The Non Democratic Party (NDP) Bags A Big One

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Former journalists win Liberal, NDP nominations in Toronto Centre | Toronto Star.

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

Toronto, no stranger to newspaper wars, now has a whole new kind of media war looming in the Toronto Centre byelection — the battle of the former journalists.

On Sunday afternoon, only blocks away from each other in downtown Toronto, the Liberals and NDP chose to hand prized candidacies to two women who made the leap from journalism to politics this summer:

Linda McQuaig, a former Star columnist, and Chrystia Freeland, an international journalist most recently based in New York, promise to give the residents of Toronto Centre some lively debates, especially on the issue of income inequality and the decline of the middle class…

McQuaig, whose most recent book is The Trouble With Billionaires, left no doubt that she had Freeland in her sights when she made her speech to Toronto New Democrats.

“Freeland presents herself as a progressive, but her writings reveal that she regards as income inequality as inevitable — as something we really can’t do anything about,” McQuaig said.

“I strongly disagree with that and in my writings, I’ve demonstrated that rising inequality is not inevitable. Rather it’s the direct result of the right-wing economic policies embraced by the Conservatives and the Liberals.”

One, and the first of, my online responses (the disappeared one) to the above linked-to article follows:

Linda is wasting her time, and credibility, supporting the rightwing NDP. We don’t have any people’s parties here in Canada, at least ones that can challenge the fascist big parties. True, Linda also engages in movement-building. And it’s a movement having as it’s goal the achievement of fair taxation and the end of banking secrecy, which I greatly support. And she’s helped to educate and inspire people with her columns and books. And she’s reachable and approachable. But this is a bad idea. One, It’s unprincipled. You don’t join the Nazi Party – for any reason. The real one was good only for burning. And that’s the state of electoral politics these days. Two, She sets a bad example for others. The elite-serving electoral system that exists in Canada today needs replacing, not tweaking. You can’t use the Devil’s tools to fight the Devil.

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