It’s ALL Yours Corporatocracy! Once You Steal It!

*edit, August 6, 2017 – I see here, as I review this earlier post about Syria, I had not yet learned that the initial uprising in Syria was not only small, but it was not among Syria’s regular, diverse population. It was among those who were mostly Muslim Brotherhood inspired, namely political Sunni Muslims who hated Arab socialist nationalists, like Assad, and were bent on their destruction. For which reason uncle Sam could use them, for the US also wants the destruction of non sectarian, socialist Arab states that oppose the dictatorship of the United States and it’s Wall Street component. As for learning truths like that, It’s better late than never.

Syria: France talks of ‘massive, lightning fast’ response to chemical weapons –

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

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Any use of chemical or bacterial weapons by government forces in Syria would trigger a “massive and lightning fast” response from the West, French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said on Monday.

“We talk about this, in particular with our American and British partners, and follow it closely on a day-to-day basis.

“Our response . . . would be massive and lightning fast,” Fabius told BFM television, saying chemical weapons were a “big, big risk” in the Syrian crisis.
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My online response to the above linked-to article, sans the short link that I had room for, amazingly, follows. I responded to that gesture with another (very short, of course) post about it which may or may not get approved:

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Look Closely Folks You may experience some deja vu here. The folks over at Global Research offer up some good research and analysis regarding this most recent phase of the corporatocracy’s country-jacking program, namely their attempt to steal Syria. In our mafia capitalist world, there are hardly any innocent states. There’s the weak – and vulnerable – and the stronger, until that changes.


Talk About Attitude! How Do You Spell Attitude? And too much freedom? I had enough space for the characters (of a shortened link) to the Global Research site I mentioned in the post the Star’s gatekeeper approved, but he or she omitted it! Hey Star: Approve or don’t approve my comment, but leave it as MINE. But hey, As long as we’re stealing things… (Visit to view “Exposing The Red Line In Syria”)
– === ===

I would love to provide a written excerpt for you of this report, but I’d have to listen carefully to the video and that would involve a crazy amount of time as I stop the video, write, replay, write, replay, write… Therefore, I will say what it is that I would have given you verbatim had I been able to. And I will provide you with a YouTube video of this report.

Supposedly, After the NATO bombing and terrorizing of Libyan citizens, euphemistically referred to by the corporatocracy as destroying the Libyan dictator, Moammar Gaddafi, and his regime and freeing the Libyan people, the US was worried about Al Qaeda and assorted jihadists (who they openly supported in Libya) getting their hands on the chemical weapons that the Western supported rebels possessed. This was the initial spin spit out by the corporate owned media after Libya’s ‘liberation’. (“Gaddafi’s chemical weapons spark renewed worries,” by Simon Denyer, The Washington Post) Then that story died, abruptly. And lo and behold that same stockpile now shows up in Syria, in the hands of a so-called Free Syria Army. That org is foreign funded and the chosen instrument, in this phase of the country-jacking of Syria, of the corporatocracy for forcefully taking Syria not just from Assad, but from the regular people who initially, and bravely, stood up to him and demanded their freedom.

If that isn’t bad enough, The West (a bit of a misnomer in some ways, since weaker, global south countries within the corporatocracy are not going to speak out against the American-led action in Syria or in defense of the ‘innocent’ victims in Syria), with liar Obama leading the operation, is making the ‘red line’ promise that if those chemical weapons are used or appear ready to be used by Assad against his own people – which makes no sense – then it will militarily intervene. Well, We now know, officially, what drone murderer Barack Obama and his fellow corporatists plan to do in Syria.

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