the path of darkness for some time. There’s no light on the path of darkness. And that’s why there’s also no professionalism, despite the existence of officialdom that suggests to us that there must be professionalism. They’ve lost the professionalism on their journey toward the abyss and there isn’t enough light for them to see where they’ve lost it.
= == ===

And now, for your edification: “The Curse Of Fatal Death”

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