“Stephen Harper urges military action against Syria”

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Stephen Harper urges military action against Syria | Toronto Star.

An excerpt from the above linked-to article, by Bruce Campion-Smith, follows:

Failure to stop Syria’s increasing use of chemical weapons against rebels in its civil war will lead to a precedent that humanity “will regret for generations to come,” Prime Minister Stephen Harper says.

My online, disappeared, comment in response to the above linked-to article follows:

Mr. Harper: If you really need the attention, because what you’re getting by causing the trouble you’re causing isn’t enough, Why don’t you go over there with a gun yourself and take your chances shooting at other killers?

Either the Star has one gatekeeper overseeing the commenting feature, who happens to really hate some of us – and Who knows how many other commenters are being disappeared here? – who almost never sleeps. Or the Star’s full of gatekeepers overseeing the readers’ comments section. I’m hardly ever getting through. Meanwhile, One poster has four posts, all identical. No one overseeing the commenting section, right now anyway, cares about how that looks or anything but empowering those with the ‘right’ political views and crippling (in small and big ways) those with the ‘wrong’ political views. Of course, There will be other gatekeepers – arguably most employees and managers – in that org, but they can’t all be assigned to one operation.

I’m not going away assholes!

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