“The Brawl Over Fair Trade Coffee”

The Brawl Over Fair Trade Coffee | The Nation.

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

** Some fair trade experts, such as the Washington State University sociologist Daniel Jaffee, see parallels between the organic agriculture movement of the 1960s and ’70s and what’s taking place in fair trade today. In both cases, standards were lowered or altered to pave the way for corporate involvement. Jaffee notes that what happened to organic agriculture is “a cautionary tale of label dilution and corporate capture,” and it could happen again to fair trade coffee. **

My online response to the above linked-to article follows:

“Moreover, Rice has rolled out a proposal to protect at least some of the co-ops that could suffer under an expanded system that includes corporations and plantations. It’s called Co-op Link, and the goal, he says, is to fortify some of the larger cooperatives—the ones that are likely to sell beans to Green Mountain, Starbucks and Costco. Several of these projects are under way in Latin America, Africa and Asia, and over the past five years, Rice has assembled powerful institutional actors to co-sponsor them: the US Agency for International Development, the Clinton Global Initiative, the Kellogg Foundation, the World Bank and Walmart.” That, If you (progressives who follow politics) didn’t already think Paul Rice stinks.

I discovered Just Coffee Coop years ago. I knew they were different, and important, from the start. I regularly receive their email updates in my inbox and I regularly tell (interested) people about that org.

What can you do? We (caring but imperfect) humans aren’t going to slay the beast of corporatocracy which launches assaults like this on us. We don’t have the power. At times, We can get active enough and bold enough to do things to annoy it, as OWS has done, but we are [outgunned], as Chomsky notes. (He simply honestly reports what he sees, although he isn’t predicting that we won’t, somehow, overcome this darkness. Chomsky, as he told me personally, doesn’t believe in God. I do.) Do I recommend not caring? Never. Nor would that get you credit with God. (Matthew 6:19-21)

As for Whole Foods, Wasn’t wacko John Mackey one of those who came out and attacked Wikileaks and Julian Assange? It’s been pretty hard finding that information online (again) since I first came across it. Or did I imagine it? I honestly don’t know. (Someone – who John Mackey cannot ignore – should ask Mackey for his views on Julian Assange.) So much for net neutrality. I’m sure that researchers – who do a lot more serious research than I do – everywhere are finding it harder to find information online (including via an increasingly stupid Google). When people are doing what the corporatocracy wants them to do, they won’t notice that they are being led to slaughter. When they smell blood and make a break for freedom, and the corporatocracy goes after them, then they’ll notice. Not that the rest of the bewildered herd will notice.

* Matthew 6:19-21 (Matthew chapter 6)

*Whole Foods/ John Mackey (Are Starbucks And Whole Foods Union Busters? and “Is Whole Foods Just Another Evil Corporation?”)

*Lanny Davis (Lanny Davis works for union-hater John Mackey, CEO of Whole Foods and friend of Paul Rice. Lanny, like his friends, the Clintons, has lots of blood on his hands. For example [there are many]: “Washington And The Coup In Honduras: Here Is The Evidence”)

*Clinton Global Initiative or CGI (“Clinton-led business elite gathers in New York to discuss Haiti” and “NYT Promotes Destructive Myths About Aristide”)

*USAID/ United States International Development Agency (“USAID And Haiti: The Friendly Face Of US Imperialism” and “Market Democracy In A Neoliberal Order”)

*Chomsky’s doubts about OWS’s prospects etc (“A Possible Assault On The Ecuadorian Embassy In London Should Not Be Discarded”)

*Just Coffee Cooperative

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