Mobsters Running The World Are Okay. Jaywalkers Beware

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Data shows Torontonians love to jaywalk — and sometimes pay the price | Toronto Star.

An excerpt from the above linked-to article by Marc Ellison follows:

Pedestrian advocate Reid argues that crossing mid-block actually makes the city safer because it reminds motorists that pedestrians are out there.

But Const. Hugh Smith from the Traffic Services unit dismisses that notion and reels off the number of pedestrians killed on Toronto’s streets.

“Between 2009 and 2012 there were 93 pedestrian deaths in total,” he says. “And they tend to be mid-block crossings, and so they’re all preventable.”

In January 2010, following 14 deaths in just the first four weeks of the year, Toronto police initiated a series of blitzes to increase awareness of pedestrian safety.

Smith says that with about six reported collisions happening a day, these ticketing campaigns are about changing people’s habits.

“Just like a motorist getting a speeding ticket, if a person gets a ticket for jaywalking they’ll also change their behaviour to avoid getting another,” he says.

But Brock Dale laughs when asked if his ticket made him think twice before jaywalking again.

“Not at all — I did it again later that afternoon,” he admits. “It’s just a part of the big city lifestyle.”

My online response to the above linked-to article follows:

Really? The police are ‘taught’ a negative version of public service, where ‘public’ means the 1%, which ‘calculates’ police need more amusement. Okay. Let them take breaks when they want, for coffee, whatever. This ‘business’ of annoying, and worse, regular citizens just because they can only helps keep the people in a state of anger, distraction… a state of division and ineffectiveness. Yep, Cities are full of idiots. No denying. On one level, every normal person likes to see an idiot get slapped upside the head for being an idiot. But there are other issues which we ignore at our own peril. You don’t get perfect systems from imperfect humans. Cities are a perfect example. But we deal and don’t need power tripping cops punishing us for dealing, just because they enjoy figuratively, and sometimes literally, slapping idiots upside the head. We’d all like to do that sometimes, but we don’t because it doesn’t work. Nonsense policing is meant to target not only idiots. It matters.

A gatekeeper didn’t like what I said. Too bad.

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