How you sell something, like freedom, says something about what you’re selling.

Behind the numbers CCPA

Protection for our cheeses or protection from the Taliban?.

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

In times like ours of accelerated islamization in Québec, we cannot possibly ask the government to do everything. Of course, in an ideal world, it would worry about the consequences of the pipeline through which Enbridge will transport dirty oil across Québec and it would put an end to austerity which has revealed itself counter-productive both for the economy and for services to the population.

But one must prioritize, and the government launched a battle against religious symbols in the public service. Now the attack is taking up all the space available in public debate…

Back at the end of the 90s, negotiations for the Multilateral Agreement on Investment (MAI) fell apart when NGOs learnt about the secret negotiations. The public, now aware of what was being discussed behind closed doors, rejected the idea that its government would abdicate its powers in order to protect the interests of investors.

Yet, that which MAI did not achieve on a global scale was already being put in place by regional treaties (e.g. NAFTA) or bilateral ones (between two countries)…

How can a nationalist government gladly agree to put a straitjacket on its own parliament vis-à-vis foreign investors? Was it feeling less courageous when it confronted them than when it stood up before employees wearing a headscarf and explained its preference towards firing them to consolidate “Québec’s values”?

My online response to the above linked-to article follows:

That's an example of what I mean by horizontal versus vertical thinking and behavior. Vertical thinking and behavior is real, dealing with serious issues. Horizontal thinking and behavior is, in one sense, not serious. The issues themselves may be worthy of discussion, but when politicians use 'those' issues to bump other issues that their partners in the private sector want buried…

And so, The fascist 'leaders' blather on about abortion or head scarves or language laws, until the things that [are] important to the exploiters and tax evaders are taken care of to their satisfaction. Our 'leaders', in that way, lie to us. That's what they are paid to do. John R. MacArthur put it this way: "…politicians are paid to pretend the world is different than what it really is." -pg 49 of "The Selling Of Free Trade."

If you know and accept that, then you should view 'everything' coming out of politicians' mouths as a lie, until you have information to the contrary. All they are doing is demonstrating to the people how they should think. If the people are willing to think what politicians, who clearly work solely for the 1% of parasites, want them to think, then they deserve to be abused. The problem with that is that there are always innocents (and the environment) who pay the negative consequences of decisions made by exploiters and their bovine enablers.

Let me try some horizontal, demonstration thinking and behavior on you, good people: Ignore your anti-democratic leaders' promises of paradise if you'll just join with them one more time in giving yet more freedom to exploitative, tax evading corporations and start thinking, and discussing with your neighbors (away from the television), how we need to completely dismantle corporatocracy and the undemocratic electoral system that it embraces and uses to perpetuate itself. Reject fascist 'leaders'. And say loudly and clearly why, because while you may choose to do so, many will not. The corporatocracy totally depends on those ones. Therefore, they must be targets too. They cannot be allowed to be comfortable selling their souls and accepting slaughter when it drags innocents along with them.

Head scarves off and the chains of neoliberal capitalism on, seems to be the plan here, as elsewhere in Canada.

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