Unsafe At Any Speed

Hillary Clinton

The Dynastic Hillary Bandwagon: Bad for America | Common Dreams.

An excerpt from the above linked-to article by Ralph Nader follows:

Everybody knows that Hillary is for women, children and education. She says so every day. But Democrats and others can’t get the Clintons even to support a $10.50 federal minimum wage that would almost equal the 1968 minimum wage, inflation-adjusted, and would raise the wages of 30 million workers mired in the gap between the present minimum wage of $7.25 and $10.50 an hour. It just so happens that almost two-thirds of these Americans are women, many of them single moms struggling to support their impoverished children. Nearly a million of these workers labor for Walmart, on whose Board of Directors Hillary Clinton once sat. Words hide the deeds…

It is true that the Republican madheads make it easy for any Democratic candidate to judge themselves by the cruel, rabid, ravaging Republicans. But, is that the kind of choice our country deserves?

Hillary Clinton & Porfirio Lobo

Hillary Clinton & Porfirio Lobo

RalphNader Unsafe At Any Speed

My online response to the above linked-to article follows:

“It is true that the Republican madheads make it easy for any Democratic candidate to judge themselves by the cruel, rabid, ravaging Republicans. But, is that the kind of choice our country deserves?” Ralph: Do you embrace the kind of Party that would embrace Hillary Clinton? You can’t even talk about good candidates when you have the sort of utterly undemocratic, corrupt electoral system you have. And we have here in Canada. Whether you like it or not, that’s putting the cart before the horse. Your energies would be better spent elsewhere. The critiquing of the system and the reporting on it’s players that you do is fine, but ignoring the wonky, first-past-the-post, dark money-marinated electoral system you want ‘good’ candidates to try to win in is foolish.

You can’t use the Devil’s weapons – corruption, deceit, manipulation – to fight the Devil. If you choose to do so, you fight with him and against the people. You can’t go down that road Ralph, not after having been such a real champion of the people. Wake up.

You can’t be using your platform (alt media) to direct the people toward an embrace of your country’s ruined electoral system, not if you want to be taken seriously rather than as one of those professional leftwing critics within the corporatocracy. (If your efforts in the end help strengthen and perpetuate the corporatocracy, then are you really outside of it?) Your critiques and reports are fine, but you make a fool of yourself among the people – not your enabling corner of the corporatocracy – when you turn the discussion toward that end. Or do you suppose that we should buy what you’re selling and be quiet? You are not quiet about evil that you choose to notice. Why should I be?

Ralph Nader

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2 Responses to Unsafe At Any Speed

  1. Kayode George says:

    Is he running for President again?

    • Arrby says:

      I’m sure he isn’t. You can be not young. But there are limits to what’s reasonable. My issue with Ralph, and certain other progressives, is that they are too attached to the system they critique. That attachment includes an unreasonable belief that we can use the hopelessly corrupted, undemocratic electoral systems that corporatocracy governments depend on to perpetuate themselves to make positive change. (That’s what I’m looking at here.) Can’t be done. And I’m not the only one who holds that view.

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