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Omar Khadr back in Canada –

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

Khadr’s first U.S. civilian lawyer, Muneer Ahmad, now a clinical professor of law at Yale, was among those grateful for Khadr’s release from Guantanamo.

“Omar is no longer the boy I met in 2004, but I am hopeful that as a young man finally back home in Canada, he will be allowed to live the normal life I know he craves,” Ahmad said in an email to the Star upon reading the news of his repatriation. “It’s time for the fear-mongering to stop, and to let Omar be.”

Jennifer Turner, a human rights researcher with the American Civil Liberties Union who attended most of Khadr’s military trial proceedings in Cuba, called his decade in American custody at Guantanamo Bay “abusive” and “abhorrent,” saying it “should never have happened.”

She expressed hope that Canadian authorities would give Khadr “a meaningful opportunity for rehabilitation and reintegration into society, which Canada is required to provide under the child soldier treaty that Canada itself helped establish.”

NDP foreign affairs critics Paul Dewar and Wayne Marston slammed the Conservatives’ handling of the Khadr file.

“Mr. Khadr’s return to Canada was inevitable, yet the Conservatives chose to drag this process out, for years at great cost to taxpayers. Their mishandling has hurt our relationship with the United States, our closest ally, and tarnished Canada’s reputation on the international stage,” they said.

Interim Liberal leader Bob Rae told the Star he believed Khadr’s return “is long overdue.”

“Omar Khadr was a child soldier, recruited as a young boy, who should have been brought back to Canadian justice and rehabilitation long ago. I salute the efforts of Sen. (Roméo) Dallaire to bring Omar back, and in continuing his efforts to deal with the issue of the tragic recruitment of children into violence and warfare,” said Rae.

But the case became politically charged again this year — much to Washington’s consternation — as Canada’s Conservative government failed to act swiftly on Khadr’s application for transfer.

Toews was accused of deliberately stalling a decision on Khadr’s transfer request. Khadr’s lawyers made a federal court application alleging it was an “abuse of process.” The case was expected to proceed this week.

*edit, October 1, 2012 – I see that the pokey Star accepted two of my three posts. The gatekeeper rejected ‘Definitions’. I will keep this in the ‘disappeared’ category anyway. Just because.

My three online responses to the above linked-to article follow:

Definitions ** “Omar Khadr is a known supporter of the Al Qaeda terrorist network and a convicted terrorist,” Toews said. ** V Toews is part of a fascist party that stands behind the murderous Obama, as they did his sick predecessors. The thousands murdered by Israel/US, with the Canadian ruling class applauding, are only terrorists and collateral damage according to the loud mouths perpetrating the crimes.


In Case We Missed It… This World’s Godless! “In 2008, Khadr’s lawyers proposed a rehabilitation plan that included psychiatric treatment at Toronto’s Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, religious counselling by a local imam and a tiered integration program that would see Khadr closely monitored for as long as four years.” Nope! Omar just needs real friends! And the love of his family, whatever we think.


Anytime, Any Place I’d love to be Omar’s friend. I’ll go to him. He can come to me. I’ll take him out to my indie coffee shops, and I know which ones he’ll be welcomed in fully. He’d be welcomed in all them for sure. We can talk politics or movies or girls or all of the above. We just have to get the cold claws of our fascist state off him completely first. As for other cold Canadians… I can warm them up.

The treatment of Omar Khadr by the American and Canadian governments has not been about justice. It’s been about power. And it’s simply a reflection of the deep darkness in which those political leaders exist.

The powerful Sargatanas, before the behemoths – by Wayne Barlowe

When you do things that you know are wrong, you will do one of two things. You will either exercise humility, if you possess it, and admit your error and change course. Or else you’ll rationalize, or make appear good, your error so that you can do it again. Rationalized behavior becomes normal behavior, which means that those who point out your wrong ways are now viewed by you, and those who morally support you, as being wrong. As time passes, and you remain haughty and unconcerned with principles, you only become more confirmed in your dark outlook and more antagonistic toward those who see things differently than yourself.

Something that helps the evildoer to stay on his or her dark path is the moral support of like-minded deviants. The transgressor agrees with, or justifies, his own errant behavior, while his deviant neighbors agree with, or justify, his errant behavior – partly as a way to feel good about, or assured of, the rightness of their own dark course. In that way, the transgressor exercises self/world justification.

We all like to hold a positive self image. (And we are capable of defining ‘positive’ until it’s conveniently what we want it to be. Being an exploiter and a believer in inequality is positive to rightwingers.) If we do something that we know is bad and it conflicts with our positive self image, that produces a mental itch that social pyschologists call congnitive dissonance. As with any itch, those who harbor cognitive dissonance will seek to scratch it. But if the thing causing the itch can’t be removed (a bad choice that isn’t going to be reconsidered because the chooser lacks humility), then the best that the itchy person can do is to try to reduce the irritation. Such a person is said to engage in dissonance reducing behavior, which just means he (or she) lies to himself so that the chain of cognitions (thoughts) linking his positive self image with his negative behavior is more in agreement. But, like a faint echo, the liar can hear the lies he tells to himself and to others even if he decides to ignore it. Hearing that echo causes him to try to convince himself of his enlightened state by loudly preaching his darkness at others, whether or not there’s any call for it. And so, The world is a noisy, angry place and a lot of that noise comes from dogs chasing, catching and biting their own tails, making them angry and causing them to chase even more vigorously. And they run into us.

“Do not be loving the world or the things in the world. If anyone loves the world, then the love of the Father is not in him. For everything in the world – the desire of the flesh, and the desire of the eyes and the showy display of one’s means of survival – does not originate with the Father, but originates with the world.” – 1John 2:15,16

*The desire of the flesh, if it’s the flesh doing the thinking and if it’s a desire that’s devoid of love (principles more than emotion), is worldly. Otherwise, We ‘are’ flesh and we are designed to enjoy life, part of which enjoyment comes from how we experience our world in our skin.

*The desire of the eyes, if it’s a careless desire that leads us to do whatever it takes to have things we see and want, is a problem. Similar to experiencing the world in our skin in a balanced way, the desire of the eyes must be filtered through one’s mind and heart.

*The showy display of one’s means of survival, or life, is easy to understand. Elites and their tools and partners, today, believe in inequality and are quite macho. They get a kick out of surviving by taking the means of life – mainly money – from others. That accomplishes two things: 1. It causes the victims to notice their victimizers, which means glory for the macho exploiters. 2. It weakens the victims so that they are less likely to successfully bring their attackers to justice and change the system which those exploiters have put in place and which sees a parasitic minority living off of the work of many more than their number while millions of others are discarded entirely.

A Younger Omar Khadr

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