“Pennies at the Register, Dollars In the Paycheck”

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*edit, April 25, 2017 – I was eventually banned by Common Dreams which is a very failed progressive organization. I never liked the way they strove for quantity over quality. I guess donations were more important to them than any progressive cause or causes. See my post titled “Common Dreams wants donations and will sacrifice progressives to get them.”

*edit, August 6, 2013 – Very interesting. Frustrating. Amusing. Disturbing. Take your pick. But one thing’s for sure. Common Dreams can’t tell me that it’ spam filter is responsible for all the disappearing of posts happening on it’s website. Well, It can, but I’m not buying it. That can’t explain a post that appeared, disappeared, appeared again and then disappeared again, which I see is where things stand at present. Someone is too free.

*edit, August 5, 2013 – Here we are, much later in the day, and I see that what looks like my original post to David Sirota’s Common Dreams version of “Pennies at the Register, Dollars In the Paycheck” has appeared. I’ve never seen that happen before. What happened? Did the spam filter have second thoughts and decide to cough it up? Good grief. As for Creators.com, the site stinks. But you can never know what the deal is. Is it the site or gatekeepers, like cockroaches, hard to kill, running around within it?

*edit, August 5, 2013 – This can be discouraging. I’ve been disappeared twice on Common Dreams, in connection with this one article for sure. I’ve been disappeared there before (Click on ‘censored’ in my tag cloud). CD says it doesn’t disappear posts but just has a tricky spam filter. I’m not really satisfied with that explanation. And they threaten you with banning if you accuse them of censorship. Nice. I also suspect Disqus may be at fault. Disqus is too big to be nice. (You get to enjoy success in this world by supporting power, not by speaking truth to power, or enabling those who speak truth to power. Ergo.) Regarding the linked-to article to which I responded, here, I also see my post that I attached to the original, at Creators.com, has been disappeared. Talk about NSA, FISA and secrecy! I have no way of knowing and, in the case of Common Dreams, I’m threatened to not pursue it if I suspect I’ve been censored. I’ll be careful, but CD is mistaken if they think I truly think I need them. I don’t.

Pennies at the Register, Dollars In the Paycheck | Common Dreams

An excerpt from the above linked-to article by David Sirota follows:

========= =
You know the boilerplate argument against higher wages in America, because you’ve heard it so many times from Fox News’ and CNBC pundits. But as service industry workers now mount protests against poverty-level pay and as the Associated Press reports that “four out of 5 U.S. adults struggle with joblessness, near-poverty or reliance on welfare,” it is worth reviewing the blowhard’s case for low wages one more time — just to see whether it even makes sense.

The three tiered argument goes like this: 1) Higher wages for workers create higher costs for corporations; 2) corporations pass on those higher costs in the form of product price increases; and 3) those price increases must be enormous for corporations to recoup all of their increased labor costs.

What gives these assertions such mass appeal is their populist insinuation that higher wages would hurt the Average Joe. Ultimately, that Average Joe is supposed to conclude that the supposed harm modest wage increases will inflict on him will be far greater than the benefit they will generate for him and the economy as a whole.
= ============

My second, also disappeared, online response to the above linked-to article by David Sirota follows:

Well, My reference to a book by Graef Crystal was accepted ‘and then’ disappeared! This may disappear too. So take it in folks while you can. The book is titled “In Search Of Excess: The Overcompensation Of The American Executive.” (http://bit.ly/11DWRru) Graef explains that this business of CEOs hiring compensation consultants to give themselve raises is, straight up, a scam.

I’ve got the book. I’ll have to dig it out of the box I packed it in and start quoting from it more often. What do you think CD?

Well, I found David’s article at it’s original online location, at a site called Creators.com. I saw that I could comment there, once I registered. I registered. It seemed to go okay. A message there states that a comment might take a few minutes to appear. It’s been quite a few minutes and no comment. No matter. I don’t really care, but it’s frustrating. As I noted in my post to David’s Creator site, I found it strange that Common Dream’s infamous spam filter – which they seem to be okay with – would allow a post ‘and then’ disappear it. And that was two in a row, minutes apart.

* “In Search Of Excess: The Overcompensation Of The American Executive” by Graef S. Crystal

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