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P3 Evaluation: A Co-dependent Relationship?.

An excerpt from the above linked-to article by Simon Enoch follows:

In response to the provincial NDP’s call for an independent evaluation of the costs of the government’s proposed P3 school construction project, Minister of Highways and Infrastructure Don McMorris dismissed the opposition’s concern stating that “there will be an independent evaluation, not by government,” but by an independent “accounting firm, whether Ernst & Young or Deloitte.” Pressed by CBC Radio Host Sheila Coles regarding the independence of the evaluation process from government, Minister McMorris added:

“If appointing a professional accounting firm is playing with the process, then I think we have to question professional accounting firms. They are going to do their work regardless of who is appointing them. Ernst and Young will not be swayed by what government wants, they will look at the numbers and the facts.”

We should certainly welcome Minister McMorris’s invitation to question the professional accounting firms that are used to justify virtually any and every P3 proposal that has been made in this country over the past few decades. Despite the Minister’s assurances that such accounting firms can be relied on to provide an independent and impartial assessment of P3 proposals, the degree to which such firms might be compromised by their ties to the P3 industry should warrant profound skepticism.

Firstly, all the “big” accounting firms that advise government’s on P3 proposals – KPMG, Deloitte, Ernst & Young and Price Waterhouse Coopers – are sponsoring members of the Canadian Council for Public Private Partnerships…

My online, disappeared, response to the above linked-to article follows:

Everywhere you look you see an NDP that Jack Layton would be proud of, namely one that not only (if only temporarily) bumped the (rightwing) Liberal Party from the 2nd place perch, but duplicates it.

Moral and intellectual failure, which is at the core of the death of the Liberal class (Chris Hedges’s) is in evidence all over the place. I read with dismay Cy Gonick and Andrea Levy’s discussion with Linda McQuaig, who is running for the NDP in Toronto Centre. An excerpt. The first para is a question to Linda, which is followed by her response:

In an interview with James Strecker, you called climate change “one of the most pressing issues facing the planet—if not the most pressing.” James Hansen has warned that the Canadian tar sands make climate change an unsolvable problem. Mulcair is on record supporting a west-east pipeline which will obviously spur tar sands development. Does the party’s waffling on this issue worry you? What is your position on the tar sands?

My own position on the tar sands is, as I said, that we have to slow down. I personally think we need some kind of moratorium on further development until we can figure out a strategy for addressing climate change and pivoting to a green economy. As I understand it, the NDP is saying that they will only support the east-west pipeline to the extent that it passes environmental approval. If I am elected, I will be a strong advocate within the NDP caucus for a sustainable energy policy.

She knows, doesn’t she, that Stephen Harper gutted the Navigable Waters Protection Act? Everyone else, including Noam Chomsky, knows ( So, What good is the NDP’s dependence on approvals for pipeline building projects etc when they can’t trigger the sort of proper environmental assessments that you got (or could get) under the intact NWPA? And she’s following the NDP’s lead here.

The post required a captcha code, but, as you can see, it was not a difficult captcha to follow. Sometimes they're impossible to read. Not only did the captcha get me nowhere, but the button you hit that gives you a new code, when you can't read the one you first find, didn't work. Way to go CCPA. I don't know what the problem is here (and I seem to encounter more problems online than smooth sailing these days. I wonder why.), but it doesn't change the outcome. Essentially, My post was disappeared.

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