Demonstration Thinking And Behavior

"You really have to keep the taxes down."  image: + article:

“You really have to keep the taxes down.” image: + article:

How the Media’s Experts Became Better Than You – Truthdig.

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

The job of corporate news pundits is to appear to say true and important things without attaching those views to themselves or their employers—to phrase every claim in the contingent form—writes Thomas Frank in the April issue of Harper’s Magazine…

Frank was a high school debater in the early 1980s. “We talked that way all the time,” he writes. “Arguments were what allowed us to keep score,” but they were a game—“a game for teenagers. … The point wasn’t for an individual debater to believe any particular argument and win the room over with the radiance of his faith; it was for him to be able to argue anything. Insincerity was essential.”

My (typo-corrected) online response to the above linked-to article follows:

Very interesting!

It meshes with something I’ve observed. A concept I’ve formulated is called ‘demonstration thinking and behavior’. I also refer to it as ‘horizontal thinking and behavior’. We know that politicians lie, but it’s not always obvious. Those who are not politicized, who think they know what’s going on in the world because they watch CNN or the CBC, are more likely to believe politicians’ lies. Those who are politicized and possess independence (which leads them to view with skepticism corporatocracy propaganda) see the lies, but find them astonishing. To them it looks like politicians’ believe their own lies. Even Noam Chomsky finds it amazing how apologists for… corporatism can embrace the cognitive dissonance on display.

But really, We all make choices. I’m sure a ‘survivor’ in the game of ‘riches for the strongest’, who has no problem with whatever rules he or she breaks as they wander about on that wide and spacious (rule-free) and dark road to destruction could pick up the manner, adopt the mode and navigate around. I’m also sure that one could make a conscious decision to survive, not by paying attention to how (which is restricting and ties you to rules) it’s done, but by paying attention to what those with power want from you or are willing to buy from you.

Certainly many political (formally in and out of politics) leaders have made that ethical journey and are among those who sit before… us today, on the boob tube, a dark channel of corporatocracy light, lying as [though] they believed it, so as to demonstrate for the bewildered herd (much of which ‘is’ bewildered, but which some don’t care about) exactly how their cowboy leaders want them to think and behave.

Elections furnish probably the best examples of demonstration thinking and behavior. We are not to think about the issues. We are to think about who’s hair looks the best or who we might like most to sit and have a beer with. And so on…

It’s no wonder secrecy has become so important to elites, their tools and allies. If we could know every deliberation that CEOs and their allies were making behind very closed doors, before their ‘decrees’ become drone murders, that would be like a big black board with white letters on it showing the message: “We are the fascists, the corporatists, the people who matter, running your world because you chose to be sheep and swallowed the law and order rhetoric, not realizing that law and order is for the masters of the world who, through wolfish aggression, will break whatever rules allow them to dominate over and control you. You deserve this fate. And you will not escape it.”

Hopefully such a message would jog people.

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