Weapons Of Mass Destruction Have Powerful Defenders

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Toronto woman ready to go to jail over census fight | Toronto Star

*edit, October 3, 2013 – I will toss in links to articles as Audrey’s case unfolds. You’ll find them at the bottom of the post.

*edit, October 9, 2013 – Good for Audrey Tobias. The judge found her innocent, not that I care what the judge thinks. She is not only innocent, but a hero. See the link to the Toronto Star article at the bottom of the post.

An excerpt from the above linked-to article, by Liam Casey, follows:

An 89-year-old Toronto woman is willing to go to jail over Statistics Canada’s choice of number crunchers.

It’s not that Audrey Tobias detests numbers or math nerds. Rather, she hates the company that is processing the census data for the government agency: Lockheed Martin.

On Thursday, she will take the stand to explain to a judge why she refused to fill out the form.

“It’s simple. I cannot support anything that has anything to do with Lockheed Martin,” she said.

The American aeronautics and weapons manufacturer provides the software that scans the census forms using “optic recognition” software. The federal government paid the company $84 million for its work on the 2006 and 2011 censuses.

Audrey Tobias /  photo by Liam Casey

Audrey Tobias / photo by Liam Casey

My online, disappeared, response to the above linked-to article follows:

I just spent some time doing research for a blog post that looks at Ban Ki-Moon’s failure to side with the workers in his organization who have to deal with dangerous situations in the course of peace-keeping. (http://bit.ly/14bwBpr) Ban Ki-Moon briefly won my admiration for resisting, reportedly, Obama’s efforts to keep inspectors from knowing the truth about chemical weapons attacks in Syria. That admiration is done like dinner. As I looked closer at the UN’s high officials, it got smellier. (I already know about the murderous, criminal, raping blue helmets.) One former official, Jane Holl Lute, who went on to serve as deputy Homeland Security Czar, put in a no bid proposal for Lockheed Martin. Is it any wonder doors opened for her? She now owns a security org called Council on CyberSecurity. The links between her love affair with death, and the very corrupt LM, and her stint with peacekeeping, are not highly visible online. Draw your own conclusions.

Lockheed Martin logo

What a world! Terrorists brand their victims terrorists. Others (like the Taliban and various armies, including the American-funded and protected Egyptian army, and paramilitaries, including the UN’s blue helmets) are made into terrorists by terrorist states who use them, until the arrangement falls apart. For the first time, an American President straight up, openly (as in “What are you going to do about it?”) commits murder – because he can. He and his friends simply declare their crimes to be legal. They declare fascism to be democracy and critics to be terrorists and anti-democratic. The darkness is deep. And Jehovah God has taken note. He foresaw all of this. He inspired his prophet Ezekiel to prophesy (chapters 38 & 39 of the Bible book of Ezekiel) about a time when Satan’s activity on earth would bring about such a situation, where humans, who aren’t evolving – because there is no biological evolution happening – but who are degenerating, will bring about hellish conditions on earth. Here, the world we all inhabit right now, is hell. There is no Biblical hell, unless you want to believe what liars, including religious liars, tell you.

When you unplug a fan from the power source, namely the electrical outlet in the wall, it will spin for a time, but it spins slower with each passing second. That’s because it can’t spin on it’s own. We have all inherited imperfection, thanks to Adam and Eves’ decision to join with another rebel and raise the issue of universal sovereignty that has taken this amount of time to be settled. Is God’s way of love good? Or is there another that is better? That’s the question that was raised by those rebels’ behavior, which the God of light wasn’t going to lyingly cover up. We wrongly chose to know what independence from the Source of life means, but we are learning. We are learning the hard way, as Adam and Eve chose. As that other rebel, known as Satan, Devil, and, for his role in these end times in helping to deepen the darkness that the godless among imperfect humans have embraced, Gog of Magog, is also learning. The name Gog may or may not mean darkness. But in one way, it certainly does.

Weapons of mass destruction have powerful defenders, partly because they themselves are such weapons!

See the post below for more about Lockheed Martin’s connection with the United Nations Peacebuilding Office, thanks to the efforts of Jane Holl Lute.

October 3, 2013
“Raucous trial for 89-year-old who won’t fill out census” by Liam Casey

October 9, 2013
“Woman who wouldn’t fill out census form found not guilty,” by Liam Casey

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

Audrey Tobias, 89, refused to fill out the short-form census because Lockheed Martin, the American arms manufacturer, provided the software Statistics Canada used to process the information.

In a ruling handed down Wednesday morning, Justice Ramez Khawly said the Crown didn’t prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Tobias acted with intent to break the law.

Her lawyer, Peter Rosenthal called a very unusual situation and explained that decisions rested on Tobias’s mental capacity at the exact moment she refused to fill out the form.

Why they were measuring her mental capacity, when she has demonstrated that it's not hers that needs measuring, I don't know. But that's this upside down world for you. Hundreds of activists deliberately break the law all the time in the course of doing civil disobedience and they get hammered by the state and it's judicial tools for it. Audrey is no different. But the judge felt compelled to rule in her favor. I don't know the judge. If things are as they appear, then this is a rare judge who stands up to the fascist state, for now. I don't how consistent his rulings are.

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