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3 Responses to Oookaaayy!

  1. Kayode George says:

    Sounds like he’s mad at whomever leaked the first video…

  2. Kayode George says:

    I’ve never been a fan of the Media, and as much as Rob Ford is giving them plenty of material. I’ll be happy for him when he moves on… Then the city can pick a push-over Mayor. I liked Ford because he stood up to the overcompensated members of city council. At the same time he’s not the person that should be the face of Toronto at this point.
    …Yappy for Mayor 2014!

  3. Arrby says:

    A bad mayor’s a bad mayor. And a bad person is a bad person. I think Rob Ford is both of those. Have you seen this Toronto Star article: “Deconstructing Mayor Rob Ford’s fiscal record,” by Daniel Dale? (

    I can’t help thinking, too, that Ford knew what he was doing this last time. He knows he’s done and he’s having fun with the media, which, afterall, is giving him lots of attention. He’s thinking that he might as well have fun with it. He’ll laugh this one up good with his drinking, doper buds later on.

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